Friday, July 6, 2018

Friday's Shoot - Mindee

Can you believe that it's July 6 and today was the first day that I shot solo sets with Mindee in 2018? Had she not teamed up with Reese back in February, these would have been the first photos she did all year (see blog: "Monday's Shoot - Mindee & Reese"). Crazy, huh? Especially when you consider that she shot 40 sets in 2017. Well, if she's looking to reach that mark again, she's got 36 more sets to go and 178 days left to do it. That's one set every 4.9 days. We doing it, Mindee?

All kidding aside, this year has been a busy one for Soles of Silk's most photographed model. Between family, work, and every day life, my hard working friend deserves a little bit of a break. Not too long of one though! Well, unless that means I'm coming by for foot rubs as part of that break. I can deal with that. Oops, I'm kidding again. Damnit!

A few weeks ago Mindee and I were talking about how we haven't really shot this year. We came up with a little idea to go for more exotic locations instead of just shooting anything and everything. I had 22 solo and eight multi-model sets with Mindee still unpublished at the time of that discussion. With today's shoot, that now makes 24 solo sets. So yeah, our plan was to focus a little more on finding some unique spots and going on little journeys while we were at it. 

Having said all that, that isn't what we ended up doing today at all. Mindee had a few hours open, I am on vacation, and to be brutally honest, we just love shooting. Even though we weren't going to head out to some exotic place, we both wanted to spend some time together, with the camera, capturing Mindee's heavenly feet like we have so many times before. We had no plan really, just a desire to want to shoot and several hours to make it happen.

One thing Mindee has always said, is just how great we do when we wing it. She loves the results when we meet up with no real themes or locations in mind and see what what we come up with. That's pretty much what ended up happening today.

"I honestly think the best photos come from the last minute choices we make," Mindee said in her recent 5K Club Interview.

So, would you like to know how spontaneous today's first set theme truly was? I was upstairs, talking to Mindee, while she was painting her toes a deep shade of blue. Mindee's family was having the run of the house while we bullshitted with one another. After she finished, we were on our way downstairs to leave when Mindee knocked over her daughter's lacrosse stick at the bottom of the steps. Bingo! Theme picked! Yes, it was that easy. I have done a few sports in the past, but lacrosse had never been one of them. Out to the fields we went!

Mindee's feet are finally free from her sneakers and knee high socks.

We decided to drive to a high school that we knew had a turf field for this set. From experience, turf shows up so nicely in photos compared to grass. The painted lines add in a splash of color, which was nice since Mindee was dressed in mostly black. I wasn't complaining though because although it wasn't as hot as it was at the start of the week, it was sure warm enough for Mindee's feet to get real nice and sweaty inside her knee high socks and sneakers. That's right, they were "double wrapped" this time around.

Mindee sat down at the 10 yard line, parking her booty on the number one, to which I told her that's because she's my "number one." I then parked my ass on the zero and said, "I'll just go over here to my number." Mindee laughed and made a joke about me being her bitch, more or less. Oh well, it's true.

With both sneakers and socks to remove in this set, naturally I made Mindee keep them on for a bit. I wanted those size 8's to be nice and hot inside. Mindee did some standing shots with her daughter's lacrosse stick and then stooped down for some other poses. It wasn't until about 20 photos in that Mindee grabbed her shoelaces. I think at that point she was really wanting to air her feet out. I sure wasn't going to argue as I was looking forward to seeing those beautiful, hopefully moist, feet of hers. It's a sight I never grow tired of, and from what all of you say on the site's Instagram page (@SolesofSilk), neither do you!

Mindee and I ended up racking up about 100 photos once all was said and done. I texted her how large the set was and said that either we sucked at keeping count (average sets are 60-75 photos), or she's just so adorable that I wanted to keep shooting. Mindee determined that it was probably both. I agree.

Once this set was done, it was back to the car for Mindee to change into the a shirt I picked up for her a couple of weeks ago. It was bought to go along with a certain gag item I bought for her last year, while I was out shopping with Emerald. It was actually the day that Emerald shoot her solo sets (see blog: "Sunday's Shoot, Part 1 - Emerald") prior to teaming up with Mindee afterward (see blog: "Sunday's Shoot, Part 2 - Mindee & Emerald"). This gag was none other than an eggplant emoji key chain, complete with "boing" sound effects when it's squeezed. She was quite embarrassed when I gave it to her last year. She ended up leaving it in my car, however, and I've been just waiting to use it ever since.

The story behind this gag goes back a little further, however. In May of last year, Mindee allowed her son to wear the Netflix and Chill themed shirt I had bought her to wear during the Suite Feet Saga (see blog: "Suite Feet Saga, Part 2 - Mindee"). His teacher called and she was clueless as to what the whole phrase meant. So I began ragging on Mindee for not being hip to things these days. In Mindee's defense, Reese, who was with us the day I found all this out, had no idea what it meant either!

I honestly don't remember, at this point, if Mindee was also clueless about what the eggplant emoji usually stands for or not. I'm pretty sure she does now, however.

Mindee knows how to tease, especially when it comes to her photographer friend... me!

So yeah, fast forward back to today and Mindee pulls on the shirt that I picked out just for this set. It read "That <eggplant emoji> tho." I figured, Mindee can have fun with this one, incorporating in some size tease gestures and fun expressions. I told her as we were sitting down to do her worst. With so many size tease spoof sets on her resume at this point, I knew this was about to be good!

And it was!

It didn't take Mindee long at all to get into rare form. The fun smiles, squinted eyes, and smirks began to adorn her face. Her hand made a few small gestures, along with some thumbs down ones, and it took me back to all the times I've seen her do it before. And just like seeing her pull off her sweaty socks and sneakers, I just love every time I get to see her do this. When I say she gets into rare form, she truly does. She even got a little bossy and made me get down and rub her feet for a bit. I mean, she tells me to do this all the time, but I could sense a little extra flavor on that command. And no, it wasn't eggplant!

After we wrapped things up with the second set, Mindee got a text message that she had to reply to. She asked me if it would be okay to just do two sets today because she needed to meet up with someone before she left the area. We had originally hoped to shoot three to four sets once we saw the weather was going to be nicer than the forecast originally said, but we got started late too. Still, I was totally in love with the sets that I had just shot and told assured her that it was fine. We can always find another day to shoot some more and hopefully get out to some of those far away places we were thinking about going. Just a few days ago the forecast called for a 100 percent chance of rain and thunderstorms. We weren't sure if we'd get anything in at all. We thought that maybe, just maybe, we'd be able to plop down into some gooey mud puddles and shoot just one set. While I still really want that to happen, I wouldn't trade in these two amazing sets for it. It'll surely rain another day though and Mindee has already said that if she lays in a puddle of mud, I will be rubbing her muddy feet. Again, with me being her bitch! I'll take it every time.

Note: As I was wrapping up this blog, I sent a thank you text to Mindee for shooting today. She replied with a thanks to me as well, followed by a picture of her with her grandmother. It read, "Your newest employee." That's right, Mindee's grandmother, and Shelby's mom, apparently wants to do a set with the both of them. I never thought I'd get a mother daughter set and here I am now looking like I'll get a grandmother, daughter, granddaughter set. Like I said on the site's Twitter account (@SolesofSilk), I couldn't make this stuff up. Be on the lookout for more information as I'll be sure to share anything I hear on this topic.

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