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Wu's Feature History - Alice (2017)

Back in 2013 I began a blog series that reviewed all of the Wu's Feet Links feature model galleries up to that point. Due to the time and dedication that I put into all of those galleries, I decided it would be a good idea to add to that series each and every year afterward. Well, it's time for yet another addition - one you've been following for 50 weeks now. The wait is finally over and Alice's set is finally here! 

Alice & I had a blast shooting this amazing, super colorful, set.

2017 Feature: The SK8R Gal Who Wears Size 11 Skates
Model: Alice
Shoe Size: 11
Set URL: (138 images)

For the last 50 weeks, thousands of people have followed along with the "Weekly Teaser - Alice's July 2017 Wu's Feet Links Feature." Whether it was a boring piece of the sky that was revealed, or a piece that showed Alice's skates or thigh high socks, the tease was a prolonged one. Well, that tease is now over and you have earned your reward - Alice's July 2017 feature set, "The SK8R Gal Who Wears Size 11 Skates," is now online.

The story behind Alice's sweaty feet in this set is one that began at the end of 2015. Already having asked Mindee to be the July 2016 feature, I had lots of time on my hands to figure out who would represent Soles of Silk in 2017. When the outpouring of love for Alice and her big size 11 feet flooded over me, I knew I had my model. I approached Alice about the idea and explained to her Mindee was already slated for 2016. If she'd like, however, 2017 would be hers. Alice, naturally, was flattered. But what would we do?

With so much time to figure things out, I honestly didn't put much thought into an idea right away. Alice, however, did. She suggested roller skates. I loved it! It was something I had toyed with doing in a set many years ago, but it never happened. Until Alice made mention of them, I had forgotten all about it too.

"I suggested to you that I wanted to do roller skates. We talked about it for a long time. I did not have a pair, and it was hard to find a pair that would fit my size 11 feet... of course. Then one day, I found out my best friend had an old pair and they were perfect," Alice explained in an interview about this shoot inside the Soles of Silk members section.

Now that we had an idea, we still had lots of time to think of a location. A few months went by and that was when I had the idea to shoot this set on the boardwalk. I had been to Seaside Heights, N.J. a few years prior with Aspen, and recalled that the end of their boardwalk was light on foot traffic. Alice had also talked about doing photos at a beach one day, so it just seemed perfect. We could make a day out of it. I mentioned it to Alice and she loved the idea. Now we had a theme and a spot. Only problem was, it was still Spring 2016. I haven't even shot Mindee's set for that year yet. And here I was having the following year's planned out already. Oh well, we'd just have to wait.

Wait we did, but not as long as I had anticipated. Alice mentioned having off on Sundays during the summer of 2016, so we made plans to go to the beach in August. We were going to shoot this early. I had only recently shot Mindee's set, "The Ferris-t of Them All," a few weeks prior and here I was shooting next year's. It's good to be prepared.

In the days leading up to Alice's feature set, I went to a few stores, both physical and online, and picked up some items I thought would make this set really pop. I love colorful sets and the idea to use rainbow, or multi-colored items was something I thought would really make this pop. Alice agreed. I bought some thigh high socks with rainbow stripes, some netted gloves, and numerous little extras that would really just add in more splashes of color. Little did I know, however, that Alice had dyed her hair a blue/purple combo. That just added even more color, and I thought it looked great.

We arrived at the beach early that morning. This set would be the first one we did. If it was going to be hot, I wanted to get this one done before the sun was at its worst. We parked and Alice changed into her clothes. She saved the skates, however, until we were up on the boardwalk. She was so eager to shoot this one too!

"I was extremely excited. It was our first shoot out of town, and I had never been to the Jersey Shore, so it was a lot of fun for me," Alice said.

Once I found the exact spot I wanted to shoot, Alice pulled on the skates. She mentioned that her feet were already getting sweaty in her long socks. I totally smiled on the inside, and probably the outside too. Her feet get really sweaty and I knew the skates would only make it worse - especially since I was going to have her keep them on for a good number of photos to start this off.

"It was a pretty warm day, so I was already naturally sweaty," Alice shared. "The socks and skates definitely enhanced it."

Loving the sight before me, I had Alice shoot in all kinds of poses. I knew I could do some artistic stuff with these shots too, so I did many similar poses in slight variations. The people that did walk by gave us a look or two, and some even told her how great she looked. She did, indeed!

Eventually it would become time for the skates to get pulled off. I had Alice sit up on a near by bench and start pulling those laces down. As I photographed those skates coming off, I just knew those feet were going to be so warm and so moist. I was exactly right! They felt amazing!

Alice's feet were so damp, you could easily see the outline of her feet through those socks. I reached my hand out a few times to feel how sweaty they were and Alice could only laugh and shake her head. I'm glad Alice has taken such a massive interest in this fetish and its various kinks because not only does she adore my love of her sweaty feet, she encourages it.

"The fact that someone adores something that I'm sometimes self conscious about, is so cute to me," Alice explained.

With her skates now free to air out inside, I knew Alice would be wanting to do the same to her bare feet. I gave her the nod to begin pulling the long socks down her legs, which once again, I photographed non-stop. Talk about a tease!

Once those feet were free, I had to rub them. They were soaked. I didn't care who walked by at the time. Alice's feet are beautiful, so the only thing they should have felt is jealousy. Being able to rub them is such a privilege and one I should spend a little more time thanking her for.

After a while I had to let go of Alice's lovely feet and pick the camera back up. After all, I'm sure you all wanted some barefoot shots from this set, right? So I did my duty and shot a bunch more shots before we wrapped things up with a matching video clip.

As we packed up our things, I knew I had probably shot the best Wu's Feet Links feature set I've done to do date. That's saying a lot as I've always went all out for all of my features, but this one I felt was going to be amazing the entire time while shooting. When Alice and I got back to the car, we looked over the shots and it only confirmed it even more. Of course Alice was the one cycling through the photos. I was giving those size 11's another massage like they so deserve!

"This is my favorite set that I've ever done," Alice said.

That's a statement I echo. Alice really brought it on that day as a whole, getting things kicked off in such a big way. If you're interested in finding out how the rest of the day went, check out the August 8, 2016 blog, "Sunday's Shoot - Alice." There you will be able to see samples from a few other amazing sets we did that day - some of which have been published to the site, and some which have not.

Alice's socks, feet, & skates were all so moist from sweat. It was a hot day, made even hotter!

This concludes the Wu's Feet Links Feature History series for now. I'm still thinking about who I will ask to be the 2018 feature model. Any suggestions?

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