Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sunday's Shoot - Charlee

Today was set to be a good day. Charlee and I scheduled a photo shoot, she told me she needed her feet rubbed, and we were going to spend the rest of the day at Six Flags America. So I was set to enjoy two of my most favorite things in the world today - women's feet and roller coasters. Well, one out of two isn't bad. More on that at the conclusion of this blog.

Charlee picked me up as she wanted to drive. We decided to plan our shoots at locations down around the amusement park so we could just drive right over and hit up the rides.

The first location was at a Metro Rail station. This particular station had a unique piece of art at the entrance that I had been eyeing up on Google Earth when I planned this, but we quickly found there was really no spot to pose other than on the ground. Since Charlee was wearing a dress and pantyhose in this set (first time doing a stocking set), we decided to look around for a Plan B.

We looked onto the train station itself, but surprisingly there were no benches on the platform. It's a shame too as the station would have made for an even better setting. So Plan C it was.

Plan C took us to the bus loop out front. There were numerous benches, all for different buses. We picked one of the ones that had better lighting and got to shooting.

Since this was Charlee's first set in stockings, I couldn't wait to shoot this one. I brought several pairs with me, but she had a few pairs of her own. The one she decided to use was one of hers and was more decorative than I'm used to using - so that worked out nicely.

Charlee started the set off on the bench inside the stop. Oddly, the benches all leaned forward and even I was sliding off of it trying to shoot. We shot a bunch of photos and then tried some other spots around the stop as well.

I had Charlee stick her feet on the glass and then we moved outside next to the stop markers. She posed all around and I got some amazing sole shots like the one previewed above.

We made our way back to the bench for the clip once the photos were done. Charlee told me she'd be fine to sit on the slanted bench and kick off her heels, but wouldn't you know it, she began to slide off in middle of the clip. I promised her I'd edit it out. I should really save stuff like this for a little bloopers video.

Once we were done we took a lunch break and then got back on the road for our second set. This one was to be with knee high socks as many people have been requesting them lately. I too, seem to have an immense love for them these days, so it works out well.

The location I picked was a high school local to the area. They had a large track with stands on both sides. When we arrived, however, fences to all of the courts were padlocked. As we got closer to the gate for the track, we saw it was padlocked, but not locked. We pulled that gate open and walked on in. Hey, if they left it unlocked, as far as I was concerned, it was open.

By this time of the day it was humid! The sun was hitting us hard, which resulted in me getting a sunburn. But this made the set even better as Charlee now would be showing off her hot, damp feet once those socks were pulled off.

This second set just flew by. Charlee started off in the socks and before I knew it, we were about 30 photos into the set and her socks weren't even all the way off. I mentioned it to Charlee and she didn't feel like we had shot so many already. I wasn't complaining since it was so damn hot outside. We were moving right along.

At the end of the set I had Charlee pose for a final few bare feet shots, which came out quite nice. But for the video clip she pulled the socks back on and then tugged them off once more - this time captured in motion.

Now that we were done the two planned sets, the last great moment of the day was set to begin. Charlee had been after me for days for a foot rub. Hell, the morning of our shoot she told me I'd be giving her not one, not two, but at least three foot rubs on the day. It was now time for one of them.

We went back to her car to enjoy the air conditioning and allow her view the pictures on camera. I pulled out a bottle of lotion and began to work her slender soles. A friend of hers texted her and asked what she was up to. She replied that she just did a shoot and was getting her feet rubbed. Her friend asked if she was "for real," so Charlee showed her a photo of the foot rub. Guess Charlee likes showing people when I'm pampering her feet. At least there was no boyfriend this time to get the accidental text message like last time! (see the 2013 blog: "Today's Shoot - Charlee") 

And now for the bad...

Charlee drove us to Six Flags America and we made our way to the main gate. I am a season pass holder, so I get in for free. Charlee, however, I was giving one of my discount coupons to from my membership. 

When we tried to figure out where to go to pick up the coupon, we were given a run around and attitude by the employees working out front. They had lines for several different things, like buying tickets, guest services, and season pass registration all converging into one big, well, cluster fuck! No one was waiting in the correct lines, people had no idea where they were going. Best of all, when we tried to get assistance from someone in the ticket booth, another employee accused us of butting in line. All we wanted to know was where to go stand in line.

At this point I was so mad. I told Charlee let's just leave. I go to countless amusement parks every year and this was just outrageously unorganized and unprofessional. So our day ended early and the foot rub I promised Charlee inside the amusement park later in the day will have to wait. Oh well, I told her I'll take her to Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey instead. She's always wanted to go and plus, it's a much better park.

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