Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Preview - Mindee's March Past 7K

As many of you know by now, I love shooting Mindee... a lot! Even though it's been about seven months since our last shoot, I'm sitting on a massive backlog of Mindee's content - 30 sets to be exact . Among them are solo sets, two model team up sets, a three model team up set, a set with her mom, sets shot in 2017, 2018, and 2019. Moral of the story, there's a lot more of Mindee that you haven't yet seen.

So, in order to put a dent in this stockpile of Mindee material, I'm going to be running not one, but two month-long Mindee-focused events. These will be similar to the events I ran back in back in 2018 and will also take place during the same two months, March and May. The only difference will be that both these events will focus on Mindee, whereas the ones from 2018 focused first on Melani (March) and then on Mindee (May).

I will be calling March's event, "Mindee's March Past 7K." I decided to title it this way because Mindee is currently sitting at 6,987 photos on the site. The very first set published in this event will put her into the 7K Club (7,000 photos) and have her pushing forward to the 8K Club. 

Here are the sets that you will see during the March event, all of which were picked by Mindee herself to be included in this event:

Colorful and sweet. How else can I describe this one?

Week 1 - Rainbow Fishnet Pantyhose & Candy
I told Mindee to pick which of her 30 sets she wanted me to publish to break her into the 7K Club. Her choice was this set, shot back in 2017 when we shot two days in a row at a hotel that I rented out. If you want more details on that epic two day shoot, start with the May 2017 blog titled, "Suite Feet Saga, Prequel - Mindee." From there, you have five more parts covering what we did over that two day span. This set can be found on Part 4 of the series.

Mindee was showing her mom how sets were done when we shot this.

Week 2 - Porch Swing
This set comes from one of my most memorable days of shooting. I know, I just mentioned how memorable the two day span was from the set above. That was awesome too. This set, however, was shot the day that I shot Mindee with her mom, Shelby, for the first time. You might even notice the same porch used in the Bubble Wands set the two of them did together.

This set was taken during one of our many trips together to visit different amusement parks.

Week 3 - Indianapolis Canal Bridge
Would you believe me if I said that I shot this set on a memorable day with Mindee? Well, you should because it's true! Shot in 2018, this was the second set we shot after getting off our plane in Indianapolis. We were planning on hitting up some amusement parks over the course of our three day trip, but we had some time after landing to squeeze in a few sets along a canal downtown. This is a set that I've been longing to get onto the site for a while now too. As a matter of fact, this exact photo adorned my computer's wallpaper for a long time. It was only replaced when I finally shot Mindee and Kaycee together in their Kiss My Feet set.

The Week 3 update will also be a very special set as it will set another milestone for Mindee. When this set is published, it will be her 100th set on the site. I couldn't think of a better solo set to bring in that milestone.

Mindee usually busts up blue round things. In this one, the round things are orange.

Week 4 - Orange Juiced
This set will be the only one published during this event that was shot last year. Mindee and I met up to do this set when we were trying our hardest to complete our self-imposed Monthly Mindee Challenge. That challenge saw us trying to shoot at least one set every month throughout the course of 2019. We only made it through June before we were unable to move forward, but we still got some great sets during those six months.

I hope you're as excited as I am for the first of two Mindee-centric events that will be taking place in 2020. March is looking to be awesome with the four sets above. You'll also be seeing a few blogs taking place as well with her inclusion into the 7K Club and her 100th set being published. Mindee will also be featured in an interview talking about her journey from 6K to 7K inside the members section of the site. You won't want to miss that. And before you know it, it'll be May and time for, "May I Have More Mindee Again?" where four more amazing sets will be added to the site of those flawless size 8's.

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