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Upcoming Soles of Silk Shoots

It's been quite a while since I've posted a blog about some of the upcoming shoots that are on the horizon. And even though my original plan was to slow down by September, my upcoming schedule of shoots says otherwise. And if you're wonder why I would be slowing down, let me explain.

I've always enjoyed shooting outdoors. While I'm not opposed to indoor sets, I love finding unique locations for my models to pose. I aim to make each and every set as different as possible. Obviously some sets are better off being done indoors, but my preference is to be outside. Since the weather in the Baltimore/D.C. area can tend to get quite cold once winter sets in, I always shoot a bunch of extra sets before the fall. This year, however, I've gone above and beyond shooting enough sets to last through the winter!

As you can see by the screen shot above, I current sit on 68 sets - none of which have been posted. Many of these you've seen teased in my blogs about shoots done with the various models, but some I've had from even before the blog was open. Hell, a few of these are over a year old and still haven't made it onto the site. You can blame that on adding in several new models and trying to rotate existing models, themes, etc. If you want to get into that whole challenge, I recommend checking out the blog titled, "Soles of Silk F.A.Q. - How/When Sets are Posted."

Okay, sorry about the tangent there. Regardless of how many sets I've already taken, it's been a blast doing each and every one of them. I've managed to get a few models who haven't posed recently to return, as well as adding those newbies to the model roster. So who is left, you ask? Well, I've talked to and/or planned sets with quite a few girls. Below you can see who I've been in talks with and who is set to shoot in the days, weeks, and months to come. I'm listing them in order of who my calendar has first, but will end with a number of girls who I've talked to, but haven't really been able to plan as of yet. This list could change as I've already had to alter the blog before I published it to relay changes. All that being said, here are the models set to shoot new sets:


As long as the weather isn't too bad this week, Kelsey should be the first of my upcoming shoots. It's calling for rain, so we shall see. I'm not opposed for doing a set outdoors with the rain drops falling all around, however.

We originally aimed to do a few more sets on the day, back in June, when she made her long awaited return (see blog: "Today's Shoot - Kelsey"). We don't have any particular plans/themes right now, but she is game and I always love photographing two of the softest feet I've ever felt.


Yes, the one and only, Cierra is finally scheduled make her return. She's been with Soles of Silk since Day 1, but she's been busy with life the last few years - most notably, adding some additions to the family. Needless to say, that's kept her on her toes, but now she's ready to once again, spread and scrunch those sweaty things.

We won't have a ton of time the day she's scheduled, but that's okay. I'm just looking to get in a couple of sets for now. Down the road I aim to schedule her again for some more.


Speaking of returns, Mindee informed me a few weeks back that her cousin, Mariah, was interested in posing again. It's been years since I last shot with this very small footed cutie. And worst of all, one of the two sets I did with her I ended up losing on my old laptop - the ONLY set that I've ever lost the entire time I've ran Soles of Silk. It also happened to feature Mindee too... Double whammy!

Now I finally get to make up for that lost set by doing some new ones. I'm actually shooting Mariah on the same day I'll be shooting Cierra  just at different times. Pretty neat having two girls return, let alone on the same day. It's going to be like a sole mate reunion!

There are also plans underway to bring you a set featuring Mariah with her cousins, Mindee and Marcy. It's been a long time since I've had a three girl set, with the last being Kellie, Kimmie, and Keira (Sample 01 / Sample 02). I'm sure that will be insanely fun times!


When I last shot Colleen, she was showing off her sweaty feet fresh out of her black Converse shoes (see blog: "Today's Shoot - Colleen"). Thing is, by the second shoot she was showing off her sweaty everything. The day was insanely muggy and both of us were just dripping with sweat. We both decided it was best to try and do a third set on different day.

I've been texting Colleen recently to find time for this set and it looks like we've figured out a day. We've thrown around some ideas and I've even had some requests for set themes. I wouldn't be surprised if the day ends up resulting in two or three sets instead of just one.


Amelia is one of the most recent models to pose for new pictures (see blog: "Today's Shoot - Amelia"). We did three sets that day and I actually still have one from a previous shoot we did at the end of spring. So since I have four sets, why not do another one, right?

I was supposed to be shooting a single set with Olivia this week, but due to some family health issues, she had to cancel. For days I've been trying to find a fill in and Amelia was one I thought of due to the theme (roller coasters). Amelia, however, was unable to switch around her schedule last minute and had to decline. Having a few other models who asked to switch up shoot dates, it looks like I might be able to do this set after all - just at the end of the month. Amelia is looking into it right now and is going to let me know. It should be exciting and a fun day at an amusement park.


I've told Emerald all summer that I wanted to try to get in some new photos with her. With the warm weather ending sooner rather than later, we finally set a date to shoot. Unfortunately she was one of the ones who asked to postpone her shoot, but looks to be able to reschedule to a date at the end of the month as well. We don't have any specific plans yet, but I'm sure she and I will think of something. We've only shot on two occasions, but both time she was very energetic and creative.


The most recent model to reach 1,000 photos on the site (see blog: "1K Club - Abby's Footography"), Abby and I were only able to do one set on our most recent shoot (see blog: "Today's Shoot - Abby"). We intended to do two that day, but time wasn't on our side. 

