Sunday's Shoot - Mandy

Sometimes you can overly plan, think you have everything laid out perfectly, and then it just doesn't work out. Luckily that doesn't always mean everything comes crashing down on the day, however. Today was one of those days.

For months I've been chatting with Mandy about getting back together for some more photos. She had only posed for the single set in 2013, when she debuted. It was very hot that day and we got delayed by a mother and child who wanted to hang out right where we were taking photos. Well, the same thing happened a few times on Sunday too, but more on that later.

Where things went wrong today began when I picked up Mandy from her house. I forgot to grab a bag full of knee high socks that we intended to use in one of her sets. I actually thought I might have left them in Charlee's car last week when she did two sets (see blog: "Sunday's Shoot - Charlee"). I called her and she said I didn't, so it was back home for me. Before I made my way back, however, I dropped Mandy off to get her pedicure. I picked out a metallic blue for her toes and then went back for the socks.

Mandy's pedicure took a bit more time than I had planned for, but the lady eventually finished up so we could get out on the road. But first things first, this guy wanted to eat. So eat we did.

Once we finished, we did our hour drive to the locations I had picked out. This is when we hit another snag. My plan was to use some blue tennis courts I had seen during a past shoot in the park. Of course, people were all over them with it being such a nice day. We decided to try again later and move on to another one of our shoot ideas - Cuban heel stockings.

Snag number three saw the stockings not working out with Mandy's outfits. It would just be a barefoot kind of day. Both of my planned ideas would have to be put on hold, but that's fine. That's why I asked Mandy to bring some other outfits just in case things didn't go as planned. It just happens sometimes. And then I decided to make a splash... literally.

When we went back to my car I forgot about the 32 oz. Mountain Dew I left on my seat. It was too big for my cup holders and yeah... I knocked it over and spilled about half the cup all over the driver's seat. I'm glad I brought a towel too. I usually never spill anything. Talk about a Bizarro day!

After finding a place to park and settling on a small park out in front of the town's city hall, we began shooting. There was a water fountain in the middle of a circle of benches and we were all alone. Well, we were all alone for about a dozen photos. That's when a mother and child arrived. Yes, it happened again. They didn't bother us though and were gone fairly quickly. But as they were leaving, four older people came by with some printed materials. It looked like they were on a scavenger hunt of some kind and were reading a small plaque in the sidewalk. And read it they did! They stayed right behind the spot I was shooting Mandy for about half an hour. This must have been some interesting plaque!

Eventually they left and I told Mandy to stick her feet out and just pose them in any manner which came to mind. I fired off photo after photo to make up for the lost time. No one else came by for more than a few seconds, so we got in our set and went back to the car.

Since I parked back by the tennis courts we saw that there was even more people there at this point. So the awesome idea we had for that location would just have to wait. It's the one the knee high socks were going to be used in. Oh well, Mandy grabbed another pair of clothes instead and told me to figure out another spot. Mandy then did what many girls do so well and changed right in my car.

Our second, and last set on the day would be shot in the city's canal district. I have used it in the past with the likes of Wendy, Abby, and Jasey Rae, but Mandy and I went further down the canal. The crowds were much more sparse down where we picked.

Mandy sat up on the stone wall bordering the canal and we began her set. Of course we got about a dozen photos in again and a few kids came by to look at the ducks and fish in the water below. One girl literally walked right up and stood next to Mandy's feet - I'm talking only a few inches away. So yes, we had to stop again.

It became a running joke all day that whenever Mandy and I shoot people just flock around us. Does it happen with my other models, yes, but as much and for as long as Mandy's shoots? Not really. Guess that happens when you pick tourist-heavy locations.

The kids would eventually leave and we went back to shooting. Once again I had her stick her feet out and I just snapped countless shots as she moved her feet into various poses. It rounded out the set to the number of photos I wanted and then we decided to wrap up - well, the shoot that is.

In the weeks leading up to the shoot Mandy promised I'd get to give her a foot rub for my birthday. I already told her I was jealous that she had gotten one from the lady at the nail salon first, but I was holding her to our agreement. She laughed, but did just that. She looked over her photos and I gave her feet some more pampering before we decided to head back home.

Although neither set we planned was done, we will keep the ideas on the back burner - they're too good not to. I told Mandy we certainly have to find some more time to shoot again this summer and she agreed.