Monday's Shoot - Colleen

Ever since our last shoot (see blog: "Today's Shoot - Colleen"), Colleen and I have been talking about doing another shoot. Our initial plan during our last shoot was to do three sets, but it was just too hot and we decided to just save it for another day. Well, today was that day and we shot two sets, not just the one we missed out on last time.

I picked up Colleen around 1:30 p.m. and we were on our way downtown. Mindee had showed me a neat location during our last shoot (see blog: "Today's Shoot - Mindee") and I decided to head back down there for at least one of Colleen's sets.

When we arrived no one was around at all. We walked the entire waterfront area and decided on a spot with a unique view. Two benches, made from recycled ship parts sat side-by-side on a promenade where you could see the nearby sugar plant. Docked at the sugar plant was a large ship where cranes were busy offloading product from its compartments.

For this first set I told Colleen to use her Ugg boots that she was already wearing. We had a discussion earlier about how I wasn't a fan of Uggs. Colleen tried her best to defend them, but I told her the only reason I like girls in them is because their feet get nice and sweaty - especially when they're not wearing socks. Colleen just laughed and said, "Yeah, you would like that!"

Colleen posing in front of a large ship at the docks.

Right off the bat we had some issues shooting this set. At first the wind was just blowing too hard. Colleen didn't bring anything to tie her hair back, so we had to move around a bit to try and counter the direction of the wind. Thing is, the sun's direction and the wind's direction wasn't lending itself to the ship being in the background. We made due, however, and before you know it, Colleen was pulling those Ugg boots off her sockless size 8 feet.

With her Ugg boots off Colleen began posing her slender soles and long toes in various poses. The wind never quite let up, but it became much more manageable as the set progressed. After about 70 shots, we decided to wrap it up. We were both hungry and before we did our second set, Colleen also needed a place to change.

It took us about 15 minutes to drive around the city where I wanted to shoot the second set. It is on the opposite side of the water from where we had just shot in an area famous for its shopping, bar scene, and restaurants. While down this way just a few days ago, I had seen a large park and thought it might be a good spot to shoot. So after we took a quick break to eat and for Colleen to change, we were back along the water for her second set.

We walked around the area for a few minutes before finding an non-populated area to shoot. There were a few interesting places, but there were a lot of people were out fishing and I didn't want to shoot right by them. We ended up walking a few more yards down to a set of benches at the far end of the park. Not too many people seemed to be coming down this far, except for the occasional jogger. It was as good of a spot as any. And luckily for us, the sun and wind weren't causing issues this time around.

Colleen's slender soles at a park downtown.

After a quick foot massage with lotion, we moved right into shooting. In no time, Colleen had her soles out toward the camera and I was snapping photo after photo. We moved from bench to bench to get various poses and hardly ever had to wait more than a few seconds for people to pass us by.

Once I had enough photos we talked about the possibility of doing a video clip. I know it can be a little uncomfortable to do a clip in such a location. Even though the area wasn't crowded, there was no way we would not have someone walk or run by us at some point. Colleen said she didn't care and asked if she could do a baby oil one. She had seen a photo sample from Kelsey's recent shoot (see blog: "Today's Shoot - Kelsey") and liked it. I also told her earlier that a fan of hers had requested her doing a baby oil set. Although this was only a clip, she said she wanted to do it and didn't care who passed by. As for a photo set with baby oil, she promises to do one in a future set.

I handed Colleen a small bottle of baby oil that I bring to each shoot and I set up my angle. With no one in our immediate area, I hit record and Colleen began squirting the oil onto her feet. Around a minute into the clip a few people came by talking another language. I can only imagine what they were saying. And as soon as they passed, another person and then another person came by. When we got to a place where I was happy with the clip, I clicked stop and Colleen asked for a towel to dry her feet.

When Colleen's feet were no longer a slick mess, we made our way back to my car where she asked to see the photos. She also threw her feet in my lap and said, "You wanted these too, right?"

I replied, "Yeah! I thought I was going to get to rub them a little more down on the benches when we finished, but you put your shoes back on. Here is just as good though."

So while Colleen looked through her photos I happily rubbed her feet. I thought it was funny that there was still a bit of baby oil between her toes, so I made sure I kept sticking my fingers into those little gaps. I tickled her on a few occasions doing so, but it was worth it to watch her squirm.

At this point I'm not sure if Colleen will be shooting anymore photos before the end of the year. We had some plans to do one more set this coming Sunday, but due to a scheduling conflict, we're looking to see if we can do it in October. Once November rolls around I hope to be done shooting for a few months as I need to post all this great content that's been shot over the summer. So either way, it's nice to have a few sets of Colleen in the photo banks waiting to be posted, but there could be yet another in the weeks to come!