1,000 Toes In: The First 100 Models of Soles of Silk, Pt. 6 (Kelsey - Lela Beryl)

Welcome to the sixth installment of the "1,000 Toes In" blog series. This series celebrates on each of the first 100 models to appear on Soles of Silk. All of these models deserve all the praise I will throw their way in these 10 blog entries. Please be sure to check out all the previous entries, as well as any newer ones, once they're published. Now, onto the next 10 models on Soles of Silk:

Kelsey (size 6.5)
Model #: 27
Debut Date: February 1, 2006
Published Sets: 26
Published Photos: 1,730
K Clubs: 1K (February 2014)
Star Model Accolades: 2016 (2nd)
Annual Top 10 Favorite Photo Set Blogs Appearances: 2006 (6th), 2007 (10th), 2009 (8th), 2015 (10th), 2017 (6th, 7th)
Other Notables: Shot her first sets one day after her 18th birthday.

Like many of the models on Soles of Silk, Kelsey is a good friend of mine and someone I've worked with for years. I consider her one of my better friends and is someone I've always gotten along with. She, on the other hand, said she used to hate me when she first got hired because I'd make her actually have to work. That was back before she was 18, however - back when her grandmother and mother, who also worked with us at the time, babied her and let coast through the day. Yeah, I was the asshole that made her have to work. 

Eventually, Kelsey would come around to realize I wasn't such a bad guy and with her 18th birthday approaching, a few of the other girls who were shooting for me at work, most notably Kimmie, Kellie, and Abby, asked her if she was going to shoot. I told all of them she was more than welcome to do so once her birthday came. Well, it came and barely went. Kelsey thought about shooting on her birthday itself, but her grandparents took her out that day. Instead, Kelsey shot the day after. I welcomed her to the site with a birthday cake... which she had to smash with her barely legal feet!

It's become a running gag between Kelsey and I that I always make her step in stuff, or pick the hottest days to shoot. She's kind of right, but in all honesty, Kelsey has done an awesome job over the years and has been in some memorable sets. We've also had great times going out on adventures, or even just squeezing in a set or two when we had a little bit of time. I've always loved hanging out with her and those super soft feet of hers. It's been a little too long since we last shot, so I think it's about time for her to get in some more. I also have some sets of hers that I haven't yet published that would be good to get on the site here in the coming weeks. Be on the lookout for something of hers sooner, rather than later.

Kerri Taylor (size 8)
Model #: 29
Debut Date: May 3, 2006
Published Sets: 3 
Published Photos: 143
Other Notables: Has appeared on numerous other foot fetish sites.

I remember when Layla mentioned that she had booked Kerri Taylor to come down to Maryland and shoot for her site. She contacted me to see if I was also interested in having her on Soles of Silk. If so, she said she'd shoot for me while Kerri was with her husband, and then I'd shoot with Kerri while her and husband did some sets. I said sure, but I also wanted to get in at least one set with the both of them together. Layla said sure and that's exactly how things went down.

That was my only interaction with Kerri. We only shot the one day and she looks like she's still out there shooting. I see her stuff popping up on social media from time to time. She's certainly been out there doing her thing for a long time now. More power to her and hope she's doing well.

Kim T. (size 6.5)
Model #: 60
Debut Date: June 23, 2010
Published Sets: 3
Published Photos: 158
Wu's Feet Links Features: Toes 'n Heels (January 2007) *Non-Soles of Silk Feature
Other Notables: Former model for The 10 Little Piggies. Used to run her own foot fetish Yahoo! group. Has appeared on other foot fetish sites. 
Published photos in the Home Photos section of Leg Show magazine numerous times.

I met Kim T., and her then husband, Chris, a good seven years prior to Soles of Silk's launch. I found Kim's pictures in an issue of Leg Show Magazine and immediately fell in love with her plump toes and thick soles. I saw the couple also lived in Maryland, so I wrote to the both of them. I was dating Abby at the time and we all agreed to meet. Needless to say, it was a fun time for all. Chris shot Abby and I shot Kim. Then we both shot photos of the two together and it was simply amazing.

