Getting to Know... Mindee

Mindee's sweaty feet fresh from her socks and Ugg boots.

Meet Soles of Silk Model Mindee


Model Statistics

Debuted: December 2004
# of Photo Sets: 24*
# of Photos: 1,772*
Wu's Feetlinks Feature Gallery: Power Girl Fan Girl

Foot Facts

Shoe Size: 8
Ticklish: Yes
Favorite Parts of Her Feet: Arches
Favorite Nail Polish Color: Blue
Favorite Type of Shoes: Tennis Shoes

Model Interview Quotes

"As far as stockings go, I prefer pantyhose. Nude and lace are my favorites." - Mindee, Intro Interview

"I love [reading comments]. Knowing that I am helping you out feels great, but realizing that other people actually look forward to my pics also feels great." - Mindee, Modeling Interview

Short Bio

I've been friends with Mindee since she was a teenager. She used to work with me and I always found her to be a very down to earth person. In 2004 when I began shooting the first pictures for Soles of Silk (prior to its opening), I approached her to model. At first she wasn't keen on the idea. She claimed her feet were "ugly" and told me that the only way she'd pose for me is if "I really needed her." Well, I told her I did and she agreed to pose that summer.

Fast forward to 2013 and Mindee trails only Cierra (2,075*), Madison (1,832*), and Layla (1,802*) in total photos on the site with 1,722. That being said, however, I currently have five sets featuring Mindee that have yet to be posted. Of the three girls ahead of her in photo count, only Layla has sets waiting to be posted with two.

In 2010 Mindee became Soles of Silk's sixth model to appear in a Wu's Feetlinks Feature Model gallery. Her Power Girl Fan Girl set, quite frankly, made her stocks rise as people couldn't get enough of her soft size 8 feet. She was already popular prior, but since that feature set, I can't go too long without someone asking me when Mindee's next set will be posted.

Although Mindee was hesitant to pose all those years ago, she has been vigilant in getting others to pose for me. She's had two cousins (Marcy and Mariah) join the ranks. And most recently, her good friend, Emerald, debuted her cute little feet as well. Mindee has appeared in sets with each girl, however, her set with Mariah was ultimately lost on an old laptop. Her set with Emerald was just featured on the site for the 2013 Valentine's update. Talk about two sets of cute feet! (See Sample 1 | See Sample 2)

Over the years Mindee has been one of the most dependable models I have. She's not only a model, however, she's a great friend. I appreciate all she has done for the site and try to make sure I reward her every chance I can get with some killer foot rubs - rubs which she rates a 10/10 in her Modeling Interview (found inside the site's Members area). Guess I need to press my thumbs and fingers into those fluffy soft soles a little harder to earn an 11/10...

Photographer's Final Thoughts

Mindee's size 8 feet are too cute for words. I can't get enough of seeing those adorable peds in front of my camera. I never grow tired of taking her pictures and never will. And of course, I love how they smell after being in flats all morning and afternoon. I'm sure Mindee will blush reading that, but it's true.

Mindee's first ever shoot with food - banana creampie pudding.

 * as of the date this blog was posted