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1K Club - Jasey Rae's Footography

In a set with her Harry Potter books and socks, Jasey Rae has now joined the 1K Club.

This year will be the year that the 1K Club (1,000) sees several new members added to its roster. Up until this week, the 1K Club had consisted of 14 models, with Alice being the most recent addition in June 2017 (see blog: "1K Club - Alice's Footography"). On the April 11, 2018 update, Jasey Rae became the 15th member and it's time to celebrate this fun loving friend of mine. 

Jasey is the first of at least four models who will be joining the 1K Club this year. Both Kaycee and Emerald are one set away each. Melani is 189 photos shy, with a ton of content yet to come, so she's a lock too. Those three aren't quite there yet, however. Jasey is. So let's take a quick look at all the models who have joined the 1K Club and where they currently stand with their photo counts: 
  1. Mindee - 4,974 photos
  2. Cierra - 2,439 photos
  3. Layla - 1,942 photos
  4. Jamie - 1,874 photos
  5. Madison - 1,832 photos
  6. Wendy - 1,763 photos
  7. Kellie - 1,740 photos
  8. Kelsey - 1,730 photos
  9. Alice - 1,643 photos
  10. Charlee - 1,622 photos
  11. Kayleigh - 1,434 photos
  12. Abby - 1,380 photos
  13. Jordana - 1,266 photos
  14. Kimmie - 1,220 photos
  15. Jasey Rae - 1,033 photos <---

Now that you have looked over the ever-growing list of 1K Club members, let's talk about Jasey and the footprint that she has left on Soles of Silk since her debut in 2013, shooting her first photos only a few months after her 18th birthday. Had she not been dating someone who didn't like the idea of her modeling, I wholeheartedly believe that she would have been doing it within days of turning the big one-eight, if not on the day of. She really wanted to shoot for me and when she finally did, it was awesome.

Jasey's first shoot showed me that I was going to be dealing with someone who loved being barefoot in front of the camera. She had a blast kicking off her well-worn pink sneakers in her first set, ones that she would often wear to work and that I had seen numerous times. That set, however, also gave me my first taste of another aspect of what it would be like shooting Jasey. That aspect being: teasing. 

During that set some debris had gotten onto her curvy soles and between those plump toes. I brushed them off a few times while shooting as I've done countless times during a set. Then, after the shoot, I offered a foot rub and Jasey told me I already got to touch them for the day. 

I was like, "Umm, I brushed dirt off them."

Jasey nodded her head and said something along the lines of, "Yup. That's all you get."

I was stunned, although I probably shouldn't have been. Over the last few months Jasey had been sending me random photos of her feet, even doing it with the boyfriend in the room or car. She enjoyed knowing that I was at work, laying down to go to bed, about to eat, or whatever, and then boom! Jasey's feet front and center to grab my attention. I love that about her. She has fun and knows how much I adore it.

Sadly, shooting Jasey looked like it was going to be short lived. Her relationship was rekindled with the ex-boyfriend not too long after we shot those sets and she told me she wasn't shooting anymore. I thought her Soles of Silk photo count would stay at 150 and I was truly bummed. Thankfully, that wasn't the case.

Fast forward to the fall of 2015 and Jasey was back in front of my camera, shooting new sets again (see blog: "Monday's Shoot - Jasey Rae"). We got in five amazing sets and I got in one pretty long foot rub to cap it off. More on that in a bit.

Jasey's sets that day were wonderful - some of her best! I knew as soon as I began taking photos that we were in for a great day. We went from spot to spot, getting in three sets pretty quickly, before we traveled to another location for the final two. I was loving every last shot I took that day and couldn't wait to have Jasey back on the site. So many of you loved her in 2013 and had been asking about her ever since. I knew you'd all be happy to have her back. 

On that day, we shot a mutual favorite, the Cock Tease & Cinnaballs, Flip Flops Overlook, Boardwalk Sneakers & Socks, Black Stockings Bay, and Canal Lock Bridge sets. If you're interested in seeing samples from these sets, links will be down below in her footography.

Now, onto my one claim to fame with Jasey's feet. That one foot rub! I'm sure she knew I was going to brag about this (again) and she is probably rolling her eyes reading this now. I had to include it though. It was awesome!

I just went for broke. I didn't ask. I grabbed her feet as she laid before me and I rubbed those oh so tender feet. They were softer than I imagined and those toes just squished between my fingers like warm butter. And oh my, Jasey's toes. How I haven't professed my dying admiration for them yet is beyond me. It's something she's always known I've loved about her feet. She's always quick to make sure to draw attention to that trait too. They are plump little things and she's proud of them!

During the last three years Jasey has steadily shot new content for me. I will admit, however, that I really would have liked to get her in front of my camera a little more often, but sometimes schedules just don't line up. Still, the last few years have yielded some great sets. A team up with Kelsey saw two models, with probably the plumpest toes on the site, paired up. She also did a football themed spoof on Tom Brady, where she over-inflated the balls. Guess she likes keeping them full? Hmm...

One of our more recent sets, one done inside an amusement park, was one that I was looking forward to doing with Jasey ever since her debut. Both of us love roller coasters and have been to a few parks together. When we both set out to a park together with a bunch of coworkers, I grabbed the camera and we went around the park capturing some shots of those little feet in front of some fun rides.

Then there is her Harry Potter Books and Socks set. This set was Jasey's idea all the way. She's a huge Potter fan and I love letting my models include things in their shoots that they enjoy. I even purposely used the set to mark her inclusion into the 1K Club. I knew she'd be "tickled" about that, although not tickled by me. Nope... No touching!

With one set still yet to be published, Jasey's footography is one with a lot of amazing sets that will only get better, I am sure. Before wrapping this up, I leave you a list of all of her sets and samples from each:

As I said above, I really hope to feature Jasey more on the site and ask her here, publicly if we can make that happen. I know all of you would certainly enjoy that too. Your love for her has been constant, as shown by some comments from her most recent samples posted to the Soles of Silk Instagram (@SolesofSilk) account.

eboymcnasty wrote, "Gawd I love this gurl she's so fine and her feet so yummy."

nickjam19 said, "We need to see much more of her and those sexy soles and beautiful feet."

hokie357 did, however, request, "Tell her don't tease...please."

I'm going to say it's a pretty safe bet that your wish is not going to happen, hokie357. I'll go with a 101 percent not going to happen. You, like me, should learn to love it and have it no other way.

Still, Jasey loves all of you and the support you show her. She had this to say in her 1K Club Interview in the members section of Soles of Silk, "Thank you for all of your love and support. It makes shooting so much more worth it."

I can't wait to have Jasey Rae back in front of my camera again in 2018. Although she won't be the first model to shoot this year, something she was in both 2016 and 2017, I still know we can find time to make this year one of her best yet. It'll be a challenge with her impressive resume above, but I think we'll both love the challenge. What do you say, Jasey Rae?

Jasey Rae and I rank this set among some of her best on the site.

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