Sunday, July 30, 2017

Sunday's Shoot - Allie (New Model)

Word of mouth. I am often asked how I find my models and a good number of times over recent years it's been, word of mouth. That is how I landed Soles of Silk's newest model, Allie, and her little size 5 feet. Allie was introduced to me through Kaycee and Reagan. After texting one another about the site and what it is I do, she agreed to shoot this weekend and I'm happy to announce her arrival.

Leading up to today, I was worried that our shoot would be washed out by rain. Over the last few days it has rained its ass off, even to the point where I could barely see out of my car driving to a friend's house Friday night. Thankfully, Saturday was the end of the storms and Sunday was left at a sunny 83 degrees. 

I told Allie yesterday that we'd keep today's sets easy. I could tell she was a little nervous, never having done something like this before. I assured her it would be easy, and even Kaycee was super nervous her first time, until she saw just how simple I keep things.

I met up with Allie and her boyfriend at 11:30 a.m. today and they followed me to where I wanted to shoot today's photos. With such a beautiful day, I knew people would be out and about. Trying to keep things simple, I decided to shoot at a waterfront boardwalk and trail along one of the many rivers in the area. From experience, I also know that the only people you usually see in this area are headed out to their boats and we wouldn't have to worry about prying eyes, or people being in our shots.

For today's first set I had Allie keep on the shoes and socks she was wearing when we met. I figured it would give her something to do in first set as she'd have multiple things to pull off her tiny feet.

After a quick rundown of what I do and how I shoot my sets, she was ready to go. Her boyfriend sat on a nearby bench and left us to shoot. Since we had never met, she asked if he could come along. I told her I usually don't have model's boyfriends along, but as long as he wasn't the jealous type, I'd be fine with it. After all, it was he who introduced her to Kaycee and Reagan, thus making our meeting one another possible. In the long run, it was nice having him along. We talked about movies and video games. I found myself bullshitting with him from time to time as we shot our sets. Anyhow, I'm sure you're more interested in the sets we shot, so onto the first one!

Allie revealing her tiny little size 5 feet in her first ever set for Soles of Silk.

Allie began the set sitting on the bench with her feet down on the boardwalk. After a few shots, I had her bring her legs up onto the bench. I had her stick her feet out and slowly begin pulling off her shoes. Once we got to her socks, I had her give them a few playful tugs to finally reveal her small size 5's. They were cute and looked every bit as small as she told me they were. I told her about Alice and her size 11's, saying how awesome it would be to see the contrast between their feet in a set. Once I got home today, I sent Alice a text message telling her the same thing. Going to keep my fingers crossed for that team up!

I had Allie show off her little soles in a few different poses, using the arm rest, the back of the bench, and even laying across the bench itself. For her first set, she did well and didn't seem as nervous as I thought she might be. It was either that, or she was hiding it really well.

Once we finished up with the set, we did a quick video clip with her taking off her shoes and socks one last time. When that was done, we went back to our cars for her to change for the next set. I had only planned on doing two today so she could feel this all out and hopefully, plan some other shoots with me this summer. Getting use different locations and have her with different toenail polish colors for sets would provide some variety. She liked that idea too.

After a couple of minutes, the three of us walked down to the one pier that isn't gated and shot out on the water. For this set I asked her to wear a pair of flip flops she brought along. I thought it matched the summer weather and the waterfront location.

Allie kicked off her flip flops and shot her second set out on the water.

Having one set under her belt now, Allie seemed a little more comfortable as we began shooting. I had her doing some of her own poses at the end of the first set, so I told her to do some right off the bat for this one. I like seeing what my models will come up with because everyone thinks differently. Having done this for so many years, I feel I run the chance of doing the same poses time after time. Having my models strike poses on their own sometimes reminds me of ones I'm not thinking about, or even surprises me with something I've never seen or shot.

Since it was only 83 degrees today, the pier wasn't too hot and we weren't baking out in the cloudless sky. Allie and I moved around and shot different poses on the ground, both seated and laying, and then over by some of the pilings. We got in a good variation, even duplicating some shots with her flip flops on the first go around, and then with them off for the second.

When we wrapped up this set I mentioned how hungry I was and asked Allie and her boyfriend if they had eaten anything. They hadn't, so I asked if they wanted to head out and get something. Long story short, we wound up at a nearby Taco Bell and just talked about all different things. It was a good time and I'm very much looking forward to shooting Allie again. I haven't been able to schedule anything with Kaycee or Reagan yet this year, but we tossed around the idea of some team ups with one, or even both of them. She said she'd like that very much, as would I, and I'm sure, you would too. So, be on the lookout for more of Allie in the months to come! Her little feet are sure to be a favorite among many.

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