Monday, April 16, 2018

Sunday's Shoot - Charlee

Early last week I struck up a conversation with Charlee to see how she was doing. Long story short, she told me that she moved out of state and was no longer local. I had no idea and we talked about some things. She told me that she'd be back home in a month or so and that we should try to set up some time to shoot. I agreed and we left it at that.

A few days later, Charlee hit me up again and told me that she was actually coming home that weekend to see family. She also said that if I had any free time, she'd like to shoot for me. Knowing that our shoots might be limited now due to the distance between us, I told her I'd be down. The weather last weekend was amazing around here, getting into the 70's. Of course, the day we planned to shoot, it rained all day and dropped down into the 40's. Indoor photos it was!

Our shoot began around 4 p.m., or was it closer to 4:30 p.m.? I can't remember. I was too busy giving Charlee a foot rub. She had been pretty much insisting that in text messages leading up to the shoot that I would be rubbing her feet. No arguments from me!

"Ready?" she asked.

"Yup," I replied as I grabbed her feet and began rubbing.

"I told you I was starting this day off with a foot rub," I added.

Charlee just laughed and enjoyed the first of several foot rubs of the day. Her feet were bare and I just did my thing. Knowing we were starting off the day with some reinforced stockings, however, I fully planned on giving her another rub once they were on. I also told her I'd be doing this in our conversations, so she, I'm sure, expected it.

Charlee's first set of the day featured a pair of reinforced stockings.

Now, I've shot Cuban heel before, but this pair didn't have the same shape reinforcement on the sole. I really liked how these looked though and am going to go back to the store and buy some more. The stockings were quite sheer and you could easily see Charlee's toes in them as she pulled them on her feet. Once on, however, the black reinforcements totally blacked out her soles and toes completely. This set certainly had a classic look to it because of those stockings.

The way we shot this set saw Charlee begin the set barefoot. Throughout the course of the set, she pulled the stockings on. Normally, I have my sets start with the stockings on and the model take them off. We just wanted tackle this one a little bit differently. I mean, after all, people do put their stockings on. Why not capture it that way from time to time?

Oh yeah, once Charlee's stockings were both on, I sat that camera down and began giving Charlee the second foot rub of the day. She gave me a little smirk and I just told her that she knew I was going to do this. Stocking clad foot rubs aren't a regular for me, which surprised her a bit.

"As much as you shoot stockings and you don't get to do them much?" she asked.

"I don't shoot stockings a ton, and not every single set that I do results in a foot rub," I explained. "So yeah, these are a nice little treat when I can give them."

Once this second massage was over, Charlee then prepared to go ahead and pull off the stockings. I set the camera to video and filmed them coming off. We did it in this manner because we couldn't see having Charlee pull the stockings off, just to put them on again in the video, then pull them off afterward. So the video was the opposite order of the set.

Now that her first set was over, it was time to do the second. We decided to stay on the bed and have this set be a little more casual. I brought my Playstation Vita and a bunch of games. People always seem to enjoy the nerdy gamer themes whenever I do them, so why not do one here? I only recently picked up the orange Vita, a Japanese import, and thought this was the perfect opportunity to include it in a set.

Charlee was kicking some ass, so she said, in a fighting game during this set.

Perhaps one of the biggest things you're going to notice with this set is Charlee's short hair. Charlee rarely, if ever, has the same kind of haircut or style from shoot to shoot. She's always changing it and told me before we shot that she had cut it super short. She wasn't kidding, but for some people it just works. For her, it does. For the stocking set prior, obviously, she used a wig that she had brought along, which I also think she looked good wearing.

This gamer themed set I kept totally simple. I told Charlee to just play the game and move about the bed. I rarely, if ever, gave her a pose to strike. I might have said to spread her toes or whatever, but the majority of this set was kept to her playing the game and us in a voyeur role, just admiring her feet. I thought this set lent itself to that kind of tone. When this set is published, you'll see that a good number of the photos don't even have Charlee looking at the camera. That's because she was actually playing "Arcana Heart 3: Love Max!!!!!" and, according to her, kicking ass. 

While she was kicking that ass, I made sure to do a short pause to give Charlee her third foot rub of the day. She smiled and just knew I was going to be pampering her feet all evening. Our shoots have always been that way, honestly. Great photos and lots of time spent by me massaging her feet - something she said she misses being so far away. She also told me, however, that has a friend where she lives who also has a foot fetish. She let him rub her feet, which I gave her a hard time about, playfully, of course. She swears it was only one time, but knowing how much Charlee loves having her feet rubbed, I'm just a little doubtful.

With two sets in the books Charlee looked at her clothing options, grabbed a few things and went into the bathroom. When she came back out, she grabbed the thin sparkly black socks I had brought along, that she absolutely loved. The finishing touch was a pair of purple/pink heels she also packed with her outfits. She pulled both of those on and we got the third set underway.

Charlee loved these sparkly black socks I brought along with me.

Not having a ton of room, we shot our third straight set on the bed. My lights were already set up, so it just worked out nicely for us. She took her place on the bed with both the socks and heels on. That meant in this set they'd all be coming off, instead of putting them on, like in the first set.

Naturally, once those heels came off, I grabbed Charlee's feet again and gave them yet another massage. It wasn't the longest one of the day, but I wanted to feel her feet in those thin socks. I could feel the sparkly material with each press of my fingers. Since these socks were so thin, they honestly felt more like stockings, but with that added gritty feel of the sparkles.

Before wrapping up this third set, Charlee stuck her heels on her bare feet for a few shots as well. I like doing that when I can so that we can get different looks in for people who like different aspects of the fetish. If you like heels with the socks, or heels and bare feet, you can find it in this set. You can also see just the socks, or the socks with the heels. A little bit of everything.

Now it was time for our final set. The messy one that we planned to end the evening because we knew we'd have to clean up afterward. And what would we be cleaning up? Creampie! Yeah, creampie clean up. Banana, to be exact.

Charlee making a mess out of a banana creampie.

For this set we used the bench in front of the large window. We were up on the 12th floor. I wonder if anyone had been watching us all day. If so, they were about to get a real show.

Charlee took her place on the bench and we sat the banana creampie out in front of her feet. We did some barefoot poses so the entire set wouldn't have her feet covered in whipped cream and the banana creampie itself. Again, a little something for everyone as I know food smashing isn't everyone's cup of tea. They're just so fun to do and a lot of people do like it.

Once Charlee got going with the pie, the mess quickly ensued. The pie, however, was still frozen in the middle so smashing it entirely took some work. Still, whipped cream was all over and even made its way onto the bench itself. Good thing the photographer was good at clean up at the conclusion of this one.

With that, we wrapped up the evening and Charlee went and spent some more time with her family. I'm glad she had some time to spare for me and I wish her the best of luck where she's at in life. Hopefully we'll be able to meet up when she visits again. It will be nice to have some extra sets of her in case we don't get to see each other for a while.

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