Sunday, June 13, 2021

Sunday's Shoot - Charlee

Yesterday I met with Charlee for the first time in three years. We managed to shoot three amazing sets. Today, we met again, and shot three more amazing sets. If you have yet to see the results from yesterday, be sure to read the blog, "Saturday's Shoot - Charlee." Now, onto today's memorable shoot.

Set 1: Rosie

In yesterday's blog I made mention of a huge stash of shirts, shorts, socks, and other clothing items I have collected over the years. The plan was to use those items in photo shoots with my models over time. Well, I've been holding onto some of these items for years and I'm making an effort to get them into sets here moving forward. 

One of the items was a Rosie the Riveter shirt and a matching pair of socks. I found them at the National Air & Space Museum in Washington, D.C. back in 2018 with the hopes of one day doing an airplane themed set. Today, I finally got that chance and it all happened by chance. 

Before getting started, Charlee and I ran out to get a quick bite to eat. As we drove down the street, we saw an airplane out in front of a building. It was literally right next to a sidewalk and busy road. We both had the same thought too. Charlee had seen the shirt in my wardrobe bin yesterday. We grabbed our food, ate, and came right back to the location for the first shoot.

I will be 100 percent honest here, this location was one of my favorite in the last few years. With the Covid-19 pandemic last year and me going more for simple/quick sets this year so far, I feel so lucky to have found this spot. Sometimes things just work out for the best and it sure did with this outfit and location combo.

Set 2: Morning PJ's

Walking back to my car after the Rosie set, it began to rain. We could tell it was coming with how the dark the skies were wrapping up our last few photos. We had no worries, however, because the original plan for the day was to shoot all three sets indoors. We just couldn't look past the opportunity to use that plane in our background when we saw it.

As for Charlee's second set, we kept things simple. Charlee pulled on some comfy clothes and jumped on the bed. Nothing special, just cute, and I love cute. As much as I love shooting the unique backgrounds like we had just done, many times, it's hard to beat a simple setting with the model showing off her bare feet. I mean, isn't that what everyone comes to Soles of Silk to see anyhow? Less can be more.

Set 3: Squirter

Now for another set using some of the fun wardrobe I have collected. I won't get into the gushing details of this theme as it's pretty evident. There's this soda called Squirt. It's wet, it gushy, and it can explode all over the place if you know what you're doing. Okay, I'm going to stop!

The funniest thing about this whole shoot happening today came (no pun intended) during the conversation Charlee and I had upon her finding the shirt. She had never heard of Squirt soda. I can see why too. You don't really see it around here. As a matter of fact, when she said she wanted to wear the shirt in one of the sets, I had to a few stores just to find it. Since we didn't plan on shooting this one to begin with, I naturally didn't have any with me.

This set turned out to be fun and simple just like the one prior. This time, however, she had some props to play with between the socks and the soda bottles. Thankfully, Charlee didn't spill any of the soda on the bed too because Squirt gets everywhere. Okay, okay... I promised for real this time, no more jokes.

With these two days of shooting, Charlee is now at six sets during her visit home. We will be getting together again tomorrow for two more, then two more again on Thursday. Thursday's sets have her teaming with Ava. With the six sets shot and the four more coming this week, Charlee will be the site's second model, behind Mindee, to join the 3K Club (3,000 photos), once they're published. I always figured she'd be a part of the 3K Club years ago, but once she moved, I thought it might never happen. Well, I'm glad to see what it will. If I have my way, if this is how we need to make another 1,000 happen over the next few years, then so be it. I never grow tired of shooting Charlee - not only one of my most-photographed models, but someone I've long called a friend. Thanks for everything, Charlee.

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