Soles of Silk Model Statuses - Part 5

In part 4 of this blog series I gave the current statuses of 15 of Soles of Silk's models. Those models were: Lauryn, Layla, Lexi, Lisa Tyler, Lizzie, Madison, Marcy, Maria, Mariah, Meagan, Mileena, Mindee, Molly, Natalie, and Nessa.
Nikki - size 7
Nikki - I currently have four sets waiting to go of Nikki. In the late summer of last year she was nice enough to give me several hours to do some sets, even though I already had three of her shot at that point. I knew fall/winter was moving in and I wanted to be sure I had lots of content of her little slender feet. You'll be seeing Nikki quite regularly in the months to come and I'm certain we'll be doing some new shots here before long.

Olivia - size 7.5
Olivia - Olivia and I have some plans to do an all day shoot once the weather is nice. We want to hit up a beach, but make use of some other neat landmarks and locations along the way. In the meantime, I still have two sets of her waiting to be posted.

Paige Noelle - size 8
Paige Noelle - I would have said Paige Noelle would have been a one and done model about a year ago, but we talked briefly over the winter about a possible return. She seemed interested at the time, so I'll have to get back to her now that the spring months are here.

Precious - size 8
Precious - I haven't shot with Precious in ages. To be quite honest, I really haven't seen her in ages either. That's how our friendship has been forever as she comes and goes and hasn't always been the easiest person to keep in touch with.

Ryan - size 8
Ryan - Why I don't have more pictures of Ryan is beyond me. I have a set of her waiting to be posted, but I work with the girl and she's also one of my best friend's roomates. We talk all the time about shoot ideas, so this year, I'm going to push to get her in front of the camera a little more often. I'm sure she won't mind and I'm sure you won't either.

Sara Swirls - size 8
Sara Swirls - It's been years since I've shot with Sara Swirls. She's still doing her thing with her website and we've talked here and there on Twitter ( @SaraSwirls). She's said she's interested in posing again, but her open times so far have been without much warning and I wasn't able to match her schedule. I'd love to see her again on the site, so I wouldn't rule it out - even though it has been ages.

Shae Spreadz - size 10
Shae Spreadz - Currently the site's newest model, Shae Spreadz, has two sets left to be posted. I'm not sure if I will get in any more with her in the near future as she lives half way across the country. I met up with her when she was passing by after talking with her quite a bit on Twitter (@ShaeSpreadzXXX). She did come back through shortly after her first trip, but I had hurt my back so we weren't able to schedule anything last minute. 

Shayna - size 7.5
Shayna - I don't really keep in contact with Shayna, although I do know how to contact her. A few years ago we talked about doing some new pictures, but just never followed through. Perhaps if we run into one another I will ask again. Just not sure if she's interested these days.

Sue Lovely - size 7.5
Sue Lovely - As far as I know, Sue Lovely is no longer modeling - at least her feet. We only shot the one time and that was prior to the site's debut. She was a launch model and although we talked a few times about shooting again, we never got to.

Taylor - size 6.5
Taylor - Only shot with this cutie the one time when she posed for a solo set and then one with Abby. I met Taylor through Abby and though she might be someone I could get in front of the camera regularly. In the years since I've reached out to her for a return and she's seemed interested numerous times. We've just never matched up well and it just slipped through the cracks over and over. Her cousin, Olivia, now poses for me, so perhaps I can use that to my advantage to get Taylor to return, maybe even do a set with Olivia.

Tiff - size 5.5
Tiff - Like Taylor, I met Tiff through Abby when they did several shoots together and solo one afternoon. Since then I've lost touch with Tiff, and I believe Abby has as well.
Tiffany - size 7.5
Tiffany - I met Tiffany through another webmaster, but only shot her one evening after I got off work. We did two sets and have since lost touch. I have no idea if she even models anywhere else, or is even modeling at all.

Wendy - size 8
Wendy - You'll be seeing a lot of Wendy in 2013 and beyond. We just seem to shoot a ton of sets all at once and we did that a handful of times last year. At this time I still have five sets of her waiting to be posted from those sets. And I'm 101 percent certain we'll meet up to do more once the spring is in full effect.

That wraps up all of the Soles of Silk models and this series. I hope this helps everyone answer some questions about their favorite models on the site. Be sure to check back here and on Soles of Silk for any update information.