Sunday's Shoot, Part 2 - Mindee & Emerald

This blog is a follow up to, "Sunday's Shoot, Part 1 - Emerald." Be sure to give that a read to see how this entire day turned out.

Now that Emerald and I had eaten, we went to go pick up Mindee for what was supposed to be a video game themed set. A certain new console/handheld combo, that features a popular cartoonish racing game, was the theme. However, our location wasn't lending itself to what I had envisioned, so after about six photos, we decided to do something else. Don't worry, my nerdy gamer friends... That set will be done by these two at a later date, probably indoors.

Watching these two pull off their socks was so teasing.

Since we had gone back to the sports and recreation center for this set, we decided to change up our theme and match the sporty look of the area. I grabbed some over the knee socks for both Mindee and Emerald, a black pair and a blue pair, to match their shirts. We found a spot next to the walking trail and we were underway - even with a few people giving us looks as they walked or jogged by.

This wasn't the first time these two have teamed up. Back in 2013, Mindee and Emerald shot three sets together when I rented out a hotel suite for the day. A couple of holiday sets came from those efforts, but what I remembered most about that day was the fun interactions these two good friends had. I couldn't wait to see it again on this day.

Naturally, shooting this set got me the typical sass from Mindee. Emerald laughed at us since I'd often fire it right back at her. It certainly made an already fun shoot, that much more entertaining. Still, watching the interactions between Mindee and Emerald made this set just as amazing as those first three from years ago. When this set is published, you'll love seeing them each pulling off each other's socks and playing with the other's feet.

Eventually all good things come to an end though. We shot the clip and headed back to the car. There was a ton of cloud cover moving in and I wanted to try and get in at least one set with Mindee solo before we went home.

Driving back toward the area we live we made a stop at a 7-11 to get Mindee a Slurpee. Since it feels like Mindee has done every possible thing in a set at some point, pouring a Slurpee on them managed to be something "new." She loved the idea, although she knew it would be cold. Guess it was a good thing we did this one while it's still summer, here in August.

A guy living next to this park couldn't help but stare from his porch at this scene.

Luckily for us, there is a small park a few hundred feet from this 7-11, so that's where we went. A grouping of benches, behind some bushes, kept the busy road right on the other side out of the background. It also stopped everyone from looking at us on their way by. It didn't, however, stop the guy who locked himself out of his house on the other side of the park from literally staring at us at one point. Oh well, Mindee never cares who looks on while we shoot. Emerald just laughed and pointed out how obvious it was that he was hardcore staring. Guess he never saw a beautiful blonde, with heavenly size 8 feet, pour a Slurpee all over them? Well, now he, Emerald, I, and all of you now have. Don't you wish you had a slurp? Wonder if the guy on the porch did?

When this messy set was finished, we had no choice to wrap things up for the day. The Slurpee turned Mindee's feet blue, so back home it was. It was probably for the better. Mindee and I are planning on catching up for a couple more shoots in the coming weeks. Emerald is also wanting to shoot again, especially with Mindee. I sure won't turn down the chance to do that again! Be on the lookout here on the Soles of Silk Blog and on the site's Instagram (@SolesofSilk).

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