Even after Abby and I broke up, I remained friends with Kim and Chris. I went over their house a few times, which usually resulted in Kim's feet being pampered by yours truly. I also introduced Andrea to the both of them and we did something similar to the day that Abby and I did years prior.

A few years would go by and I got into a long term relationship. I noticed that Kim and Chris didn't seem to update their old Yahoo! groups like they once did. A few more years would go by and that's when I got a text out of the blue from Kim. She texted me by accident, trying to get in touch with a friend of hers named Patty. Talk about a lucky mistake!

Kim told me that she was now divorced, but since she had me on the phone, she asked if I was still shooting. I told her all about Soles of Silk and sent her links. She immediately wanted to shoot again. We made plans and got in three sets. Naturally I had to make up for some lost time and I massaged her feet for about two hours that day. They were as soft as I remembered.

Less than a year later, Kim told me she was seeing someone up in New York and didn't think she'd be shooting anymore. That's when she began not replying to me, so I don't know what's going on with her these days. I saw a couple social media accounts pop up belonging to her, but none ever stick around long. I don't know if she's still up in New York or not. I'd love to see her return for a second time, but who knows? Maybe she'll accidentally text me again one day...

Kimmie (size 5)
Model #: 13
Debut Date: March 30, 2005
Published Sets: 22
Published Photos: 1,220
K Clubs: 1K (May 2010)
Wu's Feet Links FeaturesFootball Fun (February 2007)
Star Model Accolades: 2005 (2nd)
Annual Top 10 Favorite Photo Set Blogs Appearances: 2005 (2nd), 2006 (1st), 2008 (2nd), 2009 (1st)
Other Notables: Kellie's twin sister. Appeared in first multi-model Wu's Feet Links feature set with Kellie. Appeared in the site's first ever, 4-model set with Kellie, Carmen, and Cheri. Appeared in the site's first ever, 3-model set with Kellie and Keira.

In the last installment of this blog series you met Kellie, Kimmie's sister. I worked with both of these gorgeous identical twins and knew they'd be a massive hit on Soles of Silk. I was friendly with both and neither of them could wait to kick off their shoes and show their little size 5 feet to me when I approached them about being a part of the model roster.

While I ultimately did shoot more photos with Kellie, Kimmie and I always had an amazing time whenever we did get the chance to shoot. Her sets were always great! Just look at all her Top 10 appearances above. Four appearances with two first place finishes and two second. She made them count!

Like Kellie, Kimmie hasn't shot in years. While Kimmie never told me that she couldn't shoot due to her relationship, I just took it as the case when she no longer replied to my requests. I wish Kimmie well and should she ever want to return, even if it's without her sister, she'd be most welcome.

Krystie (size 6.5)
Model #: 37
Debut Date: May 21, 2007
Published Sets: 2
Published Photos: 112
Other Notables: Former model for The 10 Little Piggies.

I went to college with Krystie back when I was running my old free site, The 10 Little Piggies. Back then I'd go for broke and ask classmates if they'd be interested in shooting for me. I rarely got turned down, surprisingly, and Krystie may have been the most ecstatic about being asked.

"I always told my mom I have pretty feet," Krystie told me the day I asked her. "I can't wait to go home and tell her about this."

Ultimately, Krystie and I became friends and would hang out from time to time. We got along quite well, but after we graduated, we weren't in touch as much as we used to be. I'd see her here and there and then I found out she was getting married. Much to my surprise, she told that her fiance wanted her to shoot for Soles of Silk. She had never shot for this site, only for my older one from the late 1990's. I told her I'd love to have her make a return.

Krystie's return, ironically, came after her and her fiance had split up. She was single again, but had started talking to someone else. We met up for the first time in a while and got in a couple of sets. It was great seeing Krystie again and spending time at her little feet. Surely enough, I rubbed her feet like I had done many times in the past after wrapping up our shoot. I was happy to have her back, but at the time, neither of us knew that it would be very short lived.

