Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Monday's Shoot - Ryan

I feel like the title of this blog has been used before. Oh wait, it has! Two other times, as a matter of fact. With the move to this blog from the site's former columns section, I've made sure to blog about each and every shoot I've done. Earlier in the year I also stated that I really wanted to do more photos with Ryan than we did in 2012. Well, it looks like I've succeeded with my task. This dark haired beauty posed for three more sets today in Georgetown, Washington, D.C.

In the weeks leading up to today's shoot I had been looking around on Google Earth for some unique settings to use. We originally planned on doing four sets, so I found several spots all around Georgetown. Today, however, we ran into a couple of roadblocks and changed up our plans.

The first location I had wanted to use was a series of water fountains in the Georgetown Waterfront Park. I anticipated that there would be people here, but from some distance away we could see that the area was packed. We kept walking and it was just too crowded to use. None of the benches were open and there were families everywhere. We decided to skip it and check it out later to see if the crowd had dispersed.

Ryan seated in the middle of the labyrinth.

Not wanting to wear the outfit she was going to use in the fountains, we did a quick stop for Ryan to change. Afterward we went to the second location in the park - a labyrinth. A few people trying to find their way through when we arrived, but they were on their way pretty quick.

Luckily for us the ground wasn't too hot and Ryan began posing in the midst of this green maze. Since ground photos don't lend themselves well to a variation of poses, however, we moved to some nearby benches. You could still see the labyrinth in the background, but I moved around Ryan quite a bit to focus right on those size 8 feet instead. I'm sure most of you would rather get lost in her toes and soles than the labyrinth anyhow.

Once finished we made our way toward the canals we had passed over earlier walking to the fountains and labyrinth. I had planned on using the canals in a set as I liked the old style industrial look to the buildings. Needing to change before the set, Ryan and I began looking for a place to stop. We made our way up a few streets and then I realized that we were close to a third location we had decided earlier in the day to save for another time. Without giving away the spot, we're going back to shoot it with a holiday theme in mind. That's all I'm say for now because we want to keep it a surprise.

During our walk we managed to finally find a place that didn't smell like death (gas station bathroom) for Ryan to change. Once she was finished we made our way back to the canals.

Ryan laying along a water fountain by some shops.

Instead of sticking to just one spot on the canals we shot all up and down the length of the waterway - which ran for blocks. We started on a bridge and then moved to a wall along one of the buildings. At this point a family came and literally sat right on the same wall we were using. It wasn't a large wall so they were literally like 10 feet away at the most. We decided to move along.

Walking down the canal for a few blocks we came upon another bridge. Since it looked different than the bridge we just used, we shot on it too. After a few shots we went down under the bridge and Ryan sat on the ledge of the canal. Here we took a handful of shots as it was a little more secluded and was lending itself to some good angles and poses.

Wanting to go further down the canal we made our way across the bridge and after a few blocks found some closed down shops. The shops had stairs that put us a good height above the water below. No one was around so we went with it.

After the stairs we moved one last time to another shopping area by the canals. These shops featured an interesting little water fountain. We lucked out again with no one around and shot the remainder of the set here.

With the second set in the books it was time to figure out where we wanted to do a third set. The original plan was to go back down to the waterfront area and find something. Ryan posed the idea of shooting the Old Stone House Garden Park right by our parking lot. I said we'll check it on on the way back to the car. When we saw that the park was open until 6 p.m. and it was just before 5 p.m. we decided to go with it.

Ryan posing in the garden.

What was probably the simplest of places turned out to be quite nice. There was no one else in the park, so we didn't have to worry about others - well, at least not in the beginning.

Since Ryan had worn flip flops to walk around in all day I insisted on cleaning up her feet with some sanitizer and lotions before we began. Leaning back in the corner of the bench, Ryan said, "That feels nice. I could just fall asleep."

I continued to rub Ryan's deep arched feet for about 20 minutes. It probably would have been longer had the park not been closing at 6 p.m. I reluctantly let Ryan's feet go and we began the third and final shoot.

The park featured a few benches, some stone stairs, and tons of colorful flowers. We moved around to a few locations and got in our photos rather quickly. As we were finishing up though, people began coming in and wandering around. The area itself is small and is only the backyard to an old stone house. Since we had done enough photos for the site I had Ryan go back to a shed in the back corner of the park and do some artistic shots. She loves posing for these whenever we can get them in. To be honest, I need to do some more non-foot fetish stuff with her too. She's such a great model. This is the first time I've shared one of the non-foot fetish shots here in the blogs too. I hope you enjoy it.

An artistic shot of Ryan after our 3rd shoot.

With the traffic in and around Washington, D.C. at 6 p.m. horrible at best, we stuck around town for a while and grabbed a bite to eat. While we were waiting for our food, Ryan showed me an Instagram photo a friend of hers took her feet at the beach. She showed me this photo because she knows I find this girl to be really cute and had said in the past I'd love for her to model for me. This is when Ryan sent her a message telling her about the site and gave her my contact information. Hopefully I'll have yet another newbie making a debut soon. Guess I owe Ryan some more foot rubs for recruiting talent, huh?

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