Soles of Silk 10 Year Anniversary - 2009

Kayleigh made her debut doing Halloween themed sets in back-to-back weeks.

2009: Quick Glance

Debuting Models: (6) Briezzy Lane, Charlee, Colleen, Debbie D., Jaylee Austin, and Kayleigh

Wu's Feetlinks Feature Gallery: Cierra - Foot & Size Tease

Cierra's size teasing feature set for Wu's Feet Links was a massive hit.

2009: The Year in Review

Things really began to change for Soles of Silk in 2009. It was the site's fifth year online, which brings this series to the halfway point.

One of the biggest changes was in the changing of the guard when it came to who was spending the most time in front of my camera. For years it had been Madison. And while she had several updates in 2009, we only met up one time to shoot. Soon thereafter, Madison met a new boyfriend and quickly seemed to forget about all her friends. That saddened me as I had always considered her one of the best female friends I ever had.

The model who stepped in to Madison's place was Cierra. Cierra was constantly meeting up with me for new sets, even getting in her Foot & Size Tease feature set for Wu's Feet Links. She posed for so many sets it took me more than a year to get the ones shot in 2009 online.

A few other models also managed to find some extra time doing photos for the site. Regulars such as Mindee, Wendy, Layla, Kimmie, and Kellie. Kellie actually did a set to mark the site being online for five years that saw her playing with some purple beads (Sample 01 / Sample 02).

In addition to all the existing models picking up the pace, six new models made their debuts - several of which have gone on to become site regulars in the years since.

In mid-March I had the pleasure of meeting Jaylee Austin, the sister of the infamous, Layla. I was able to shoot her solo and with her big sis, marking the second sister duo shot for the site. Needless to say, getting those two together was a ton of fun and quite over with all of you.

The following week, Briezzy Lane made her debut (also in March). She was visiting Baltimore with her friend, and fellow Soles of Silk model, Jordana. Jordana asked me if I'd be interested in shooting a friend of hers that was traveling with her and I said most certainly. Briezzy's long toes ended up being quite popular with the long toe crowd.

In May I met with Debbie D., for the first, and only time. I had wanted to shoot some outdoor locations with her, but rain forced us indoors. We got in three sets, but lost touch since.

During a vacation week in July I photographed Kelsey and our coworker/friend, Colleen. She was an instant hit, but we only got in one quick set. It took us a full year to schedule again, but I'm glad we did. Colleen always does a wonderful job posing and has continued to do sets ever since.

In mid-September two of the site's most photographed feet were place in front of my camera for the first time. It was only natural to have them covered in melted popsicles, ultimately turning them green (Sample 01 / Sample 02). These feet belong to Charlee and I'm happy she loved posing so much that she won't let me go too long without scheduling something with her.

Last, but certainly not least was the back-to-back week debut updates of Kayleigh. She posed on her 18th birthday for two Halloween sets. I had two different, but very similar ideas and couldn't decide on which one to do. We went with both. Problem solved! And before the year was out, she also posed for a Christmas set, making all three sets of hers in her first year on Soles of Silk, holiday themes.

In addition to all the great things the models did in 2009, I feel like I began changing as a photographer. I really began pushing to find more interesting places to do my shoots. In the years to come, I stepped up the game even more... but that what happened in 2010 and beyond will be covered in future installments of this blog series.

Charlee debuted late in 2009, but had two memorable sets nonetheless.

2009: Tidbits & Facts

- In three different sets in 2009, Wendy actually posed pregnant. It was early on and we decided to go ahead and get some sets in as she'd be needing to take some time away from the camera later on.

- You bet your ass I spent a good amount of time giving both Jordana and Briezzy Lane foot rubs the day I shot the both of them. Going back and forth between their two vastly different feet was a neat experience!

- Cierra had seven different sets published in 2009.

- Kelsey's fudge pop set (Sample 01 / Sample 02) actually had a size teasing and interracial undertone to it that some people actually managed to pick up on. Others had no idea.

- Kimmie's muddy feet set (Sample 01 / Sample 02) was shot between breaks in thunderstorms that had been going on the day we decided to shoot.

- Jaylee Austin's first ever foot fetish shoot had her squishing cheesecake between her feet (Sample 01 / Sample 02). Yes, I made her do that before any of the other sets.

- Even though I'm not a huge fan of Tootsie Rolls, I couldn't resist eating a few of the ones Kayleigh stuck between her toes in her debut set.

- Kellie's toe painting set was 100 percent, her idea. She had been after me for some time to do it and we finally were able to.

The 2009 set featuring Kimmie, Kellie, and Keira was obviously a fan favorite.