Opening the Site's Official Blog

Well, it's 2013 and all the cool kids seem to have blogs. Truth be told, at this time last year I reserved a account using my old Google profile from my Android phone. I had hoped to have Soles of Silk redesigned by now and the addition of the blog open with it, but that is not the case.

Since I opened Soles of Silk, the site has contained something similar to a blog, if you will, in the Columns section (found inside the members area). With the first column coming on January 1, 2005, it's been a staple of the site since its opening only one week earlier. For all these years the Columns section has been something I've enjoyed doing. It's been a means for me to communicate with everyone who becomes a member. There however, lies the problem. There was no means of communicating through the Columns section with non-members.

Probably the best way I've been able to keep in contact with the non-members has been through the site's forum. It's a part of the Wu's Feetlinks' Foot Fetish Forum. Every week since the site's opening I've posted update previews as well as many other site related stories, news, contests, and even sneak previews. This thread features the February 20, 2013 update featuring Aspen - a set I had forum members vote on via this thread a couple of weeks prior. They were given a choice of four non-posted sets of Aspen to be the next featured on the site. So the forum has served me well and will continue to do so in the future.

Last year I finally took the dive into social media again with creating a Soles of Silk Twitter page, after a not so amazing go of it with MySpace years prior. I never bothered with Facebook as I find them too restrictive and it too easy to find people's personal information. Having a Twitter account has been great. I've been very happy with the ability to network and communicate with other people - whether they're fans, members, or even potential models. It helped me land Shae Spreadz (@ShaeSpreadzXXX) recently - an Ebony model, with size 10 feet, who seemed too fun not to meet and shoot for the site.

As good as Twitter has been though, the 140 character limit doesn't allow me to create anything close to what I have done with the Columns section for eight years. So now I bring you the Official Soles of Silk Blog. While you'll still find me on the Soles of Silk Forum and Twitter acccount, I'm thinking it's time to retire the Columns section for this blog. I will have to work on intergrating the blog into the site, but I think it's time for a more accessible home for my writing.

Years ago I worked for a newspaper and wrote several different commentary pieces on topics such as: video games, movies, and art. It felt only natural when I opened Soles of Silk to have the Columns section. Now I want to take that next step. While not every piece will be a commentary style entry, I hope everyone will enjoy my words and comment accordingly. Some items I'm thinking of including on the blog will be:

  • Commentary
  • Model Interview Segments
  • Guest Interview Segments
  • Update Previews
  • General Site Information

Until next time, I leave you with a sample image from a set that is yet to be found on Soles of Silk (something I've done quite regularly in the Columns section). These cute size 8 feet belong to none other that site regular, Mindee. It's from a set we did last summer that I have yet to post. She has done a lot of sets and is on pace to take over the lead for most pictures from Cierra. Enjoy it and be on the lookout for my next column.


  1. Thanks for posting that "wet pair" of Mindee's feet! ^_^ I'm sure there's countless more that'll leave me breathless!


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