Friday's Shoot - Ava

It has been raining all day long. Of course it would. Whenever I plan my shoots it always seems like there is at least a chance of rain in the forecast. I guess it was a good thing that Ava and I already planned to shoot today's sets indoors. We had a couple of ideas we thought about using and ended up doing two of them - those you see above. Here's some details about the both of them.

And oh yeah, if you haven't gotten your Ava fix yet (and who has?) it looks like she will be teaming up with Charlee for a couple sets next week. Charlee is coming in from out of town and we planned to shoot several days during her stay. Why not get the two of them together? Both are excited to make it happen and I can't wait to see them barefoot, side by side.

Set 1: Candy Filled Shoes

For this evening's first set, Ava was in a pair of white shoes and a pair of socks you might remember from Mindee's and Melani's first-ever team up in May 2018 (see sample). I thought with this set's theme, they'd be perfect to include and be a little nod to the past. People have seemed to like whenever I've done that in the past and a few of you have even picked up on it when I didn't mention it outright - whether it be similar outfits, props, locations, etc.

If you haven't yet, take a look at the inside of the shoe Ava is holding up in the first sample above. Yup, her shoes were filled with some soft candies of varying types. They got nice and warm, and of course, squished, under her size 9 feet. It's fun sticking stuff inside the model's shoes from time to time. We joked that it felt better than any gel insert.

Set 2: White Fence Nets

Up next Ava stayed on the bed for ease. For a while now, I have mentioned the idea of shooting some different stocking types to Ava. Knowing we will surely be doing lots of sets moving forward, it would be fun to have some different types of stockings in some of her upcoming work. She's always been game and tonight she shot a set wearing a pair of fence nets. 

Before shooting the set, Ava told me she had a white one piece dress she thought would match the stockings. When she put it on, I knew we had a hit. I loved the long sleeves on it too.

So it looks like this fence nets will be the first type of stockings you will see in Ava's gallery. Moving forward you should be seeing your standard pantyhose, fishnets, and maybe even some retro styles with the different reinforcements on the heels and toes. She's very eager to shoot anything and everything we come up with. Expect a lot more of Ava, without a doubt.

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