Sunday's Shoot - Alexa

It's been about a month since I last shot any new content. To be honest, I haven't been focused on scheduling new shoots. Instead I've been trying to enjoy life a little bit by hitting up some amusement parks and spending time with some friends. Life has been pretty busy this year, with some awesome things happening, and some not so great things. I have, however, managed to shoot a ton of content up until this point and am currently sitting on over 90 sets, featuring 20 different models. Because of that, it has made my decision to not focus on shooting these last few weeks all the much easier. Had Alexa not hit me up for photos, today would just have been another day to relax and/or focus on some other things needing to be done. But Alexa did ask me to shoot, and I'm glad she did.

This is my third time shooting Alexa this year. She's one of the site's newer models, shooting her first sets back in May (see blog: "Sunday's Shoot - Alexa"). She has done some great sets so far, and as a matter of fact, 10 of those 90-plus sets feature Alexa. So if you're a fan of Alexa and her soft feet, you'll be seeing a lot of her in the months to come. And yes, her feet are indeed soft. I rubbed them a few times today and even had them pressed to my nose a time or two. Yup, I'm totally bragging!

I ate quite a few pieces of Twizzlers during this set. All used, of course.

Today's first set was one we weren't sure about doing at first. To be honest, we kind of just went with the flow today, not having ideas in place beforehand. What ended up happening for this first set was Alexa braiding some long Twizzlers between her toes while at a playground. Yes, this is similar to what Cierra did back in 2015 (see blog: "Sunday's Shoot, Part 1 - Cierra"), and was done for a reason. I'm not ready to share the reason for doing the same theme just yet as it is playing up to something in the future. That is also why you might have noticed some similar themes done in previous sets shot in 2017 and will continue to see moving forward. I'll share more about this as time goes on.

Anyhow, this was a fun little set. No one was around, so we could be as silly as we wanted. Multiple times throughout this set, I'd bite a piece of Twizzlers that were between Alexa's toes. Hey, I didn't get to eat before we began shooting today! I would have never ate something a female put between her toes otherwise... Okay, that's total bullshit. It was more enticing because of that fact!

After our set was finished, we shot a video clip and made our way back to my car. I had an idea in mind for a second location because the plan was to do something with a pair of Alexa's high heels. That didn't turn out to be what we did, however, and I'm happy that it turned to be the case.

Alexa always brings the neatest leggings for her sets.

Upon arriving at our second location, Alexa began showing me some of the clothing she had brought with her. She packed a few bags full because we didn't really have any exact plans for the day's shoot. When she pulled out a pair of leggings covered in skulls, however, I fell in love with them. She matched up a shirt and some chunky shoes and then got changed.

The spot we used for this set was an old fireplace and chimney left behind from a long gone house. Alexa began the set at the base of the fireplace, but before long she climbed up to a ledge above. This allowed me to get eye level with her feet and it meant that I had so many great views of her pulling those shoes and socks off. This ended up being both of our favorite set from the three we did today.

Having gotten a later start than normal today, we had time to do another set before calling it quits. Since it had rained all day yesterday, I had tossed around the idea to do a muddy feet set when we were shooting the Twizzlers set earlier. Alexa seemed to like the idea, so we went ahead and made it happen. Obviously, we saved this one for last since it would potentially be messy.

Alexa squished her pretty feet into some mud prior to this set.

After a quick outfit change, Alexa and I walked around the park, looking for a good spot to shoot. The clouds were no longer overhead, but my biggest concern was all the trees and the shadows they created. A few minutes of walking around ultimately led us back to the front of the park. Time was of the essence, so we'd go simple for this one. The focus was going to be muddy feet, so we didn't need some exotic location. Nope. A picnic table would serve it's purpose and that's what we used.

The ground was already muddy when we sat down to start. Alexa, however, wanted to moisten it up just a little. We squirted some water onto the mud and she smeared her feet into the brown earth. She was laughing right away, like most of my models have done sticking their feet into mud over the years. I took a few photos of her pressing those feet down, but I needed to see those soles! That's when she stuck them up onto the table in the pose above.

From this point on, Alexa moved about the table and its benches showing off her soiled soles. I told her to do whatever she wanted to with her feet and I shot with little instruction. Even though we moved fast, however, the mud did dry up on her feet a few times. Due to that, she smushed them back down into the moist mud twice more and struck more poses afterward.

After any shoot like this you have to clean up, naturally. I suggested to Alexa that we shoot a clip to capture the process. She liked the idea, so I grabbed a towel, more water, and some soap. By the end of that clip, her feet were clean enough to eat Twizzlers from again. Too bad they were back in the car! Oh well, we were both hungry, so we wrapped up and headed off to eat dinner after a good day of shooting.

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