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Soles of Silk Model Statuses - Part 4

In part 3 of this blog series I gave the current statuses of 15 of Soles of Silk's models. Those models were: Jamie, Jaylee Austin, Jessie, Jordana, Kat Noir, Katie, Kayleigh, Keira, Kellie, Kelsey, Kerri Taylor, Kim T., Kimmie, Krystie, and Lady Steph.

Lauryn - size 8.5
Lauryn - It's been ages since I shot the bubbly, Lauryn. She was a launch model who was semi-regular at the start. We lost touch for a bit and then she returned for a quick few sets. Although I haven't totally lost touch with her, she's a very busy girl and seemed as if she wasn't sure about posing again the last time I brought it up. Perhaps I should ask again.

Layla - size 7
Layla - Ever since Layla debuted on the site she's been a regular. Even though we hadn't shot for almost two years at one point, I had done so many sets of her that I hadn't posted, it never looked like she had gone. After losing touch, we did talk and schedule a shoot at the end of summer in 2012. I still have two of those sets to post and I really need to contact her to see if she's game for more. I love having Layla going up on a regular basis, as do many of you.

Lexi - size 7
Lexi - Years ago I did the eight hour drive north to shoot with Lexi. We only did a handful of sets on my trip, but talked about doing more. Sadly it seems like Lexi is no longer in the industry, or just laying low. I always wanted to make that return trip, but it looks like that probably won't happen.

Lisa Tyler - size 7
Lisa Tyler - Lisa Tyler was a launch model for the site and we only ever met up twice for photos. Both times we did a handful of sets. Sadly after the last time we got together (years ago), I lost her contact information on an older computer that crashed. With her own foot fetish site closing down prior, I have had no way to contact her all these years. I don't even know if she's modeling anymore. I sure wish she did as she was nice enough to pose for me when I didn't even have Soles of Silk up and running at the time. Her debut photos were a massive hit and some of my best early work for the site.

Lizzie - size 7.5
Lizzie - I met Lizzie years ago when I used to use One Model Place. We found a day to shoot and we only shot two sets. She was a lot of fun and we both said we'd like to shoot again. That never happened as her contact information no longer worked. I hoped one day that she'd contact me, but no luck.

Madison - size 8.5
Madison - By this time I really would have expected Madison to have over 3,000 photos on the site. Sadly, after doing just under 2,000, she met a new guy and seemingly forgot all of her friends. She was my most dependable model and someone I adored as a friend. Losing her was upsetting for both reasons, especially since I never got so much as a, "I'm no longer interested," or anything similar. I'd love to have her long slender soles make new appearances, but I seriously doubt she'll return at this point.

Marcy - size 8
Marcy - Arranging shoots with Marcy was never easy. She always seemed busy and then even stood me up on a few occasions. I have since told her cousin, Mindee, that I'd only schedule something with her again if Mindee was there. I think she'd be less likely to no show a shoot with Mindee around because Mindee would let her know how screwed up it is. I haven't pressed Mindee to contact her to pose as I've been plenty busy with the girls who don't stand me up. Still, I'd like to see if giving her another chance might work out. Only time will tell.

Maria - size 7.5
Maria - I met Maria one time while still working on getting Soles of Silk up and running. I met her on One Model Place and we only did two sets one evening. I have no idea if Maria still models as I haven't talked with her since 2004.

Mariah - size 5.5
Mariah - Only ever got Mariah in front of the camera for two shoots, one of which I'd lose on my laptop. Mariah is Mindee's cousin and came out to do some photos one summer day years ago. I don't have contact information for Mariah, but have sometimes mentioned her around Mindee. Perhaps I could get Mindee to gauge her interest in a return too?

Meagan - size 6.5
Meagan - I met Meagan through Chloe many years ago. The two were best friends and both modeled for me for their first sets on the same day. It would be the only day I ever got to shoot with Meagan as the two girls had a falling out and Meagan didn't really return any of my requests for future shoots.

Mileena - size 6.5
Mileena - It took me forever to get Mileena to pose for Soles of Silk, but since she has, she's been one of the site's regulars. Only having posed on three seperate occasions, Mileena and I tend to do shoots in bunches to make use of days we both have off. She's the owner of the feet I got to stare at for an entire day last summer on a trip to West Virginia. We stopped at some very unique locations for six different shoots along the way. I still have three of those sets left to post and we already have some ideas floating around for new sets this spring/summer.

Mindee - size 8
Mindee - Don't be surprised if Mindee takes over having the most photos on the site soon. I have four solo sets of her and two duo sets with Emerald waiting to be posted. Mindee has been on the site from the start and loves posing. I love taking her photos, so it's a great match. Not bad considering Mindee thought her feet were ugly and was trying to talk me out of wanting to take her photos when this whole thing started.

Molly - size 11
Molly - To say Molly had a huge impact would both be a play on words with her size 11 feet, and a 100 percent, true story. Molly had done some adult modeling prior to me shooting with her, so she was a natural for my much more tame shoots. We met up several times, each time doing a bunch of shoots. Eventually though, Molly and her husband moved across the country and I haven't seen them in years. I hoped that if she should make it back this way that she'd jump in front of my camera again, but as far as I know, she hasn't been back.

Natalie - size 7
Natalie - Natalie is one of the models who, like her cousin, Bethany, I wanted to pose a lot more than what she did. I arranged a shoot with Bethany and mentioned wanting to shoot with Natalie as well. Bethany talked her into it and I was able to get in a solo set of Natalie and then one of the two together. Since she lived out of state, it was hard for us to match up dates/times for new sets. Natalie even mentioned to me that she posed for another foot fetish site in her area, which surprised me as my site was the first time she ever did anything like this. I told her I was excited for her and couldn't wait to shoot again. We never did and have since lost touch. 

Nessa - size 8
Nessa - Nessa is one of the one and done models and her one set was actually a duo. Wendy mentioned asking a friend to pose with her for her tailgating set (Sample 01 / Sample 02) and I said sure. Nessa came by and we went ahead and began shooting. It was the only set we did that day and I don't even know if Wendy is still in touch with Nessa.

... to be concluded in Part 5, which will include the final 13 models on the site: Nikki, Olivia, Paige Noelle, Precious, Ryan, Sara Swirls, Shae Spreadz, Shayna, Sue Lovely, Taylor, Tiff, Tiffany, and Wendy.

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