Monday's Shoot - Audrey (New Model)

Today I had the pleasure of meeting and shooting the site's newest model, Audrey. A couple of weeks ago, Audrey reached out to me saying that her sister knows a few people who shoot for me and had showed her the site. Audrey was curious to know if seeking new models and decided to email me to ask. We exchanged a few emails and later, messages, before I asked her if she had any plans for today, Monday, April 30, 2018. Luckily for me, she was open for a few hours before work. With that, we made plans to do her first shoot.

I met Audrey and her sister, who came along today as well, at 11 a.m. Before you ask, no, her sister did not shoot. This was Audrey's day, but I'll be the first one to admit that just like Audrey, her sister is very attractive with some pretty feet. Will she model one day too? Perhaps. The door is open to her if she decides she'd like to. It would be awesome to have the two of them together as they were both very down to earth and fun to be around. I can just envision some silliness ensuing just based off the few hours I spent with them today.

After making our way to our first location, we faced our first of two issues on the day. A few months ago, I bought some really cool over the knee socks to use in a future set at some point. Well, I wanted to use them today, but low and behold, the security ink tag is still on them! I bought these things so long ago and I know I don't have the receipt anymore. Guess I'm going to have to search YouTube on how to get these things off. I really like those socks too, damnit! If I can get this tag off, I'll surely have Audrey use them in a future set.

Luckily, I had a couple additional pairs of socks in my bag. I had more back in the car, but we had walked a short way down a nature walk and I really didn't want to have to go back to the car. Audrey and her sister debated on which socks she should use and the pair they ultimately decided upon was the colorful emoji socks. They were only knee highs, but they're be adorable nonetheless. With her socks on, Audrey kicked up her size 9 feet and we got her first set under way.

Audrey bares her charming size 9 feet for the very first time.

Always one to try to keep first sets simple, so my new models can get a feel for the shoots, I had Audrey pull down the socks ever so slowly. I explained to her, as I often do, to think of the sock removal like a flip book. A little tug here, a little pull there. Let the process play out over numerous photos. That's exactly what she did.

When we reached the midway point of this first set, Audrey was finally barefoot. I had seen her feet in the sandals she had worn today when we met. I was in love with her polish choice, but I had yet to see her soles. The site is called "Soles" of Silk for a reason. They're my favorite parts and man... Audrey's were so smooth looking when she finally bared them to me.

"You have really cute feet, by the way," I playfully whispered to her so only she'd hear.

Almost immediately afterward, her sister told her that she has pretty feet. We laughed and I told her I just whispered the same thing to her sister.

From there, we finished up the set and Audrey's first video clip. I had her pull her socks off one more time for the video. Just like that first time, I was in awe of her pretty feet popping out of those socks the second time too.

For the next set I had more of a theme in mind. Audrey mentioned that she likes going to the gym, so I figured an outdoor workout set would be nice. We could even do it on the water. We had a workout mat and a bunch of props ready to go, so all I needed was Audrey in her workout gear. She changed really quick and even slipped her feet into her sneakers without socks. I playfully admitted that I'm a sucker for that in one of our recent chats and she remembered.

Audrey showing off her sweaty workout feet, fresh from sneakers with no socks.

Being out in the middle of the river saw our second issue of the day, one that was quite persistent too. The wind. We just couldn't win this fight with nothing to block the gusts, so Audrey pulled her hair back. Since I'm a fan of pony tails and hair being tied up, that sure didn't bother me. Plus, I think that it worked nicely with the overall theme here.

Audrey naturally began this set in her black workout sneakers. It was her sisters idea for her to wear all black since we had so many colors featured with the equipment. It was a good call.

I, of course, did a number of photos of Audrey with her shoes still on to begin. You know me, let the model wear those shoes for a bit without the socks. Get her feet a little moist in the process. During this time frame, I actually made mention of the regular fan requests for women with sweaty feet. Audrey and her sister laughed and then made jokes about Audrey's feet being perfect for them.

Even though we constantly fought the wind in this set, we did pretty good getting in some fun shots. The ones in the beginning had the shoes, the ones in the middle had the resistance cord, and the final ones even saw Audrey pour water over her feet to rinse the sweat off. When the set was done, we did our second clip and were on our way to another location.

Our original plan was to shoot in the same area as these previous two sets. By this time, however, the sun had moved in the sky and we weren't liking the background choices that would give the best lighting. I pitched an idea to go to another park that isn't too far away and give that a try. We all hopped into our cars and made our way there.

We had better luck at this location, although we still battled the wind. It wasn't as bad overall, but it was still something we had to contend with. Audrey pulled her sunglasses onto her head to help battle it a little bit. That's one of the little tricks I learned a while ago when fighting the wind - hairbands and sunglasses on the head can help immensely.

This final set we shot quickly. Audrey did have to get to work today, but we really wanted to get in three sets. With time drawing to a close, we went for a set with no real theme. Just Audrey wearing blue flip flops was all we were focusing on here. Honestly, that's all you need most of the time - an attractive model showing off her pretty feet.

Audrey kicking off her blue flip flops in our final set of the day.

Audrey began this set leaning up against a bench overlooking the water. We decided that this set would take place on the bench and boardwalk itself. Since her first set was contained to just the bench, this would give us a slightly different look.

As this day went on, I could see Audrey become more comfortable with the camera and poses I was asking of her. Her sister even came over to suggest certain things from time to time. I always like that as someone else's ideas are bound to be different that my own. Plus, with all the different people I shoot, Audrey's and her sister's ideas can also differ from those models. So I made sure to shot their pose ideas as well.

This set went by quite quickly, as did the clip, even though we had a few people come by. One group had six very large dogs. A couple of others had children. The last one however, made "friends" with Audrey's sister. She had such a wide-eyed look after he walked past. You could plainly read the "what the hell?" expression she had. I playfully asked her if she got his number.

With this set's conclusion, we made our way back to our cars. Audrey had to get to work, but before we departed I told her how much I appreciated all that she did. She said that she had a great time shooting and that I was easy to get along with. That's always a goal of mine. I like these shoots to be fun and something my friends, and those I'm meeting for the first time, will want to do again and again. I can't wait to see Audrey in front of the camera soon and we already have at least one idea lined up. It involves that slime kids play with. Yeah, she's up for getting her feet all messy. It'll be fun. I'll keep you all posted.

Before I conclude this blog, I'd like to mention something to everyone. Generally I always rush to get new models onto the site as soon as possible. With the "May I Have More Mindee?" event starting this week, and running throughout all of May, Audrey's debut on the site will take place on the June 6, 2018 update. Believe me, it'll be worth the wait. Plus, Audrey made the claim today that she's a top notch tease. So, just consider the month-long wait for Audrey and those charming size 9's a tease. By then, maybe I'll even have a few more sets done with her to chose from to publish for her debut. I do owe her a foot rub the next shoot, so why wait?

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