Soles of Silk F.A.Q. - Exchanging Banners & Contributions

Over the years I've exchanged links and photo sets with many sites. I am often asked to trade banners and/or photo contribution sets with other sites. If this is something that interests you, this F.A.Q. blog entry is for you.

Frequently Asked Question: Can I exchange banners with Soles of Silk?

I am always up for a banner exchange, although maintaining a links page can be one of the hardest things on the site. If you're interested in exchanging banners with Soles of Silk, I do ask the following be true of your site:

  1. Your site must contain original content
  2. Your site must contain foot fetish content
  3. Your site can contain nudity/adult content, but the banner you supply to be posted on Soles of Silk cannot
  4. Link farm sites will not be accepted
  5. Yahoo Groups and social media page links will not be accepted
  6. A reciprocal link to Soles of Silk must be placed on your site
  7. Banners are only placed on the links page of Soles of Silk, unless you're a contributor. Contributors also have banner links on each model's page as well as each gallery. I do not post banners on other pages of the site.
Periodically I go through the links page to clean things up. Over the years many sites have closed or ceased updating. When I notice that is true, I will remove the banners from Soles of Silk without notice.

Frequently Asked Question: Does Soles of Silk post/exchange photo set contributions?

Since Soles of Silk opened I have maintained a Contribution section inside the members area. If you're interested in sending a contribution set to Soles of Silk, here is what I look for:

  1. The set must come from your site
  2. The set cannot contain any nudity or adult content
  3. The set must be from a single set (no mixed sets)
  4. The model in the set must have her face shown (no feet only sets)
  5. The set must be at least 20 photos or more
  6. I need the model's name and shoe size to list her among the other contributors in the Contributions section
If you're looking to post a contribution set from Soles of Silk on your site, I'd be game for sending you a set. You'll have to let me know what criteria you have and any information you will need. However, I do ask the following when my sets are posted on your site:
  1. Do not remove the site logos/watermark from any photos
  2. Do not add your site logos/watermark to any photos
  3. Do not resize, crop, or alter the photos in any way
  4. Do not send the set to other sites