Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday's Shoot - Kelsey

In the blog "Upcoming Soles of Silk Shoots" I posted at the end of last week, I made mention of more than a dozen models who I've been planning shoots with. While some of those plans have already changed in a matter of days, the first model on the list, Kelsey, posed for two sets today.

Kelsey and I had been talking about setting up a shoot for weeks. We never made plans, but she told me to pick a Monday at some point and she'd try to be available. Well, with so many of the models this month moving their days around, today was open and we decided to go ahead and shoot.

The Weather app on my iPhone was calling for rain today. When I woke up this morning, the ground was wet, but it was not raining anymore. I checked my phone again and it looked like the rain was moving away. Moments later Kelsey texted me and said that she needed to wait until around 1 p.m. to shoot. That actually worked out better as by then the rain was supposed to have moved completely through the region. This also gave me time to go to the store and pick up something I wanted to use in one of her sets - baby oil.

Once 1 p.m. rolled around Kelsey called me to say she was ready and I went to go pick her up. From her house we made our way to a park where we thought not too many people would be. Luckily for us, that turned out to be the case. While there were some people around, only a few times during the course of the day did anyone come by the locations we used.

Up close to Kelsey's wrinkled soles.

The first location I chose was one I had used many years ago with Andrea on the beach (Sample 01 / Sample 02). Thing is, in the years since they have removed the wooden benches leaving only a concrete wall in its place. I don't know if they're replacing the benches, but I thought the top of the short wall would help give me plenty of great ways for Kelsey to pose her pillowy soft soles right. I turned out to be right!

As we started the set we found a few piles of shells around. We collected them and moved them into the set as props. I love having props in my sets. They add to scenery and many times give something for the girls to play with.

Right away I was taking photos of Kelsey with her feet right up in my camera. I was loving the blue skies and colorful dress she was wearing, but it was those feet that had my attention. While I've done a lot of photos of Kelsey over the years, the two sets we did back in June were the only two I've done for some time (see blog: "Today's Shoot - Kelsey"). Kelsey didn't miss a beat though as her toes were wiggling away and I just kept snapping photos. Aside from playfully telling her to smile a few times, she didn't really need much instruction on posing at all. She'd just move her feet and my camera would follow.

During the set we did have a couple of county workers come by to collect some trash cans. One of them sat on a bench about 30 yards away at one point. I'm sure he was watching us, but Kelsey and I just kept shooting. And then three men came down to the beach. These three walked right behind Kelsey along the shore, so we just waited for them to pass.

Once everyone was out of our backgrounds and/or left the area I set my camera to film those pudgy toes wiggling. With spread or curl of her toes her soles would go from smooth to wrinkled to smooth again. When the clip was finished I showed Kelsey just how wrinkled her soles became. She compared them to a Pug's face. With that, we were finished our first set.

We took a quick break so Kelsey could change her outfits for her baby oil set. I didn't know exactly where I wanted to shoot this one, but I was looking for a picnic bench or a similar where we'd be alone. After walking around the park for five minutes, we found our location. It wasn't perfectly arranged, so we moved the bench about 10 feet and spun it for ideal lighting. 

Kelsey's feet were super slick, to say the least.

Without anyone around to bug us we moved right into the set. I pulled out the paper plug in the baby oil bottle and sat it on the table next to Kelsey. I told her to let me do a few barefoot shots before she squirted her feet down. She laughed and I began focusing on those tender foot bottoms once again.

Once I had a good number of non-oily shots I told Kelsey to go ahead and squirt the oil at her feet. She squeezed the bottle and those soles quickly became slick. Kelsey commented that that it felt really nice on her feet as she rubbed them against each other. She was really getting into it adding more and more oil. I actually had to tell her to slow down a bit so I could shoot the pictures. I didn't want them to be blurry. We both laughed, but truth be told, watching those feet slide all over each other with her toes spreading and curling non-stop was sexy. Oh the simple joys of being a guy with a foot fetish!

This set moved quickly until we got to the video clip. During the video clip we were about a minute in and Kelsey had to blurt out that some kids were coming our way. We had seen them there earlier, but they were wrapped up in some boating course that was going on at the nearby boating center. Guess they were finished, so I stopped the clip until they passed. Of course as soon as they passed, a car parked at a nearby parking and someone headed down to the shoreline to go fishing. Once he passed I shot another clip to piece together with the first one.

After our clips were finished Kelsey asked for the towel I brought. She bent down to clean the oil from her feet before we began the walk back toward the car. While she was bent over the boys came walking back our way. She was literally bent over her ass out to them as she toweled off her feet. I let her know they were coming and she commented that she had them by a few years. I responded that they might like that fact as MILFs and cougars are the "in" thing! With that we made our way back toward the car.

On the way back I kept my eyes open for a very important location. Not for another shoot, but for something else I insisted on before the day even started - a foot massage. Having parked next to the beach, we just decided to go to a few benches under some trees along the water.

For the next 30-40 minutes I treated Kelsey's feet to a long, overdue rub. Years ago I used to rub her feet for hours on end when we'd all hang out at her house for movie nights with friends. And just like all those years ago Kelsey commented that she could fall asleep. So many times that's how her foot rubs ended, with her falling asleep, sometimes hours after I began. That didn't happen this time obviously, but it was nice to pamper her little feet again.

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