Krystie's new boyfriend, who she began seeing shortly after our first shoot for Soles of Silk, wasn't too keen on the idea of her continuing. Once they got serious, she told me how he felt and I told her I understood. At least we got in two sets, but I would have loved to have had her around to do so many more.

Lady Steph (size 7)
Model #: 50
Debut Date: December 17, 2008
Published Sets: 9
Published Photos: 408
Wu's Feet Links Features: Sexy Blue Toes (August 2008) *Non-Soles of Silk feature
Wu's Feet Links Interviews: July 2014
Other Notables: Runs her own Clips4Sale store, Lady Steph's Fetish Clips. Has appeared on other foot fetish sites.

A few years after I began Soles of Silk, a former college classmate contacted me to tell me that he loved my work, especially that of Wendy, a mutual classmate of ours when we were in school together. I never knew he had a foot fetish as he hid it from everyone. Me on the other hand, everyone knew. I didn't care.

Anyhow, this classmate ultimately invited me to attend some private foot fetish parties he would often go to. I had never been to any in my life, so I said, "Why not?" It was at these parties that I met a few models, including Lady Steph.

Lady Steph and I decided to meet up and shoot, which resulted in some really fun, really brightly colored sets. We'd go on to shoot again a few years later, but that is the last time that we have shot at this point in time.

Lady Steph was also very instrumental in helping kick start the Wu's Feet Links Interviews Blog, being my very first interview. Wu, before he passed, had mentioned interviewing her when he asked me to think about taking over the interviews portion of his site. The interviews used to be fan submitted questions, but that resulted in dozens of the same questions being asked over and over. He wanted to clean things up, but passed away before getting things underway. Keeping Wu's request in mind, when I decided to try to keep Wu's going with the help of BHE (Wu's Feet Links and Soles of Silk's hosting company), I made sure to go with Lady Steph as my very first interview. I knew he would have liked that.

I see that Lady Steph is out there, meeting up with some other producers whose work I enjoy. She truly enjoys the fetish and it looks like she's still into the party scene as well. Be sure to check out her clips store to see more of her!

Lauryn (size 8.5)
Model #: 8
Debut Date: December 29, 2004
Published Sets: 9
Published Photos: 464
Star Model Accolades: 2004 (2nd)
Annual Top 10 Favorite Photo Set Blogs Appearances: 2004 (2nd), 2005 (1st, 7th), 2006 (5th)
Other Notables: Site debut model. Appeared in site's first ever, 2-model set with Madison.

This spunky chick worked with me for a brief time, but I was also friends with her older brother. That older brother used to date Madison for years, so it was only natural that Madison would go on to ask Lauryn to shoot for Soles of Silk too when I asked her back in 2004. I didn't have a site to show Lauryn, but Madison had shot for The 10 Little Piggies a number of years before. She knew the deal, but Lauryn was brand new to everything. She embraced it though and was one of the site's most popular models upon launch.

For the first couple years of the site's existence, Lauryn would come along and shoot with Madison a handful of times. She got in a few sets with her and did some solo ones as well. Lauryn was also in a four model set with Madison, Molly (her sister-in-law), and Bethany that was shot for the site's 2006 Christmas update. Still, I always wished we had gotten together to shoot a little bit more.

People always loved Lauryn's fun loving attitude and smile. She, herself, was so worried that no one was going to like her long toes. That turned out to be the total opposite of most people's reaction, though. They loved them and loved her. I sure do miss Lauryn and am thankful for the sets that she did do. She was a big part of this site's launch and first few years. I'd love to have her back one day. That would be one of the most memorable returns, without a doubt!

Layla (size 7)
Model #: 20
Debut Date: June 22, 2005
Published Sets: 31
Published Photos: 1,942
K Clubs: 1K (January 2009)
Wu's Feet Links Features: Pretty Size 7's (November 2013) *Non-Soles of Silk feature
Star Model Accolades: 2005 (1st), 2007 (2nd), 2009 (2nd)
Annual Top 10 Favorite Photo Set Blogs Appearances: 2007 (5th), 2008 (7th), 2009 (4th, 6th, 9th)
Other Notables: Jaylee Austin's older sister. Used to run her own site. Has appeared on other foot fetish sites.

