Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Preview - May I Have More Mindee?

May I Have More Mindee? will get kicked off with a set that Mindee, herself, picked.

Just two months ago I ran the first of two major month long events focusing around one model in 2018. The event was called, "Melani's March 1K," and focused soley on Melani for each of the four weeks during March. Now May is approaching and the second event, "May I Have More Mindee?" will do the same, focusing this time on, you guessed it, Mindee.

As was the case with Melani's event in March, each week during May will focus on Mindee. Both of these events were conceived because of the large number of photos that both did in 2017. They both went above and beyond, shooting more photos than any model ever had in a calendar year for me - Melani with 21 and Mindee with 40. Both these models easily made the top two spots on the 2017 Star Model listing. Knowing I will still shoot both here in 2018, I thought these events would be a great way to go through some of these two popular models' content for 2017. I don't want to add onto an already ridiculous amount of photo sets for each of these amazing models.

When I initially sat down to figure out what sets to use for Mindee's event, a notion hit me. What if instead of featuring just one of Mindee's sets each week, I featured two? With there being five weeks worth of updates in May, that would mean she'd have 10 total sets going up.

At first, I immediately withdrew myself from the idea, ultimately thinking that it was just too many sets to go up all at once. Then, as I thought about it more, I began to fall in love with the idea. My shift in thinking came mostly for one reason. The very first update during this event, May 2, will see Mindee join the 5K Club (5,000 photos). That is such an impressive number and one deserving of a memorable celebration. I immediately sent Mindee a text and asked her what she thought. Obviously, having 10 sets added to her photo count was something she was all for. I figured as much!

Already knowing which photo set would break the 5K mark, since I let Mindee pick it a few weeks prior, I started planning out the remaining four primary features myself. As for the secondary features, I went back to Mindee for her choices. I love involving her in the site as much as I can. She's been amazing to me for 14 years now and it's great when she gives me feedback and makes the call when I'm torn on what options to make. To help Mindee out, I made a graphic showing all five of the main sets going onto the site for the event. Under those, I placed 30 more unpublished sets featuring Mindee either solo, or with another model. I had five other sets that I decided not to include, however, as I have specific plans for those down the road. I sent this graphic to Mindee and told her to make the call. I have included this graphic above. What picks would you have made, if given the choice?

Now that Mindee has gotten her choices back to me, I want to preview each week of this five week event below, with it starting very soon. This blog will be featured for everyone to follow along, just as the "Preview - Melani's March to 1K" was during the duration of her event. Now, onto the sets going up each of these five weeks:

Week 1: May 2, 2018 - 5K Club
Mindee is the only Soles of Silk model to ever reach the 3K Club, 4K Club, and soon, the 5K Club. She's currently only one of two models, with the other being Cierra, to reach the 2K Club, although a few will be joining soon. I couldn't think of a better way to get this event off and running than with Mindee's breaking of the 5K mark.

I let Mindee pick which set of hers she wanted to break the mark with and she chose her set with her Booby Trap shirt and wild stockings. She looked so good in this set and I think she did a damn fine job picking out a set for the occasion.

For the follow up set, Mindee seeked out some advice and her sandals set at the playground was selected. This is a good pairing since it's an outdoor set with sandals and I know those feet got nice and moist during that set.

Week 2: May 9, 2018 - Mother's Day
Truth be told, when I was originally planning these events earlier this year, Mindee was going to take March and Melani take May. What caused me to change my mind was remembering that Mother's Day falls in May and since Mindee's mom, Shelby, also shoots, what better way to mark the occasion than with a model pairing for the May 9th update? I love seeing their feet together!

Mindee's secondary feature selection for Week 2 is none other than her crayons themed set. I loved this set and it involves a lot of socks for all you sock lovers out there. And if you like colorful sets, this one has it in spades.

Week 3: May 16, 2018
This was the one week where nothing stood out for a theme, so I just went with a food set since I didn't have one for any of the other updates. With Mindee doing so many of those last year too, I sure had a lot to chose from. I went with her Twinkee smashing set. They sure do taste good... also taste good straight from the packaging too.

The Week 3 secondary set keeps with my request to not have similar themes and is the lone sneakers set of the event. Mindee brought the black sneakers, seen above, with her to one of our shoots at the end of 2017. Naturally, I had her put her feet in them, without socks, and then pull them off for the camera. Of course, I let her wear them around the room for a bit while I "got things ready." I'm totally sure she knows I come up with excuses all the time now to have her feet cook inside her shoes when she's not wearing socks. Oh well... Guilty!

Week 4: May 23, 2018 - Memorial Day (USA)
Speaking of socks, when Mindee and I shot the Suite Feet Saga series last year, one of the sets she did was with a pair of American flag socks. It happened during Part 4, if you wish to see how the shoot itself went. Anyhow, I have saved this shoot for a chance to post it during an American themed holiday. With Memorial Day falling during May as well, I figured it was the perfect time to publish it and really make this a memorable month of Mindee.

For the set accompanying this one, a simple barefoot set that actually began the whole Suite Feet Saga series, which you can find in the blog, "Suite Feet Saga, Prequel - Mindee." I swear, Mindee and I can just sit down practically anywhere and do a fun foot fetish shoot. This is one of the sets that proves it. Nothing more than a staircase and railing was needed for Mindee to put those heavenly size 8's on display.

Week 5: May 30, 2018 - My Birthday
I always like when things come full circle. Last year Mindee shot three different sets with Melani. With both having events focused upon them this year, I thought posting one of those sets would be the perfect way to end the "May I Have More Mindee?" event. Both ladies just owned 2017 and quite frankly, both owned me as well. I couldn't get enough camera time in with either of them, so it is only fitting that for the week of my birthday, I feature the both of them together to cap these events off. You've also already seen this set teased on the splash screen on the Soles of Silk homepage and on the Soles of Silk Twitter (@SolesofSilk) and Instagram (@SolesofSilk) pages. If your feedback on wanting to see this set is any indication of how popular this set is going to be, then I think I picked the perfect finale.

But wait, there's more! The secondary feature has Mindee downtown, showing off her bare feet one more time. Well, one more time for this event. She has a ton more sets yet to come, as you can see by that graphic I sent her above. In this one, however, she showcases those lovely wrinkled soles and multi-colored toes in front of an old boat that was being restored.

So, are you ready for this event? If you're a fan of Mindee, this would be the perfect month to pick up a membership. I normally don't say things like that in my blogs, but it really is. I won't badger anyone to join, but the sheer amount of Mindee content you're going to get is unreal. Add in the 67 existing galleries, countless clips, interviews (new one coming during this event as well), and more, and you'll be pressed to enjoy it all in 30 days time! I couldn't blame you for trying though!

Join Soles of Silk today to see this and over 10 years of foot fetish content!

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