Friday, March 26, 2021

Wednesday's Shoot - Allie

Allie is back at it again this year, shooting the first new sets of 2021.

It just feels right that 2020's top ranking Star Model, Allie, would be the first person to shoot a new set for 2021. The day wasn't easy though. Nothing was working in our favor. Every few minutes, another challenge. It made us feel that we were shooting a lesser version of the idea we had envisioned. Still, the results came out better than expected and you'll be getting to see them soon with next week's Easter update.

The original plan for yesterday had Allie and I shooting two sets. The first one would be an Easter Egg Hunt theme, which was our number one priority. The second was a muddy feet set since it had rained heavily the day before. Muddy wet grounds were everywhere too, so it would have been easy to shoot. Well, that would have been the case had the Easter set not took so long. Let me explain.

Allie got off work at 4 p.m. We found a park to use not too far from her work. I went over early to scout things out. There were only a few people around, but they left within minutes of my arrival. Things we looking good. 

The plan was to put down the eggs in numerous places around the park. That wouldn't be the case though. Within minutes of Allie's arrival, about six cars had come. The playground, the pier, the shoreline around the pond, and the picnic area now all had people too close for comfort. We would have to make due and find a few other places.

Since the park was large enough to still use, we found some other spots to place the eggs. Some weren't as interesting as the places mentioned above, but we made them work. The biggest issue we faced in these new spots was the ground still being soaked and muddy. I didn't want to shoot two muddy feet sets.

When we finally began, Allie moved from location to location picking up eggs. When we found a good place for her to sit down, she kicked up those little size 5 soles. Well, whenever a random person or entire car didn't decide to drive by. Yeah, someone drove their SUV through the park at one point.

Since it was a drab day and the leaves have yet to grow on the trees, all the bright colors of the basket, eggs, jelly beans, Allie's attire, and her multi-colored toenails stood out just as we had planned. Hey, at least one thing worked as we had planned.

When we finished up the set and clip we decided it would be better to shoot a second set another day. We were, however, going to shoot a quick second clip back at our cars before leaving. Naturally, as we began returning to the parking lot, the sun peeked out for the first time all day. A few of the groups of people at the park were also leaving. Of course they were...

As we readied to shoot a video of Allie hanging her feet out of her car window, a car entered the parking lot and decided to park right by us. The whole lot and they picked there. Of course they did...

Since most of the people had left the park, we decided to improvise and head over to the playground or picnic area and shoot the clip really quick. I grabbed a bottle of lotion and told her she could just rub some lotion on her feet for duration of the clip. Then, as soon as we made our way up the hill, a few kids come bolting around the path to go to the playground. Of course they would...

That was just how the day was going as a whole. We weren't surprised, honestly. Oh well, we'll make up for it with our next shoot.

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