Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday's Shoot - Charlee

This summer has been packed with shoots. I've managed to add two new models to the site in Mandy and Rachel, but I've also made sure my regulars have gotten in front of the camera too. Today, however, marked the first time this year that I've had Charlee posing for Soles of Silk.

As you know, Charlee recently joined a select few on the site in the 1K Club (1,000 or more photos). I wrote a blog about the accolade on July 12 titled, "1K Club - Charlee's Footgraphy," that details all the sets shot up until that point. Without rehashing the blog too much, there are still two more older sets left to post from last summer, but both Charlee and I were eager to do some new photos.

Our day started off with the both of us rolling out of bed and admitting that we needed a few more minutes via text message. I was so damn comfy and told her that her feet were enough reason to get up, but I'd go right back to sleep otherwise. She called me a goof, like she's done many times in the past, and we both got ready.

I met Charlee about an hour later and we made a quick stop to get her a polish change. She went with something different than she's used to, and we both really liked it. The color was a metallic black/dark gray that worked well with her skin tone. I waited up front for Charlee to get painted up and then we were on our way.

My location of choice for today's sets once again were found on Google Earth. I saw a couple interesting spots along a waterway that also included a nature preserve. But this time around, Google Earth didn't do the area justice. What looked like a couple of good locations ended up being countless good locations. We could have easily shot five or six sets in the same general area without having to walk much at all. It was truly better than I expected. Charlee loved it too, giving me kudos for always finding neat spots for shoots.

Charlee showing her soles in the nature preserve.

The first set we shot was inside the nature preserve. I wasn't sure if that area would close earlier than the surrounding park, so that's where we began. After a short topple off the boardwalk area (sorry Charlee, had to share that), we were underway.

The nature preserve featured a long circular boardwalk through a section of wetlands. We made our way from spot to spot shooting some great shots that included Charlee in her colorful sandals and of course, barefoot. It had been too long since I've seen her showing off her creamy soles.

With our first set finished we went back to the car and Charlee got changed for her second set. We had been eyeing up some bridges and train tracks earlier that were located right by the nature preserve entrance. I thought it gave a nice contrast to the scenery we just finished using and Charlee agreed.

Charlee presses her feet on the fence of the staircase.

This set also ended up featuring Charlee in some cute sandals - something I wasn't planning on using at first. After snapping a few photos and realizing she still had them on, we kept them in the set. With their metallic shine, I thought they only added to the set.

This set we had a handful of people passing by. It wasn't bad by any means, but we did find ourselves starting and stopping here and there. We kept up a good pace nevertheless and moved from the top of the bridge to a staircase. Now I generally tend not to like staircase locations because I run out of pose ideas for them. This area just had so much for Charlee to interact with, however, and I honestly think it might be the best set I've done using stairs.

Once we finished up the second location Charlee changed again. She picked out a dress for the third location - an area smack dab in the middle of the parking circle. It's hard to describe the area accurately, but it featured natural stones laid around to make benches and walkways. There was an artificial tree with some kind of smoke stacks coming out. I don't know much about the area, but I believe there is some kind of ode to the area's industrial history in its design.

Charlee with her feet on the rocks.

At this point the sun was not directly overhead and we only had certain angles that we could effectively use. We did try, however, to go under the tree for some shots even though it was in the shade. It looked too neat to just ignore it. Although it wasn't as well lit, those were some interesting shots nonetheless.

Our day was over at this point, minus one thing. That one thing was a foot massage that I had promised Charlee weeks ago when we made plans to shoot. She held me to that promise too and I got to spend some time giving a great friend/model a nice long foot rub. Couldn't have asked for a better day.

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