Sunday's Shoot - Mariah

Today was the day. Today was the day where I had two models who haven't shot for the site in years. The first model was set to be Cierra, but she was unable to shoot. The second model was Mariah, who hasn't had a set posted on Soles of Silk since September 2006. 

It's hard to believe that it's been seven years since Mariah posed for the site. I actually looked it up because we both wondered how long it has been while we were shooting today. My research showed that her only published set was uploaded to the Soles of Silk server on September 8, 2006. Talk about a comeback, and what a comeback this turned out to be!

If you follow Soles of Silk on Instagram (@SolesofSilk) or Twitter (@SolesofSilk), then you probably have already seen the early previews of the sets Mariah posed for today. She's been getting quite a few likes, comments, retweets, and favorites between the two social media sites. For the rest of you, however, this blog will be your first view of Mariah in a very long time - too long, actually. Shooting her today made me realize just how much I wish she had been a regular over the years.

When I woke up this morning I already had some texts from her. She had fell asleep early the night before and never answered a few questions I had asked. She told me she was game for the two shoot themes I had picked (work out and Play Doh) and she recommended a school where we could shoot them both. About an hour or so later, we finally met up.

Mariah and I exchanged some small talk while we gathered our things. I asked her to bring a yoga/workout mat as I had bought a stretching cord and wanted to do a workout set. I also brought several pairs of knee high socks just in case she wanted to use them. When I showed her the black pair with the pink stripes, Mariah grabbed them and said they matched her outfit. With that, she grabbed her mat, I grabbed my camera, and we were on our way to the courts.

As we approached the courts there was two people off to the far end of the doing some soccer exercises. We decided to use the opposite end to stay out of their way. Once Mariah placed her mat on the ground and pulled on her socks, we were ready to shoot.

Mariah smelling her sock after a work out.

When I first put my camera to my eye, I was loving the sight before me. Mariah looked adorable! I've said it many times before, a girl doesn't have to be all dolled up, or in her finest clothes to be attractive to me. I really thought Mariah looked cute in her gray top, little pink shorts, and the knee high socks. I'm betting many of you share the same view, and if not, looking at the photo of Mariah above, will change your mind.

The set started off with her wearing the socks. Mariah played a lot with the stretching cord, which I knew would be perfect to place around her soles. She did a bunch of poses like this before we decided it was time to show those size 5.5's bare. Of course, getting to that point involved a slow, but ever so teasing, sock strip. I just love the sight of a girl posing one foot bare and one with some kind of sock, stocking, or footwear as she's removing it.

A few minutes later those little feet were finally bare. And I won't lie, I was in awe. Mariah has really pretty feet. I love her toe spreads and even blurted out, "You have really cute toe spreads."

She laughed and said thanks.

We shot a bunch of barefoot shots and before you knew it, we had shot more than I had anticipated. That's generally a sign of having a great set. You just keep shooting and don't pay attention to how many photos you've done. I did, however, want to make sure we saved enough time for a second shoot.

After packing up our things I walked over to one of the playgrounds. Mariah went to her car to change, which I'm pretty sure made a few teenage boys nearby curious. They seemed to take an interest in her when she walked by, so I'm sure they felt like they missed out when she reemerged from her car wearing something else.

When Mariah joined me at the playground I had already set out the props for the second set - mini jars of Play Doh. In all the years I've shot for the site I can't believe I've never thought of doing a Play Doh squishing set. Just goes to show you, there are ideas out there that can still be done almost 10 years later.

Mariah playfully squished a bunch of Play Doh.

I told Mariah I wanted to take a few barefoot shots without any of the Play Doh open to start. She stuck her soles out and I began clicking off photos. I made sure to keep the little cans in view so people would know what was about to come.

"Pick whatever color you want to use first," I said to Mariah.

"Black," she replied.

I laughed and made a playful, "Once you go black," comment, which made her laugh.

Mariah playfully rolled the Play Doh in her fingers and stuck it in her tiny toes. The next color, purple, came a few minutes later. Since we were shooting during the Ravens game, we thought we should show a little hometown spirit.

Eventually Mariah would squish both colors into little piles under her toes. From that point on, more and more colors would be added to the mix. Before you knew it, there was a rainbow of Play Doh shoved in the spaces between each and every toe. Talk about a playful scene happening before me!

At this point I asked Mariah if she was in comfortable position to do a video clip. I loved the pose she was in and thought it would make for a perfect clip. That was exactly the case as her toes tore apart the Play Doh before her sole smashed it.

When the clip was over Mariah only had a few minutes before she had to depart. I asked her if she'd mind a couple last minute photos now that the Play Doh was all mashed together. She agreed and I got in some sweet shots to finish up.

The way the sets were going, I could have shot photos of Mariah all day. I was having tons of fun and loving the results. Mariah had plans, however, so we walked back to our cars and said our good-byes.

At this time Mariah and I are trying to figure out if/when we can try in get a couple more sets. This late into the year I wasn't planning shooting much more than I already had planned, but after today, I sure wouldn't mind Mariah sneaking in a few more. There is a possibility that she may pose this coming Sunday, but that depends on whether Colleen is able to keep her plans that day. If not, looks like Mariah's little feet are going to be in front of my camera yet again! And if Colleen can still shoot, I'm finding a day for Mariah to do more. Glad I don't have to wait seven more years this time around...