Monday, August 19, 2013

Monday's Shoot - Abby

The last two days of photography had an interesting dichotomy when it came to foot fetish pictures. Yesterday saw the introduction of the site's newest model, Ashlyn. And today's shoot was with the model who first posed in front of my old 35mm years ago, Abby. When I realized this whole rookie/veteran aspect I tweeted (@SolesofSilk): 

"Had a great day yesterday with my newest model Ashlyn. Today I get to have another great day with my original model, Abby!"

Today was also the first time this year I've been able to shoot with Abby. The set theme, however, was promised to her over a year ago. Each year I do a Ravens themed set and around the time I shot Olivia's Fantasy Football set (Sample 01 / Sample 02) last summer, Abby expressed a desire to do one. I told it was hers if she wanted it and she reserved it right then.

The day started off with me running out to a sports memorabilia store to pick up a few extra items for the shoot. Our original plan was to shoot out on the turf at a local college, but we had to stick to the stands on the sideline instead. A girls soccer practice was taking place when we arrived and we had no idea how long they'd be.

Abby playing with her black socks in the stands.

Once we were situated Abby pulled on the black and purple knee high socks I picked up especially for the set. I've had some people asking for knee highs and thought this set would be perfect. I also liked that they were black and not your typical white ones with color stripes.

Starting off Abby began showing off those sock clad feet, which is a first for her on the site. Yes, when this set goes up, Abby will move past the 1,000 photo mark and this is her first time doing a sock set. Keeping that in mind, we took quite a few shots with the socks on as well as one with her doing sock removal/play.

Eventually Abby would go on to remove the socks and bare those wrinkled soles she is known for. It's been a year since I've seen them in person and they were as soft and cute as ever. And with her royal purple nail polish, her toes looked perfect next to the various props I picked up at the store.

By the end of the set we had shot a fair amount of shots and decided to do Abby's favorite thing - a video clip. Abby and Olivia are the two girls who seem to dislike being filmed the most. Funny how they were the last two to appear in football sets. Abby was a trooper though and did a cute little sock removal video.

Having wrapped up the set we decided to go grab a bite to eat and holding off doing more sets for another day. It was really cloudy (as it was the day before with Ashlyn), so we thought it might rain. Of course it never did though. Nevertheless, we're going to figure out another day before it gets cold to do at least one more set.

It's always good getting Abby on camera. And as I said above, she will be joining the site's 1K Club when this set is posted in a couple of weeks. Be on the lookout for her upcoming Footgraphy when that happens. Until then, enjoy the preview shot above.

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