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Soles of Silk - 2005's Star Models

Beginning in 2015 I began naming Soles of Silk's Star Models, which was a listing of the three models who shot the most photos that calendar year. While putting together 2017's Star Model list, I began to wonder just who the site's Star Models were from 2004-14. That curiosity got the best of me and I decided to go ahead and retroactively name those star models in a blog series. I had quite a few surprises along the way too. (Remember: These are sets shot, not published during the course of the year.)

My first full year of shooting for Soles of Silk led to numerous new models. Most were my every day friends, and some happened to be foot models from other sites. Early on I established that Soles of Silk would be a mix of both, with my casual take on content. I've never been about shooting in studios, using backdrops, and the like. My idea has always been to portray my models, no matter how "professional" they are, in everyday settings. And above all else, I wanted my models to be having fun. That's always been my goal and still is today.

Now, onto 2005's Star Models*:

2. (tied) Lexi
Debuted: 2005
# of sets posed for in 2005: 6

Didn't I say that Soles of Silk was a mix of friends and foot models from around the web? Well, at the time, they didn't come any more well known than Lexi from Lexi's Foot Fetish. She was overly popular, especially with fans on Wu's Feet Links. Needless to say, it was huge when I showed people the photos I had done with her.

When I reached out to Lexi to shoot, I wasn't sure what to expect. When she agreed, I was pumped! I drove over eight hours just to see her. We shot six sets in our only meeting. It should have actually been less as her friend, and fellow model on her site, Jenn, was also supposed to shoot. Jenn was a no show and Lexi did extra sets because she felt bad that I had drove all that way. She was a class act.

Lexi and I had talked about meeting up again, but as time went on, she stopped replying to emails. I have no idea where she is, or what she's up to today. I would have made that drive often to get in more photos with her, that's for sure!

2. (tied) Molly
Debuted: 2005
# of sets posed for in 2005: 6

I got one of my "biggest" additions to Soles of Silk in 2005, in Molly. I say "biggest" because she quickly established herself with her size 11 feet as one of the site's most popular models - even in a year with Lexi, the twins (below), and Layla (bottom) all shooting for the first time.

Molly sure did love the camera. She had done some work of a more adult nature prior to shooting with me. She had no problem keeping it a little more tame and showing off her big feet though. In fact, I think she relished in the ability to have someone totally mesmerized by just her feet. Unless that was just her reaction to the photographer before her?

2. (tied) Kimmie
Debuted: 2005
# of sets posed for in 2005: 6

When you have something great, it's even better when you have two of said thing. Well, that's what happened when the identical twin duo of Kimmie and Kellie (below) debuted on Soles of Silk. Both twins shot a lot and had a blast with whatever I asked of them. I couldn't ask for more willing models/friends.

The only thing that turned out not to be identical with the two was the fact that Kellie squeezed in one more set than her sister before the end of the year. Kimmie had to meet up with her then boyfriend, leaving Kellie and I to shoot an extra set, which is the one shown down below. Now, onto Kellie.

1. (tied) Kellie
Debuted: 2005
# of sets posed for in 2005: 7

Most of the time I got to shoot Kimmie and Kellie, we did so together. There was no way I wasn't going to get in sets with identical twins as often as I could. Still, a few solo sets did come to be, which is how Kellie came away with just one more set than her sister in the year they debuted.

Both twins were massively over and would go on to become regular models for me in the years after. Whether it was Kimmie or Kellie, I couldn't pass up a chance to shoot with either of these two beauties. Plus, they really loved having their feet rubbed - even together! Nope, I'm not bragging! Okay, maybe I am.

1. (tied) Layla
Debuted: 2005
# of sets posed for in 2005: 7

Talk about someone who arrived and made an everlasting impression on Soles of Silk! Layla and I had never met before. We exchanged messages on One Model Place, when we both had profiles on the site, and decided to work together. I knew right away, that first shoot, that I had a surefire hit on my hand. Her feet were perfection and she was beautiful. That first shoot would lead to others. From there, our friendship grew and she'd find her way in front of my camera quite often.

To this day, Layla remains as one of my site's most photographed models, falling just short of the 2K Club (2,000 photos). I thought she'd end up breaking that easily, but she moved away eventually.

Thanks for joining me on this stroll through Soles of Silk's history. I always aim to give my models as much credit as possible. Without them, Soles of Silk wouldn't be what it is. Please be sure to check out the next retroactive installment where I cover 2006's Star Models.

* When I began naming Soles of Silk's Star Models in 2015, I decided to list the three most photographed models of the year. When going back to do these blogs retroactively, it became apparent that there would be many ties. Due to this fact, you will often see more than three models featured.

Retroactive Star Model Leader Count (as of 2005)

This portion of the blog was added in November 2017 when I went back to do the Star Models of years past (2004-14). I wanted to see which models made the most appearances throughout the years and who actually shot the most, well, the most? Wanting to know this information, I decided to share the results at the conclusion of these blogs as they progress. I will include this on each and every installment moving forward.

Most Overall Appearances
  • 1 appearance - Madison (2004), Lauryn (2004), Lisa Tyler (2004), Sue Lovely (2004), Kellie (2005), Molly (2005), Kimmie (2005), Lexi (2005), Layla (2005)

Most Overall 1st Place Appearances
  • 1 appearance - Madison (2004), Kellie (2005), Layla (2005)

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