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Soles of Silk F.A.Q. - Finding Models

If there is something that every foot fetish site needs it is models. In this entry to the Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) blog series, I'm going to tackle one of the questions I get the most about the models.

Frequently Asked Question: How do you find your models?

There have been numerous ways in which I've found my models for Soles of Silk. I was only going to go over the most successful way here, but I've decided to go ahead and list all of them instead.

  1. Friends/Coworkers/Classmates
  2. Friends of friends
  3. Online portfolio sites
  4. Social media
  5. Models from other sites
Mindee has posed for me regularly since the site opened.

Method #1: Classmates/Coworkers/Friends

Back before I even ran Soles of Silk this was my main method. Anyone who knows me tends to know that I have a foot fetish. And most of them know about the site. When I was in art college my artwork would focus on female feet a lot, so I'd ask my fellow classmates to model theirs. Krystie and Wendy were the only two to pose for me on my old sites and then do so on Soles of Silk. Since I'm past the college age (getting old), the classmates method isn't really one I use now. I do still, however, shoot with Wendy on a semi-regular basis.

Today coworkers tend to make up the majority of my models. Between two different long term jobs I've held, I've met 31 girls who have posed for the site. They include: A'Kasjia, Alaynah, Aliza, Amber, Aspen, Autumn, Carmen, Charlee, Cheri, Chloe, Cierra, Colleen, Faith, Ginger, Jamie, Katie, Kayleigh, Kellie, Kelsey, Kimmie, Lauryn, Madison, Mandy, Marcy, Mileena, Mindee, Olivia, Paige Noelle, Precious, Ryan, and Shayna.

That list contains all the girls I met through working in my lifetime. Many have come and gone, but I remain friends with many of them. Some of them I consider to be my closest friends.

Speaking of friends, a number my models just simply came from being my friend. I met Abby back in high school and then dated her for two years. I grew up next door to Andrea since I was only a child. Carlin I met back in high school and later reconnected with by chance. Kim T. was met when Abby and I dated and entered photos into Leg Show Magazine's personals/home photos section. Kim T. and her husband did as well and we ended up meeting. And lastly, Nikki was the younger sister of one my best friends growing up. We lost touch for some time, but struck up a conversation upon seeing one another out and about. Of course I hit her up for photos.

The three groups of models above (friends/coworkers/classmates) make up the majority of the site's models. With these people knowing me and knowing that the site is kept nudity free, they have fun posing and earning a few extra bucks.

Ryan put me in touch with Ashlyn, who debuted this summer.

Method #2: Friends of friends/Word of mouth

Without sounding sexist, women love to talk, and many have told their girlfriends about posing for the site. This word of mouth has seen a handful of girls debut on the site via the recommendation of a current model. To date 18 models have posed due to another model putting in the good word. These include the following: Ann, Ashlyn, Barbie, Bethany, Briezzy Lane, Chrystine, Debbie D.Emerald, Jaylee Austin, Jessie, Keira, Mariah, Meagan, MollyNatalie, Nessa, Taylor, and Tiff.

Layla found me on

Method #3: Online portfolio sites

I used this method for the site in its infancy. Many models have profiles set up on sites such as Model Mayhem and One Model Place. I used to have a profile on One Model Place and found Jordana, Layla, Lizzie, Maria, and Sue Lovely through this means.

Having so many models shooting semi-regularly with me right now, I do not use online portfolio sites to search for models. In the past it worked out great, but it just isn't something I need to invest in right now.

Shae Spreadz was the first girl I shot that I met on Twitter.

Method #4: Social media

With the rise of social media, it has become a nice replacement for the online portfolio sites. Many of the girls who model maintain various social media profiles to interact with other models and potential photographers. This is how I met two models who debuted this year in Shae Spreadz (@ShaeSpreadzXXX) and Rachel DD (@ModelRachelDD) - both through Twitter.

Late last year I was contacted on a personal profile on another social media site by Amelia. She went to high school with a few of the girls on my site and liked some artistic photos I had done with them (something I also do for fun while out doing the foot fetish sets). Amelia then inquired about the site when we made small talk. Long story short, she thought it would be really fun to show off her little feet. We made plans and the rest is history.

Rachel DD has posed for many fetish sites.

Method #5: Models from other sites

I know some photographers/web masters are very territorial when it comes to models they work with appearing on other sites. I've never been that way and have found a few like minded individuals online over the years.

One of my most notable models to come from another site was Lexi of Lexi's Foot Fetish. I drove about eight hours to shoot with Lexi after she told me she'd love to pose for Soles of Silk. I really felt like I was shooting one of the all time greats when those deep arches were flexing before me.

Some of the other girls who have posed for me have either appeared on other sites or actually run/ran their own. This list includes: Barbie, Chrystine, Danaya, Dani Dare, Danielle, Debbie D.Delicious, Jacklyn Lick, Jordana, Kat Noir, Kerri Taylor, Kim T., Lady Steph, LaylaLexi  Lisa Tyler, Maria, Molly, Rachel DD, Sara Swirls, Shae Spreadz, Sue Lovely, and Tiffany.

I'm certain this list will grow over time as I've already talked with a number of girls who have expressed wanting to pose for me from other sites. Barbie Gurl of Barbie Foot Gurl and Saffron of Saffron Foot Babe are just two of those names. Can't wait to make that happen.

While this piece did not get into the exacts of how to approach a girl to pose, it did go over the methods in which I've found my models. Later on I will do another F.A.Q. piece focused on the approach.

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