Sunday's Shoot - Olivia

For the entire spring and summer I have been after Olivia to schedule some shoot time with me. When I tossed out the idea for us to go to Cape May, NJ several months ago, she was all for it. We set the date for a Sunday in July, but had something come up, so we ended up rescheduling to Sunday, August 25. Well, August 25 was yesterday and Olivia and I were able to meet up this time and got in three sets - all in very scenic locations.

Our day began around 7 a.m. and after a quick stop for breakfast we were on our way. I wanted to get to Cape May around 10 a.m. so we wouldn't be rushed. I also wanted to make use of the best sun light possible. 

When we pulled into the parking lot at Cape May Point State Park, I was very happy to see most of the parking lot was empty. Being a tourist heavy location, I was hoping that we wouldn't be surrounded by hundreds of people. This was also a factor in me wanting to arrive early.

One thing I've learned over the last few years with public shoots is to use a location if/when you see people are scarce. With this knowledge I told Olivia that I wanted to go ahead and use the lighthouse in the background first. Olivia went over all the clothes she brought with her and I just blanked out - as always. Every time I suggest an outfit the girls tell me they think something will work better anyhow. I just told Olivia that I trust her judgement and pick out whatever she thinks would look best.

After Olivia changed in the nearby bathrooms that featured signs reading, "No changing in the bathroom," we looked around for the ideal spots. There was a line of benches out in the driving circle with no one around. These benches would put the lighthouse right behind Olivia, so that's where we went.

Olivia's soles in front of the Cape May Lighthouse

This first set started off with Olivia in her flip flops. Since they had white straps and she was wearing white shorts, I thought they went well together. Plus, flip flops at the beach totally makes sense!

One thing that was apparent right away in this first set was that Olivia's bright pink pedicure was going to very visible in all of her photo sets for the day. I loved her choice of color. It really did stand out.

We did most of the photos in this set from one bench. Eventually we did move to another one half way across the parking circle as it faced a different direction. I wanted to try some with her legs draped over the back and this bench would still allow the lighthouse to be seen easily.

With the first set complete we walked back over to the car and Olivia picked out her next outfit. For the second time Olivia broke the rules and changed in the bathroom. We put her bag of clothes back in the car and headed to the nature trails.

Upon entering we were eyeing up possible shoot locations. The walk itself was a mini-boardwalk going over marshlands. Every so often you'd find a bench. The background was beautiful, but we had just shot an entire set on benches, so we decided to keep walking. A few minutes later we found the bird blind.

Olivia showing her soles at the bird blind

This area was for birdwatchers and featured a little hut on the water where you could watch the birds and not scare them. Not interested in the birds, we found the area perfect for foot photos (and a few artistic ones) instead.

We encountered a few people walking into our area this time around. With only one small walkway in and out, we stopped a few times for people to enjoy the park as well. No one stayed too long, however, so we went back to shooting within minutes.

The flowers, wooden walkway, and water all ended up making for a great setting in both our foot pictures and a number of artistic photos too. Once we had enough shots done, it was onto the third location.

Yet again we made the trip to the car and the bathrooms. This time Olivia changed into a bikini that I bought her months prior. Now she was a three time rule breaker!

When my rebel model was ready, we made our way out onto the beach. I had been eyeing up an old World War II bunker I had found on Google Earth. This dilapidated cement structure looked like it might be promising for at the very least, some artistic pictures. I wasn't sure how accessible the spot would be for foot centered poses.

As we grew closer to the bunker I told Olivia that we might only be shooting some artistic shots here. I didn't see much to interact with and quite a few "keep off" signs. With regular park rangers patrolling the beach, I didn't want to be chased off.

An artistic shot at the WWII Bunker in Cape May

We did about 30 poses of Olivia standing against the wall facing the beach and then decided to move to the next potential location - the S.S. Atlantus, about a mile away at Sunset Beach. I told Olivia to just keep the bikini on and we'd use it there instead.

After walking back to the parking lot we made the short drive to Sunset Beach and boy was it packed! A lot of people like to frequent the beach for the amazing sunsets, but since it was only slightly past noon, they were there for the S.S. Atlantus - a prototype cement boat that sunk off the coast of New Jersey for many decades ago.

As much as we wanted to use this location, we decided it best to move on. There would be nowhere to sit down and shoot with the jetty even occupied with fishermen. I was kind of bummed, but knew it would be a pain in the ass to try and force this set.

Still in the car, I set my GPS for Ocean City, NJ where I had found another interesting beach location the night before - also on Google Earth. We had a 30 mile drive ahead, so we said bye to Cape May with only two foot fetish sets in the books.

About 30 minutes later we pulled into Ocean City and made our way to the southern end of the beach. It took forever to find parking, but once we found it, we made our way onto the beach. I'm glad I found this spot the night before as a back up plan or for an extra set. Looks like we needed it.

Olivia posing in front of the pier wreckage

This location featured a large rock jetty in front of a ruined pier. I don't know how long this pier wreckage has been standing, but I loved how the tall wooden supports stuck up out of the water.

The one side of the jetty was overly crowded, but the other was bare. It was also the side where the water would wash up. It made the rocks a little slimy, but we made due.

We were able to get a lot of great shots here with wet soles, and of course, sandy feet. We also shot a video clip where Olivia was in the surf by the jetty. And although she practically got knocked over by a small wave at one point, the clip still showed off those beach feet perfectly. 

Once this set was finished we decided to finally go eat and then call it a day. I had wanted to do four sets, but was happy with the three we were able to get in. Olivia had to work in the morning and I had plans to go to an amusement park the next day. Neither of us wanted to be out too late.

Olivia and I have another date planned in September where we're looking to get in another set, so I'll be seeing those slender soles of hers again in less than a month. Even though I just saw them all day yesterday, I can't wait to see them again.