Sunday's Shoot - Reagan (New Model)

Back in July I shot a new model by the name of Kaycee. (see blog: "") Within the next couple of days she asked me if I'd be interested in shooting her good friend, Reagan. Since I was looking to debut 10 new models this year to celebrate the site being online for 10 years (something that doesn't appear to be happening), I told her I was game.

It ended up taking a little over a month, but I was finally able to make plans with Reagan to squeeze in a couple of shoots this morning. I was looking to get in a few sets with her to get her used to what I do for the site. Both girls, before Reagan had posed, were asking me if they could pose together. I told them yes, but I wanted to debut Reagan solo first.

Reagan and I met at a waterfront park, but when I arrived I found all the good waterfront spots taken by fishermen and families feeding ducks. We decided to start things off at a near by playground instead. I figured it would be a good place for Reagan to have a variety of poses and keep the tone light. And luckily for us, there was no one around the playground at all.

Reagan puts her feet onto one of the pillars of the playground.

Reagan had already been wearing a pair of black Vans so I had her just keep them on. We started out a little slow having to maneuver around countless shadows being cast from the playground equipment. Things did start to get going once those shoes started to be removed.

Once Reagan was barefoot, we started to see people trickle into the area. I had wanted to use the slides for some photos, but there was just too many people on that end of the playground - all enjoying the near by swing set. I honestly think they were waiting for us to finish up.

A few minutes later I decided we had to get this set moving and finished. A school bus full of people showed up, a fire truck, a police K9 unit, and what looked to be several other businesses. A job fair was being set up only a few yards away and I didn't want all that attention of people passing us by - especially for Reagan's first shoot. We wrapped things up with some sole shots and then went back to our cars to figure out what we were going to shoot next.

Months earlier while doing some shopping at a Five Below store I bought some cheap props that I thought might come in handy in case I was out on a shoot and left without any themes or ideas for a shoot. I've been carrying them in my backpack ever since. Well, today was the day I decided to use them.

Reagan and I drove out of the park and to an elementary school. No one was in sight - including at their playground. Oh well, you win some, you lose some! Next to the park, however, was some cement benches by the ball courts. I originally wanted to use the courts, but then decided to use the benches instead. I thought it would lend itself to some extra poses. Reagan sat down, I handed her the colorful rubber jacks, and we began her second set.

The jacks were eventually squished between Reagan's toes.

Being a fan of bright colors I loved how the jacks popped on camera. When Reagan began shoving them in between her little toes, I thought it looked too cute. Reagan would go on and pose all over the bench, playing with the jacks, bouncing the balls, and squishing them under her soft soles. 

After shooting a clip where Reagan also played with the jacks using her feet, we finished up so I could go over a friend's house and watch the Ravens play like ass. Oh well, guess I should have shot a third set instead! At least I have a set of Reagan and Kaycee posing together to look forward to.


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