Wednesday, March 4, 2020

7K Club - Mindee's Footography

I let Mindee decide which one of her many unpublished sets would put her into the 7K Club.

"It's always a great feeling to know that your boss is your biggest fan."
- Mindee, 7K Club Interview

I'm such a massive fan of Mindee and all the photos that she's done for me since 2004. It's plainly obvious that I will shoot with her any chance that I can get, which means that she complies lots and lots of photos. I honestly can't get enough.

"It's always a great feeling to know that your boss is your biggest fan," Mindee said in her recent 7K Club interview.

What's not to love? She's pretty. She's fun. She's teasing. She has some heavenly size 8 feet. Most importantly, however, she's a great friend. We all know the story at this point. She only shot for me back in 2004 because she is my friend and knew that I wanted to get some people on the site to help get things off the ground. She never expected to do this past those early days, let alone 16 years later.

With this being the seventh "footography" style blog written about Mindee to this point (with many more on the way, I'm sure), I won't go into too much history. If you want that, check out these previous blogs which go over all of that:

Mindee reached the 6K Club back in December of 2018 and since then, she's been climbing her way up to the 7K mark. In all honesty, she could have easily have gotten it by now, but 2019 had a lot of weeks reserved with anniversary themed sets, as well as October's Cereal Killers Month.

So here we are kicking off March with the "Mindee's March Past 7K" event. If you haven't read up on what this event entails, be sure to give that blog a read. You're going to be in for a treat. Just know, however, that this first update gives Mindee the 13 photos she's needed for 7,000 since her Valentine's Day update with Reese was published to the site.

Let's take a quick look at all the sets that paved the way for Mindee to go from the 6K Club to the 7K Club:

As you can see, there are some amazing sets included above. Important sets such as the kickoff to the whole 15th Anniversary Celebration back in 2019, where Mindee, the only model still shooting since 2004, remade Lauryn's 2004 Waffles & Syrup set. Speaking of the anniversary, a remaster of Mindee's 2004 Dugout debut set was also added to the site during her climb to 7,000.

If you like seeing Mindee teamed up with other models from Soles of Silk, her last 1,000 photos were surely a treat for you. Of those 15 sets published, seven also featured other models. Shelby and Dolly sat alongside Mindee in the infamous 3 Generations set. Kaycee and Mindee teamed up in the Kiss My Feet set, my favorite set from 2019 as well as the Shiny Sneakers set that's an early front runner for my favorite of 2020. I published some outtakes with Mariah that I thought were long lost. Two anniversary remake sets featuring Melani made their way onto the site in 2019. And finally, February's Reluctant Red Velvet set with Reese went up for Valentine's Day just a few short weeks ago.

When you add in her other solo sets such as the Lacrosse, Wrestling Champ, Easter Basket, etc. there is a real nice gamut of sets over these last 1,000 photos of Mindee. There isn't a bad set of the bunch, which is always the case, to be honest. I always feel like we do some amazing work whether we're planning things out in advance, or flying by the seat of our pants.

Let me know what you think of Mindee's last 1,000 photos. Are you looking forward to the next 1,000? How about 2,000? Or 3,000? I'm pretty sure, without going and adding things up, that I might have about that many left of Mindee still to publish. An eventual 10K Club entry is not a dream. It's just a matter of time.

This set will be coming your way soon, and will be Mindee's 100th gallery on the site.

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