Oh Layla! This beautiful vixen was one of a handful of models I met on One Model Place years ago. I ran that account, looking for area models, shortly after I launched Soles of Silk. When Layla reached out to me, I was instantly wanting to get her on the site.

Her first shoot we did downtown. We got along great and I also met her husband. For the next couple of years, I'd meet up at their place and shoot countless photos. Layla would also introduce to her sister, Jaylee Austin, and get her to shoot too. She also got her friend, Chrystine, to shoot as well as secure Kerri Taylor for both her site and Soles of Silk.

I could always count on Layla for some amazing photos. She enjoyed being in front of the camera and it showed. She's been in some of my favorite sets, as seen above. I only wish she did not move out of state because she missed being a part of the 2K Club by only 58 photos. She's been sitting there, so close, for years now. Oh well, I wish her well with everything and hope life is treating her and her family well. If I can ever pull off a reunion with Layla, you best bet I'm going to jump on it.

Leah (size 6)
Model #: 95
Debut Date: April 19, 2017
Published Sets: 3
Published Photos: 233
Annual Top 10 Favorite Photo Set Blogs Appearances: 2017 (9th)
Other Notables: One of her fans got a photo of her smelling her well-worn converse tattooed on himself.

Last year Alice introduced me to her friend, Leah. She told me Leah was a very open-minded person who really wanted to shoot for me. When I met Leah, I also found out that Leah absolutely loves having her feet pampered and pleased. She is one of those girls who a foot guy dreams about. I can totally see her coming home from work and walking right over to a guy she's with and making him pull her shoes off and spending the next few hours at her feet. I'm not kidding.

My first shoot with Leah resulted in two sets, both with Alice. I was able to secure her one other time last year for some solo sets. During that day Leah shot the set above, as well as the one in which the photo came from that her fan got tattooed on himself. We had a blast and I knew this girl was here to stay. I figured Leah would shot a few more times last year, but that wasn't the case. Our next shoot didn't come until this year, a couple of weeks ago, to be exact (see blog: "Monday's Shoot - Leah").

Although our day didn't go as planned recently, it was still fun spending time with Leah and her little size 6 feet. We got in just one set, but are looking at shooting again this Monday, if the rain doesn't wash us out. I told her I'd still like to get together, however, and if worse comes to worse, I can give her foot rubs in the rain. Now that I think about it, is that actually "worse?"

Lela Beryl (size 6.5)
Model #: 80
Debut Date: March 21, 2014
Published Sets: 5 
Published Photos: 317
Star Model Accolades: 2014 (3rd)
Other Notables: Has appeared on other foot fetish sites.

Thanks to social media I have been able to converse with models from all over the United States. There are a bunch I'd love to shoot with, but distance isn't in our favor. From time to time, however, a model will contact me and let me know that she's going to be coming to my area. That's what happened with Lela Beryl.

Lela was coming up north from her Florida home to shoot with a few photographers. She was friends with Rachel DD, who shot for me the year before, so she already knew I was legit. I was already a fan of Lela's work, and even featured her in "Would Love to Shoot #9 - Bailey Paige, Emily Austin, & Lela Beryl," the ninth installment of a blog series I write talking about models from around the web. She's one of only a handful I've actually gotten to work with and I'm so glad we did.

In the lone meeting I had with Lela, I found her to be so fun and simple to work with. She was nerdy in many of the same ways that I am and we just hit it off. She looked great on camera and I could not get over just how soft her soles were. I've shot a lot of feet in my life, but Lela's are easily among the softest I've come across.

I noticed last year that Lela's Twitter account, @LelaBeryl, ceased updating. I don't know if she's stopped modeling, or just let her social media lapse. I hope she's doing well and is someone I'd most definitely be up for shooting again, should that chance arise.

I hope you enjoyed this look at the 10 models above. Be on the lookout for Part 7 of this 10 part blog series in the days to come.

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