Thursday's Shoot, Pt. 2 - Charlee & Ava

If you're coming to the Soles of Silk blog and finding this shoot recap, be sure to read, "Thursday's Shoot, Pt. 1 - Charlee," for the happenings that took place prior to all this goodness. Charlee shot a couple of sets solo that turned out quite nice before her size 7.5 were ultimately paired up with Ava's size 9's.

Go ahead... Go read that blog. We'll wait.

All done? Good. Let's get into this. Believe me, you're going to love these sets too.

Once Ava finally arrived after having her car hit, she said she was ready to shoot to get her mind off things. She was looking forward to this shoot and that's why she didn't cancel. Seeing the outcome of these two sets, I'm so damn glad she didn't. Wow!

Knowing we were only shooting two duo sets, the three of us had planned out our ideas for the sets in advance. Since one of those two sets was to be a tickling set, Ava suggested we do that one first to help clear her mind. That was a good call because it helped set the fun/crazy tone for the rest of the day.

Set 1: These Two TICKLISH!

First things first, these two are very ticklish. I'm sure you figured that out already by the title I gave this shoot. Still, I just wanted you to know, I'm not exaggerating. This one got crazy and I loved seeing it.

Each and every time either of these two trailed her fingers down the other's soles, laughter filled the room. Whenever fingers were stuck between toes, the owner of those toes flopped around on the bed in the background. There's no way people in the room next to us didn't hear all the commotion. We didn't care. The only thing I worried about was if the photos would turn out blurry with all the movement. Alas, they did not.

With a few people recently asking for tickling sets and clips, I truly think you're going to love all the content from this shoot, especially the clip. Charlee and Ava are laughing their asses off the entire time the camera rolled. Believe me, they weren't faking it. Ava even admitted to her sides hurting a little bit from all the laughter after I put the camera down.

Set 2: Kiss Our Feet Size Compare

With the fun mood set from first shoot, Charlee and Ava moved into the second with ease. I tell you what, based on the fun we had shooting the first one and then this one, I wish I had 10 sets of these two together. Talk about instant chemistry. That doesn't always happen when pairing up two of my friends/models who never met prior. It seemed like these two were longtime friends.

Having rulers, magnifying glasses, and some random blue balls on the bed, Charlee and Ava went about having some fun with their colorful props. I told them to do what came natural and before I knew it, stockings were being tugged off, rulers went between toes, balls got squished, and stockings were thrown at me. Sometimes it's good to be me.

In addition to the tickling requests, some of you also ask for measurement photos. Both girls did some shots where they measured there feet, both solo and together. I assured them a lot of you will love seeing that too.

Once we finished, it was time to pack up and part ways. Charlee had prior commitments and will be leaving early in the morning to head home. I'm glad she gave me some of her time while back home and I'm "tickled" that she and Ava wanted to shoot together. Get it? Tickled...

With all said and done, Charlee shot 10 total sets for me since Saturday. Ava, who shot on Friday of last week, came away with four of her own. We've also had the chance to shoot prior to this week and also have a few other plans we wish to make happen soon. Expect to be seeing a lot of these two moving forward. I know you'll be itching to see them together from these two sets. Hmm... I wonder how long I should make you all wait to see all this goodness?

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