Monday's Shoot - Alice

It's been a couple of months since I've last had Alice in front of my camera. Since her 2015 debut, during the spring, summer, and fall months, that's not how things happen. She's always one to shoot regularly and as often as possible. Sometimes life, however, happens and we find ourselves busy. Well, I'm happy to say that Alice and I were able to meet up for a couple of quick sets and a much needed foot massage yesterday.

Monday's shoot wasn't even on my calendar until the day before. Alice and I were texting one another and she inquired about some dates this coming week. I told her they were already taken with other plans, so then she asked about Monday. I told her I also had plans that day, but I not until 3 p.m. She said she had to be at work at 4 p.m. anyhow, so if I was free, she'd be up for doing a couple of shoots earlier on. I said something along the lines of "Hell yeah!" and that was how it all came about. I had no idea what we'd shoot, or where we'd shoot it. I just knew that I was happy to be having her big size 11's before me in 24 hours.

Jumping forward to Monday, I picked up Alice around noon and we stopped for our regular McDonald's run. I honestly think she's got a McDonald's fetish! I gave her the choice of a few places and that's what she went with. I think we've stopped at a McDonald's on almost half her shoots, if not more, including that very first one where she had some burgers and nuggets in her set (see blog: "Monday's Shoot - Alice").

Once we finished up eating, we decided to head to a park. It was a rather large park with lots of ball fields, picnic areas, playgrounds, and a stream surrounding most of it. I figured finding two spots to shoot there would come pretty easy. It did.

I couldn't wait to bury my nose into those warm shoes and Alice's moist feet.

The first spot we decided to use was a simple staircase. The stairs led from the parking lot up to the ball fields. I thought the railing would give some nice views of Alice's feet when propped up. I turned out to be right, even though we had to make sure Alice's "meow" was kept hidden since she was wearing a skirt. You really have to watch out for "kitties" sometimes. They're so cute and I like to make them purr, but no matter how many times you tell them no, they just do what they want! So Alice did her best to keep her "kitty" out of view. And yes, the puns here are just horrible! Moving on...

My favorite part of this shoot was the fact that Alice wore these shoes, without socks, the entire time we were together up until now. She had them on a little while before I picked her up too. Knowing how much Alice's feet sweat, I couldn't wait to be treated to those big damp soles and long toes. A little teasing was in order first.

I had Alice slowly remove both shoes at the same time in this set. Usually I have a model kick off one and then the other shoe. This time, both were slowly tugged from heel to toes together - at least in the beginning. Seeing both of her heels out and knowing what awaited inside was just great. I couldn't wait!

Once Alice had her shoes fully off her large feet, I gave them the shortest massage ever. It was more like a brushing of my hands. I told her it was my turn to tease and she'd get a better one later. She groaned in disappointment, but I smirked at her dismay. A few minutes later, I went to massage them again, and once more only gave her just a slight touch. She was eager now, but I made her wait until the first set was over.

When we had the set and clip finished, we went up the steps to a small area where Alice could sit down. She took a few photos, and then a video, of me down at her feet. Some of you might have already seen the video Alice posted of me with her feet on her Instagram (@Alice__Elevens). She has yet to send me the pictures, as I wanted to put up a few to the Soles of Silk account too (@SolesofSilk).

I'll tell you what, it was so fun being down at Alice's feet out in public. There wasn't a lot of people in the area, but I kind of wished there had been. A lot of models get embarrassed by having their sweaty feet in my face, especially with me intent on sniffing them, but not Alice. Nope. Alice enjoys it and takes pride in my love of her feet - even when moist and smelly, maybe even especially when they're like that. Of course, that's when I love them the most too, so I'm loving life when I get that chance. Might have to do this again where a few people can look on! What do you think, Alice?

After enjoying her feet with my nose I gave them the pampering they deserved. I rubbed them up and down, which is a lot of area to cover with size 11's. I love that about her feet though. So much more foot to run my hands over and the spaces between her toes are just great to lose my fingers between. Sadly, however, the massage couldn't last like the one I gave Melani two weeks ago (see blog: "Friday's Shoot - Melani"), lasting over an hour. We had to finish up so I wouldn't be late for my other plans, or Alice for work. If that had not been the case, I would have pampered her feet MUCH MUCH MORE!

Alice made a quick outfit change in my car and we looked for our next spot to shoot. I considered a picnic area, but we ultimately went down the trail to the creek below. The area looked nice, but it was a little on the darker side. Still, we made things work, but it wasn't easy.

Alice told me she was going to stick her feet up and out at me. I was like, "OK!!!!"

This location had some really steep grounding for me to stand. Some of the ground had also eroded away, so it wasn't the most compact and I was worried I might trip, if not careful. I put Alice up on an old crumbling landing area where a bridge once crossed the creek. That bridge is long gone, but the concrete areas on each bank still remained.

As we shot this set we heard faint hints of thunder off in the distance. The forecast had been changing in the days prior, but it said the rain was no longer in the region. Well, I guess they were wrong. We tried our best to get done quickly, but the worst it did was spit a little bit. Nothing really came down on us underneath all those trees. Still, at the time, we didn't know so we moved as fast as we could.

With this second set wrapped up, Alice and I made a long walk up the steep trail to my car. We were both sweating and all I could think of is, "Why didn't I have her walk some trails in her Converse first?" That would of been heavenly to pull her shoes off like that! I can't imagine how moist they would have been! Maybe next time?

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