Monday's Shoot - Mindee & Reese

I had Monday off and Mindee and I decided we were going to hang out and catch up. If we could do photos, awesome, if not, oh well. She's a good friend of mine and the last time we got to hang out and do anything was late last year when she did her last four sets to reach 40 for 2017 (see blog: "Sunday's Shoot - Mindee & Her Quest for 40"). 

So far in 2018 I haven't been active with shoots. The only one I've done so far this year was when Maya debuted last week (see blog: "Sunday's Shoot - Maya"). Work has kept me busy and life has been, well, life. What I've been able to do, I've squeezed in when I can. So if Monday resulted in a set or two, that would rock. If not, I was also fine with just going out and grabbing a bite to eat with my most photographed model. Well, long story short, it resulted in two sets and with two models. Surprise, surprise! Reese was also free for the evening and the two had been wanting to shoot together, so I said, "Why not?"

After meeting up with Mindee and Reese we stopped for a quick dinner. None of us had ate and I was actually looking forward to sitting down and spending time with Mindee. Having Reese there was great too because I don't get to see her too much with her busy schedule. We didn't want to take too long, however, as we had a grocery store stop to make. What did we need? Well, you'll just have to wait to the second set down below to find out. It sure was yummy though!

Rubbing all this lotion into Mindee's & Reese's feet was awesome after the set.

Fast forward a bit and I had both Mindee and Reese in front of me, ready for the first set of the evening. It was nothing complicated or overly themed, just a set with some lotion... Okay, a LOT of lotion! Hey, I didn't tell them to use so much, they just went crazy. Actually, I had to tell Reese to slow down as she was going to go all out before I even took my first photo of her putting it onto Mindee's feet. These two... I tell ya! I've said it before, but it's so true. Shooting two friends is always the recipe for success with multi-model sets. The chemistry is already there and they just have a blast. That's exactly what happened here.

Once this first set ended, the ladies began looking at some stuff on Mindee's phone. With four feet totally coated with lotion before me, what else could I do but massage them? Mindee and Reese seemed almost to expect it. I bet if I hadn't taken them into my hands myself, they would have told me to do so.

I don't know how long I rubbed all four of their feet, but it was easily over half an hour. Mindee mentioned having to move to the next set, but Reese said she was kind of enjoying this. A few minutes more passed, but Mindee was ultimately right. We had a second set to shoot and it was starting to get late.

I moved all of my lights into Reese's kitchen. We were going to have them sit up on the table. Reese was taken back as that was just something she found weird. Well, it was about to get a whole lot more weird as we had bought a red velvet cake and they were both going to smash it under their feet. Reese had pleaded to pick something less messy as she a bit of a clean freak and doesn't like sticky stuff, or big messes. Oops!

"She'll live," Mindee said when I asked her if she thought if Reese would do a messy food set earlier in the day.

Reese sure didn't think she'd be doing this set on Monday!

Mindee's peer pressure ultimately proved to work as this set saw the both of them perched high up on the table. Mindee swiped a finger into the cake, which she wiped across Reese's sole. Obviously, Reese's reactions were priceless. She seemed to both be having fun, but hating every minute of it at the same time. When it came time for her feet to enter the cake, however, Reese was nothing but laughs. Mindee pushed her to squish the cake even more and before I knew it, both of them had their feet caked, pun intended, in red velvet.

Being such a fan of red velvet cake, I swiped my fingers into their toes to get a taste. There was so much in between all 20 of their toes. Mindee just shook her head, knowing me all too well. Reese laughed even more in surprise that I'd eat something that was between her toes. It tasted good though! No regrets...

With this second set over and in the book it came time to clean up for the night. Both of them ran off to the bathroom with paper towels wrapped around their feet while I cleaned off the table and floor. I'm surprised the mess was so well contained!

I'm glad today ended up resulting in some photos with both Mindee and Reese. I'm always looking to shoot Mindee whenever we have time. Reese and I have been wanting to shoot a little bit more, so hopefully these will be two of many that we get to do in 2018. She just might not want to smash any other grocery items right away!

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