Thursday, June 17, 2021

Thursday's Shoot, Pt. 1 - Charlee

On Saturday and Sunday, Charlee and I met up for the first time in years to shoot some new sets for Soles of Silk. We managed six total sets, three on each day. If you haven't viewed the samples from those sets, make sure you check them out in the following blogs:

Originally, Charlee and I were going to try to meet up on Monday to shoot a few more sets too, but life got in the way for the both of us. It ultimately ended up being better that we both tended to what we needed to do and plan to shoot again on Thursday.

Well, today is Thursday and shoot again we did. The plan for the day was for Charlee and Ava to meet up and shoot a couple of duo sets. While that did end up happening, Charlee's day freed up an hour and a half early. I wasn't doing anything, so I made my way over so she could shoot two quick solo sets before Ava joined us. This blog will feature the two solo sets with Charlee, and "Thursday's Shoot, Pt. 2 - Charlee & Ava," will showcase what the two of them did together. You won't want to miss that, I promise!

Set 1: Red Fence Nets

If we had met on Monday, Charlee wanted to do a set with a pair red fence net thigh high stockings I had in the wardrobe I've mentioned in her previous shoot blogs. We planned to shoot it outdoors, but that was the day we both decided to postpone. With the extra time today, it meant we could go ahead and do the set. She wore the same outfit and all, with the only change being we did it indoors. Since I was going to have to set up my lighting for her sets with her and Ava anyhow, we stayed inside for ease and to keep things moving.

I tell you what, I'm glad we were able to squeeze this one. Those bright red fence nets looked so flashy clinging to Charlee's legs and feet. Watching her play with them as she pulled them off, was even better. The sample shot above is the perfect example of what I mean. Her spread toes and arched feet pulled those stretchy stockings tight and all the netting made for some great lines and texture.

Set 2: Fierce

This set was another one Charlee and I had wanted to shoot on Monday. She saw the black knee high socks you see her wearing above from the wardrobe I brought along. They read, "Fierce," going down the sides in large text. There was also a pair of shorts with the same slogan around the waistband in with the socks. She snatched them up and we did ultimately get to use them. Had things not played out as they did, however, this set might not have happened.

When leaving the nail salon on her way to the shoot, Ava's car was struck by someone in the parking lot. Thankfully she is okay, but her car sustained some front end damage. When she texted me that she was in an accident, I told her we could postpone her photos to another day, but she had her heart set on shooting with Charlee. She just needed a little extra time since she had to deal with her insurance company. Charlee and I decided to go ahead and do this one while we waited.

Just like in the set prior, Charlee looked so adorable tugging these socks from her feet. I know we did a couple of other sets using socks over this last week, but I honestly don't care. They all turned out so good and feature totally different settings and themes. I know you're all going to love them too. With as much as we shot, I'll also be spacing them out with all her other stellar sets.

When Charlee and I finished this set, Ava was only minutes away. For those photos, however, you're going to have to read Part 2 of today's blog. Coming soon!

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