8K Club - Mindee's Footography

Mindee decided to mark her 8K Club celebration with a multi-model set with Rein.

In a year where Soles of Silk's most photographed model, Mindee, has been unable to shoot any new sets, she's still had a ton of content added to the site nonetheless. With this week's update, she now joins the 8K Club (8,000 photos) just seven months after making her way into the 7K Club on March 4, 2020.

This year marks the first time Mindee has not shot a set in a calendar year since 2008. We obviously have a few months to still make this happen, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we will be able to find time to shoot something. Between Covid-19 and her busy schedule, we've been unable to plan anything. I swear, she never has a minute to herself with all she does between work, family, and her friends. I don't want to add on to her burden, so I'm letting her tell me if or when she's free.

All that being said, I have made sure to keep Mindee's sets going onto the site on a regular basis during this year. Thankfully, I overshot to an extreme amount the last few years, which came in handy during this year's downtime. I already knew I was going to have to find a way to get Mindee's over 30 unpublished sets onto the site at the start of the year anyhow, even before the Coronavirus was on our radar here in the states. This is why the "Mindee's March Past 7K" event took place in March, and the "May I Have More Mindee Again?," in May. Those two events allowed me to publish eight of Mindee's sets. 

During the other months, Mindee perfect feet still graced the site on a regular basis. I just had so much amazing photos I needed to share with all of you, so there wasn't a month that went by when you couldn't gaze upon some new content of my blonde gal pal.

Here is a look at the sets that have been published to Soles of Silk to bring Mindee into the 8K Club here in October:

Every single time I write ones of these footography blogs announcing Mindee's latest K Club entry, I look at all of her new sets and think, "Damn! She's really outdone herself this time."

The truth of the matter is that Mindee has 112 published sets as of this week and there isn't a bad set among them. Sure, some are stronger than others, or had a location and/or theme that just killed it, but still, none of them have ever been bad. And looking at my Unpublished Sets folder here on my desktop, there are 16 more unpublished sets still to come,  with over 1,300 more photos in total. The same holds true with those. More great photos of two of the most beautiful feet I've ever laid eyes on.

Mindee, even though we haven't had the time to shoot this year, I thank you for all you have done. Even though you always prided yourself in shooting the most photos each and every year, the fact is, you deserve a break. In recent years, you shot two, three, and even four year's worth of content when compared to most other models. I'm grateful to those times and want you to relax a bit and come back to me when you're ready. I'll be here with my camera and plenty of foot rubs for your angelic feet. Even without the camera, you know I'll come by and give those deserving feet a rub while we shoot the shit, or grab a bite to eat. You, my friend, deserve that downtime and pampering, so just let me know when.

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Mindee wears two pairs of thigh high stockings in this upcoming set.

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