11 Fun Facts - All About Alice

Alice is this month's feature model on Wu's Feet Links.

To coincide with Alice's July 2017 Wu's Feet Links feature model gallery, "The SK8R Gal Who Wears Size 11 Skates," I have done a special Fun Facts blog focused solely on two of the biggest soles found on Soles of Silk. And just because those captivating feet are a whopping size 11, instead of the customary 10 random facts, I made it 11. I also made each fact based off of the number itself! Here they are:

Although not the first set on the site, this was the first set Alice shot in 2015.

1. One set. It took me all of one set to realize that I had a brand new model on my hands that I would love to shoot time and time again. It wasn't the warmest of days, but Alice shot a set along the water back in the spring of 2015 and I just loved being before her big, size 11 feet for the first time. From there we went on to do another set that is talked about below (#8, to be exact) and it became even more evident. Since then, she has gone on to model for 11 sets that first year, followed by 11 more the second. No model in the site's history has shot that many sets in her first two years. And so far this year she's already shot seven new ones!

2. Two for her debut two years ago. On May 6, 2015 Alice debuted her gorgeous size 11 feet for the first time. As I stated above, she hasn't looked back since!

Three for third. Alice is the third model to pose for Soles of Silk with size 11 feet. The two models who came before her were Molly and Bridgette - neither of which are actively modeling for the site today.

Alice once again, using scissors to send fellas a message.

4. Four sets were done at the beach on the day her 2017 Wu's Feet Links feature set. The first was the roller skate feature. The second (above), the Fourth of July, hot dog size tease set. The third, a shark bite themed set in the surf (coming to the site this week). And the final set, her wearing a T-shirt that read "Eat Me" while she got soaked in the Atlantic Ocean. For more information on these sets, be sure to check out the blog I wrote on the day after these amazing sets, "Sunday's Shoot - Alice."

Sounds yummy to me!

5. Five ingredients. Five ingredients are listed on Alice's "Eat Me" shirt that she wore at the beach. Those ingredients are: Carbohydrates 0 gm, Calories 0 gm, Fat 0 gm, Sugars 0 gm, and Wetness 100%. I don't know about you, but that sure does sound tasty! And Alice fell in love with this shirt and practically insisted I get it for one of her sets. She's so fun... and apparently wet! Yummy!

Alice introduced me to Leah and I immediately saw how fun they were together.

6. Six, as in Leah's size 6's. Leah was the second model Alice modeled with in a set. Leah was introduced to me by Alice and the two did a snowbunny Easter spin-off set that was one of the craziest two model sets I've done in some time. They were both licking each other's feet, eating the chocolates that were shoved between the other's toes. They then followed that set up on the same day by pulling off some over the knee socks at a local track where people looked on and wondered what the hell we were doing. All that being said, Leah was the second model to shoot with Alice, not the first. The first is found next, at number 7.

Talk about a size difference!

7. Seven, as in Camille's size 7's. Camille was the first model Alice modeled with in a set. It was truly amazing seeing her size 11 feet right beside Camille's smaller size 7's. Many of you ask for size compare shots and you can't go wrong when doing it with someone's feet as big as Alice's. Alice and I aim to keep this tradition going, pairing her with other models from the site. As you just read, Leah continued said trend, with feet even smaller than Camille's. Then Mindee did a set with size 8 feet next to Alice's during Part 5 of the Suite Feet Series back in May.

Alice has said numerous times that this is still one of her favorite sets she's ever done.

Eight chicken nuggets - two 4-pieces to be exact. This was the number of chicken nuggets Alice had at her disposal in one of her first ever sets. The set featured a fast food theme and saw some of those chicken nuggets between those long toes. I was lucky enough to eat a couple after they had been there too. The set itself, was an ode to a fellow foot fetish model we both adore, Whitney Morgan. I had showed Alice a shot of Whitney enjoying a McDonald's cheeseburger inside a car. We both loved it and decided to emulate the shot and do a little set carrying the theme.

9. Nine sets. The number of solo sets Alice modeled for in her first year shooting for Soles of Silk. She also did two sets with Camille, for a grand total of 11, but I have something else I want to say for fact number 11. So solo sets for number nine it is!

10. Ten, for size 10. Size 10 the most commonly given answer to the question, "In your opinion, what shoe size is the minimum to be considered 'big?'" when I interviewed six Wu's Feet Links Forum members for the column titled, "Bigger Feet = More! And More is Better..." This column told Alice's story about discovering just how sexy, and powerful, her feet are to many foot fetishists - something she discovered by modeling for Soles of Silk. Those six forum member interviews were featured in their entirety in another blog titled, "Big Female Feet Preference - The Interviews."

During our last shoot, Alice spoiled me with letting me to sniff her moist, sweaty feet & shoes.

11. How easy is this one? Eleven as in size 11. Although not my first model with size 11 feet, Alice's feet have easily captivated me like no other model with large feet ever has. I can't even describe how giddy I get when those tall, slender soles, and long toes are before me. I'm always in awe. This admiration for Alice is what led me to feature her on the Wu's Feet Links Interviews Blog back in 2016. She answered a good many questions about her having big feet and how shooting for me has opened her eyes to just how beautiful they truly are - something she didn't see until 2015. Be sure to give Alice's Interview a read, if you haven't already.

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