Right now we're aiming for shooting again in early October and have an idea or two floating around for themes. Just like her knee high socks set (Sample 01 / Sample 02), one of Abby's sets should feature a foot fetish sub-genre that she has yet to do. Any other ideas you may have would be welcome too since I'd like to try and do two sets that day.


I told Mindee on the day we shot her most recent photos (see blog: "Today's Shoot - Mindee"), that she could shoot whenever she wanted to, should she find herself without any plans. I meant that as Mindee is my most consistently shot model over the site's lifetime. She's been there from the start and has never had a long period of time where she hadn't posed for new sets. So that offer will always stand.

If you read Mariah's blurb above, you already know that Mindee, along with Marcy, are set to pose together in a three girl set toward the end of October. We've had the idea for the theme we're doing for what seems like ages. Now we're finally hoping to do it. It should be a memorable one to say the least!


It was only a few months ago when Marcy made her big return to Soles of Silk (see blog: "Today's Shoot - Mindee & Marcy"). She has since shot with me a second time (see blog: "Today's Shoot - Marcy"), but said she wanted to do another set or two before the year was out. Since I wasn't able to shoot her for a few years, I'm fine with making up for lost time with this playful girl.

Of course she's part of the plans for the three girl set with her cousins Mindee and Mariah that I've mentioned in both girl's sections above. Each time Marcy has posed with Mindee, it's been memorable to say the least. Adding in Mariah will only make it that much better!


The same day I shot Ashlyn's first sets last month (see blog: "Today's Shoot - Ashlyn") we were already making plans for the next shoot. I had a blast meeting and doing photos with Ashlyn and was so happy she enjoyed herself and the response her first set garnered. Shooting another set or two before winter sets in is a no-brainer!

Ashlyn was set to pose at the end of the month, but had some stuff come up and is one of a few girls who had to switch around their original shoot dates. She's looking to shoot at the end of October, but if something else opens up sooner, she's going to be the first person I check with to bump that date forward.

We've discussed a theme for one of these upcoming sets that she's really wanting to do. It's based off a hobby of hers and one I'm sure some of you might share. As for a second set that day, no plans have been discussed, so by all means, feel free to suggest some.


I recently did a day trip with Olivia to Cape May and Ocean City, NJ (see blog: "Sunday's Shoot - Olivia") to do some photos. Our idea was to do four sets, but we just didn't have the time. She had to work early the next morning and I had plans the next day as well. Being we had plans to do a shoot in front of some roller coasters the following month, we weren't too upset that we didn't get that fourth set in that day.

Fast forward a few weeks and Olivia has had to cancel her date for the roller coaster themed shoot. Due to an illness in her family, she said she didn't think it would be a good time and I agreed. Right now I'm looking at still shooting that set with Amelia, which you can read about above. But if/when Olivia would like to try and get in another set - even if just something real quick one day, I'm going to accept. I wanted to get in her more sets this summer and if that takes a few extra months, that is okay.

Sara Swirls

It seems like a number of models who we haven't seen much of over the last few years are making returns. Well, Sara Swirls can be added to that list. While we haven't discussed any exact dates or plans, we both said we should shoot something again soon, especially since we both love pretty close to one another now. It's going to be nice to have these super soft feet back in front of the camera again.


Jordana and I have made several plans over the summer, but have yet to make any of them happen. For one reason or another, she and I haven't been able to shoot any new content. Just the other day it looked like it was finally about to happen, but no dice. At this point, she's giving me some new dates, but they're not looking good. I'll keep everyone posted as many of you love Jordana and the awesome work she's done for the site.

Goddess Red Velvet

This is something I've discussed for months with Red Velvet (@OMGSexyFeet). We both agree that getting together and getting her on Soles of Silk would be an amazing cross over and I've always enjoyed shooting girls who run their own sites. I even mentioned her in my first ever, "Would Love to Shoot" blog series (see blog: "Would Love to Shoot #1 - Elan Kane, Barbie Gurl, & Red Velvet"). 

I was lucky enough in August to finally shoot someone who I featured in this series in Rachel DD (see blog: "Would Love to Shoot #5 - Goddess Brianna, Rachel DD, & Saffron"), so I'd love to shoot yet another. Hopefully we can make this happen soon. I love red velvet cake and I'm sure the model is even better! Maybe do a set of her squishing some?

Friend of Ryan #1

Ryan has been recruiting models for me lately. She was integral in Soles of Silk landing Ashlyn and since then, she's found me yet another girl with a unique look. I talked to her recently and we have yet to plan anything specific. She has limited open times that match up with mine, but I'd really like to make something happen, if possible.

Friend of Ryan #2

The second girl Ryan recruited happened just the other day. We now have each other's contact information, but haven't planned anything. Apparently her husband works at a tattoo shop that Ryan and her boyfriend were in. The topic of fetishes came up and Ryan mentioned that she poses for Soles of Silk. This girl's husband then said he thinks it would be awesome if his wife posed for me too. I've since emailed her and she too seems interested.

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