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Soles of Silk 10 Year Anniversary - 2010

Aliza's little Asian feet posed immediately after her 18th birthday in October.

2010: At a Glance

Debuting Models: (8) Aliza, Carlin, Ginger, Jamie, Katie, Kim T., Marcy, and Nikki

Wu's Feetlinks Feature Gallery: Mindee - Power Girl & Piggies

Mindee was featured in a Wu's Feet Links feature gallery in 2010.

2010: The Year in Review

The start of a new decade was kind to Soles of Silk in so many ways. New models, existing models stepping up, and just a whole lot of love from fans.

The eight new models were all huge hits. The first debut of the year happened when Ginger debuted on April 7 and the final was Aliza on November 10. Each of the girls were a massive hit and all of their stories are worthy of mention.

The April 7 debut of Ginger was many years in the making. We used to work together while I was in college and I was always after her to pose back then. She never would do it, but came around all these years later.

The very next week, April 14, Mindee's 18 year old cousin, Marcy made her debut. She also used to work with me and would always ask to pose before she was old enough to even do so. She knew of the site through Mindee and a few of the other girls at work and couldn't wait to show off her feet either. Wait she did, however, and we even did so with a neat little Barely Legal theme featuring a Leg Show magazine (Sample 01 / Sample 02). The whole playing hooky theme was even better knowing she was still in high school when she posed for this since it was only early April.

On June 23 I added a former model of mine that used to pose for me back on my old sites in Kim T. Many of you remember her from her own photos in her Yahoo! group and her photo submissions to Leg Show magazine. It was great hooking back up with this long lost friend again. And damn did her little feet look amazing dripping with baby oil in that first set back (Sample 01 / Sample 02).

The July 21 update saw the debut of yet another newly-minted 18 year old in Katie. Katie was a coworker of mine who knew others had posed for me (just like Marcy) and wanted to do so as well. Only a day after her 18th birthday she was showing off her big feet to me while playing a round of mini-golf (Sample 01 / Sample 02).

Oddly the next debut, which happened on August 4, was yet another 18 year old girl who was posing just one day after her 18th birthday in Jamie. We did a beach trip and shot five different sets. Over the years Jamie has gone on to be one of the site's most photographed models. You can see an image from her debut set at the end of this blog entry from the Wildwood, NJ beach boardwalk.

The September 8 update saw the addition of a lifelong friend of mine named Nikki. I grew up with Nikki as I was friends with her older brother from elementary school through high school. We touched base after a long time and I mentioned the site and was able to convince her to give it a try. She loved it and has posed a handful of times over the years since.

The following week, September 15, featured the debut of Carlin. I used to think Carlin was the cutest thing back in high school, but never talked to her since she was a few years younger. I did, however, ask her to pose for me for my 12th grade photography class, but we were unable to make it happen. Well, 13 years later isn't so bad. She was so nervous but has given me great photos each time we've met up to shoot.

The final debut came on November 10 when the fourth girl to turn 18 in 2010 showed off her small Asian feet on the site - her name, Aliza. With my fondness for Asian girls I was so glad to add her to the site as she was a friend and coworker I got along with very well. She looked great taking off her gray boots in Baltimore's Inner Harbor area, as you can see from the image at the very start of this blog.

The 2010 year wasn't all about the "new," however. Sure it was a new decade with eight new models, but the existing models sure did bring it as well. Quite a few made a handful of appearances, but five of them were at the front of the line with multiple updates over the course of the year.

Cierra lead the pack with six different sets. Coming off her massively popular Size & Foot Tease Wu's Feet Links feature set, Cierra would actually come to me to pose whenever she was free. We did so many great sets in 2010 that I couldn't even publish them all. Two of my all-time personal favorites from the entire time I have been doing Soles of Silk were both published in 2010, both belong to Cierra, and both were done back-to-back on the same shoot date. The first was the Lots of Converse set (Sample 01 / Sample 02) and the Cereal & Milk set (Sample 01 / Sample 02).

Only one set behind Cierra was the 2010 Wu's Feet Links feature model, Mindee. Her five sets includes her Power Girl & Piggies feature set, which was her first set of the year in March. She'd also do a set at an amusement park (Sample 01 / Sample 02), combining two of my favorite things - female feet and roller coasters. She'd also team with her cousin, Marcy, for a Candy Canes set (Sample 01 / Sample 02) that was very memorable to shoot.

Three other models each had four sets published in 2010. Those three models are Jordana, Kayleigh, and Layla. Each one of them spent a lot of time in front of my camera, but some of their photos ended up being published in 2011 due to all the other great content I was uploading. 

When it comes to the old guard of Soles of Silk, 2010 also marked the end of a great run for a model and friend who I always admired in Madison. Her last sets were shot in 2009, but I prolonged her appearances by slowly adding them to the site. In January of 2010 Madison's final set was published wearing some boots and a coat (Sample 01 / Sample 02). I really miss shooting Madison and chatting with her, but as I've come to find out in life, sometimes your best friends can easily forget about everything and everyone they loved and just move on.

On the non-model side of the site, 2010 also saw another Wallpaper Design contest. A total of 29 entries were submitted featuring artwork based on the following three models: Cierra, Jaylee Austin, and Lady Steph. It's the largest turn out I've had for one of these contests and the art was amazing!

As you can see, a lot happened in the 365 days that was 2010. A lot of new and great things helped shape Soles of Silk into an even better site and really resulted in a lot of new eyes on the soles who would be shown within it.

Be sure to return to see what happened only one year later in 2011 when a certain model overtook Madison's lead and would even become the first to break the 2,000 photo mark in her galleries.

Mindee's cousin Marcy joined the Soles of Silk roster in 2010.

2010: Tidbits & Facts

- Jamie's very first shoot contained 5 different sets, all of which were done at Wildwood, NJ.

- It had been so many years since I last saw Kim T. and her little size 6.5 feet that I made sure to give them about two hours worth of foot massage time after we shot. Her feet sure are pillowy soft.

- Speaking of foot rubs, it sure was nice getting to go back and forth between rubbing both Mindee's and Marcy's feet before, during, and after their Christmas shoot.

- Why not more foot rubs? I put Jordana to sleep with a few hours worth of foot massage time after we shot her New Year's set (Sample 01 / Sample 02).

- Nikki was hesitant to pose for me saying her sister told her that she has ugly feet. Her sister was definitely wrong.

- When Marcy did her mud puddle set (Sample 01 / Sample 02) a person beeped their horn at us saying we are fucking weirdos.

- Layla's size teasing stocking set (Sample 01 / Sample 02) was inspired by Cierra's 2009 Wu's Feet Links Feature set.

- Cierra's feet were sweating non-stop the day we got together to do the Valentine's Day set (Sample 01 / Sample 02) as well as the four other sets we did.

Jamie posed her teenage feet the day after she turned 18.

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