Soles of Silk F.A.Q. - How/When Sets are Posted

It is time to start yet another little series on the site's blog. In attempts to try and answer some of the more popular questions that I'm often asked, I'm going to periodically tackle them in Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) blogs. To kick off the series, I'm going to answer a question I've been getting quite often lately with the abundance of all the "Today's Shoot" blogs that have been added to the site.

Frequently Asked Question: How do you determine which sets go up and when?

The above question is often posed to me in numerous ways. Most often it is posed in a way as to ask when someone's favorite model will be making her next appearance. There is no simple answer to this question, however, as many factors are often involved. The following list is what I take into account when posting sets onto the site. They're not strict guidelines by any means, but things that I think about when picking what sets will be going up:

  1. Is there a model making her debut?
  2. What model hasn't been posted recently?
  3. What models have shot a lot sets that aren't yet posted?
  4. How hard is a particular model to schedule shoots with?
  5. What themes have I recently posted?
  6. Is there a holiday or special theme coming up?
  7. Who have people been asking to see posted?

Criteria #1: Is there a model making her debut?

Whenever I have a new model making a debut I like to add them to the site as soon as possible - as was the case with the recent additions of Mandy and Rachel DD. There have been only a handful of exceptions to this happening over the years, so you can pretty much count on any new model being added to the site quickly.

Criteria #2: What model hasn't been posted recently?

Another recent updates you may have noticed was the return of both Marcy and Kelsey to the site. Being both hadn't posed for several years, I wanted to get both online as fast as possible. Marcy went up right away, but when Mandy and Rachel DD debuted, Kelsey's got bumped back.

A model need not be returning after years, however. If you look at the site this week you'll see Alaynah is teased as the next update. She hasn't been on the site since her New Year's 2013 debut (Sample 01 / Sample 02). I shot photos with her several months back, but haven't yet posted one of those sets due to all the reasons I'm covering now.

Criteria #3: What models have shot a lot sets that aren't yet posted?

In the past I've not paid attention to the number of sets I have of all the models I've shot. The reason why I now keep this in mind is so that I don't end up with a bunch of sets of a select few and none of the others. For example, right now I have 60 photo sets shot that are waiting to be posted on the site. Six of those sets feature Ryan. If I don't post them on a regular basis, then I'm going to have a ton of her sets that will all have to be posted close to one another. Basically, I need to maintain a regular posting of those who I have a lot of sets.

Criteria #4: How hard is a model to schedule shoots with?

This has been something I've paid attention to since I began shooting. If I have models who I can't shoot with regularly for whatever reason, I tend to slowly draw out their updates. If I don't then all of their sets will go up and I won't have anything with them until we're able to schedule more. This is the case with the sets I shot with the twins, Kimmie and Kellie several months ago. Both used to be regulars, but now are hard to schedule solo, let alone together. I'm trying to get both back to shoot again here before fall arrives, but regardless, you should be seeing the twins return together sooner rather than later with this set I've been holding onto.

Criteria #5: What themes have I recently posted?

This one gets tricky. With there being countless sub-genres of foot fetishism, I try to juggle what themes are going up in attempts that I don't repeat them several weeks in a row. For example, I know some people love seeing a girl step in food and some don't care for it at all. Having a few sets of this theme shot, I will try to wait some time after posting one of them to post another. Same holds true with other themes such as socks, stockings, dirty feet, and so on. Everyone likes something different and I try my best to rotate those themes when I can.

Criteria #6: Is there a holiday or special theme coming up?

I try my best to post sets for key holidays or popular events. I have to be sure to pay attention to the calendar to make sure I'm not posting the set after certain dates pass. For example, I made sure to post Mindee's and Emerald's Apple Pie set (Sample 01 / Sample 02) just in time for the Fourth of July last month. And Abby and I should be shooting this year's football themed set just in time for Week 1 as I've done for years.

Criteria #7: Who have people been asking to see posted?

Of course the models you ask to see plays a role in who I post on the site. I might think I know whose set I want to go with in the coming weeks, but then a handful of people might express a desire to see a particular model. Trying to give the fans what they want I have often squeezed in a set ahead of my original plans.

In closing I can honestly say one thing with a 100 percent accuracy when it comes to determining what sets go up and when - it sure is fun having all these great sets of my barefoot friends in which to have this dilemma. It just means I have to look through the sets each week over and over. Life is hard!