Monday, May 7, 2018

Monday's Shoot - Charlee

When Charlee was in town three weeks ago we met up and shot her first photos of 2018 (see blog: "Sunday's Shoot - Charlee"). On that day we also made plans to shoot, what was originally supposed to be yesterday, but was switched to today for weather reasons. It was a good thing we did as today was beautiful and we got in three more great sets.

Today ended up being model's choice when it came to set themes. Charlee had been wanting to do a baby oil set for some time now. Being it was sunny, today was as good of a day as any. It was also our first set. Well, one that followed the customary lengthy foot massage to begin the day.

Charlee couldn't wait to do a baby oil set and make her feet shiny.

For this shoot I went out and bought Charlee a brand new bottle of baby oil. I told her to feel free to use the entire bottle. She did just that too! By the end of the photos and video clip, it was all gone. I've had models use a lot of baby oil in their baby oil sets, but Charlee drained it dry. She wasn't kidding when she said she wanted to do a baby oil set so very bad.

During this set there was a funny moment that I'll never forget. Charlee was trying to hold the bottle of baby oil between her arches. Since it was still close to being full at the time, when her feet began to slip, they tightened up and it made the bottle shoot off in a rather phallic manner. We both laughed so hard when it happened.

"Well, at least I know you have what it takes," I said. "And it didn't take long either."

Charlee laughed and told me to shut up and we kept on shooting. Like all the shoots on this day, things flew by and before we knew it, we were doing the clip and wrapping things up. I, of course, made sure to give those super slippery feet a short massage before her feet were cleaned up.

Charlee pressing her beautiful feet onto the wire railings.

The second set of the day would be one with sandals. Charlee told me she wanted to do one with her sandals when talking to her the night before. We were at a loss for a third idea and that's what she decided on. She had already been insisting on the baby oil, as well as the final theme you'll see down below. So when Charlee said we were doing sandals too, I just said, "sure." It's always nice to have the models wanting to do certain things in their own shoots. Today truly ended up being Charlee's day entirely.

We shot the sandals set in the same park as the baby oil after a quick clothing change back in the car. We moved over to the waterfront area this time and went out onto a small pier/boardwalk area. Charlee began the set standing up against the railings and then dropped to the ground where she slowly took those sandals off. By the end of the set, however, I had her pressing her feet to the wire railings, like you can see in the sample above. Naturally, she did some of her cute expressions too. She always has a bunch of fun when shooting for me.

When we finished up the second set and the video clip afterward, we got back into my car and drove to a store for some props that we needed. Our final set, which was one Charlee was insisting on doing from the start our plans for today's shoot, was muddy feet. She also wanted some rain boots to have in the set as well. So to the store we went.

Our visit to the store was short and sweet. We picked up the boots, a shirt, and some drinks for the road. Once back in the car we made our way to a large park I had thought about using. Sadly, however, it was quite crowded and we were running short on time. I suggested a second location and that one worked out nicely.

Charlee finally got her feet muddy today too. She loved it!

My original hope was that we would find a couple of mud puddles from yesterday's rain storms, but that wasn't the case. Luckily for us, we brought some water bottles to turn the dirt into mud. Charlee took care of making the messes and I just sat there photographing it all.

The set started out with Charlee getting her brand new pink boots muddy. Not long into the shoot, however, she kicked off one shoe and got her sole into the mix. Then the other boot came off and she did the same.

By the end of this set, as you can see above, Charlee's feet were a gooey, muddy mess. She was loving life as she squished them into the mud puddle over and over again. I'm telling you, girls find this stuff to be so fun! I even sent the site's newest model, Audrey, a sample shot when the shoot was done.

"See! I let you girls act like big kids," I texted her.

"Ha ha!" Audrey replied. "That looks fun!"

With our third set in the books and the video clip filmed, it was time to get Charlee home. She had some evening plans that she had to keep. I was ever so happy to get in these three extra sets with her. She's getting quite the collection of unpublished sets, so expect to be seeing a lot of her in the months to come. Well, once the "May I Have More Mindee?" event wraps up, that is. 

Thanks for more great photos today, Charlee. You're close to becoming the site's second most photographed model. You're right there with the total number of total sets that Cierra has shot, but your photo count might edge hers out. I guess time will tell. I'm sure you won't mind adding a few more sets to the mix to make it official though. Just know, foot rubs first!

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