Sunday, May 7, 2017

Sunday's Shoot - Alexa (New Model)

For the last few weeks I've been talking to one of Jasey Rae's friends, named Alexa, about shooting for Soles of Silk. Jasey mentioned to me that she has a rather large high heel collection and that she'd probably enjoy shooting for me. She introduced us online and ever since we've been planning on getting together to shoot.

Our first scheduled shoot didn't end up working out, but today's did and what a fun time it was! Things started off basic, but by the end, she was making a mess out of a Mexican pizza right out in the open. More on that later...

Alexa and I met up around 3 p.m. today. Our first shoot would be super simple. I asked her to bring some shoes and we'd kick things off with a set where she could pull them off her feet throughout the set. When she got into my car, she was wearing a pair of black flats, so that's what we went with in this first one.

The location used for this set was one I've come to rely on a few times now. It's a boardwalk and trail along a river. I found the spot a few years ago and no one ever seems to be in the area, unless they're going out to their boats. Even then, they're usually just passing by and I'm left with a spot where my models can shoot without being watched, or the focus of other's attention. It works out well when getting someone new in front of the camera, so that's where we ended up.

I told Alexa to just stick her feet any which way for a few shots and she did this pose.

After explaining all the basics of my shoots, Alexa was on a bench and slowly pulling off her flats. She was very energetic, which was surprising since she had a very, very late night - getting a couple hours of sleep only several hours before we were scheduled to shoot. I kept that in mind the few times I reached out to rub her size 7.5 feet. I didn't want her dozing off to my award winning foot rubs. I'm sure she wouldn't have minded, however. She told me I can rub them anytime, especially when I told her how Jasey enjoys teasing me and ultimately denying me her feet when we shoot. I don't think that will be the case with Alexa.

This shoot ended up going by pretty quickly, although we did stop a few times to talk. For someone I had never met prior to today, we sure did manage to converse about anything and everything. It kept things super casual, which is something I always strive for when I shoot. Today was indeed, just that.

Alexa pulled her flats back on once we wrapped up the set for her first ever video clip. I gave her a few more instructions, and just like with her photos, she nailed it without a problem. She then pulled her flats back on one more time for our walk back to the car.

It was during our short walk that Alexa expressed how hungry she was. I told her I'd treat her to some food either now, or after we shot the second set. Since we were in a location where we could easily shoot a second set, Alexa said she was fine to do one more. With that, she went ahead and got changed inside my car.

When Alexa emerged, she asked me if I wanted her to wear a pair of red flats that matched her shirt, or a pair of black heels. Since she had just shot flats, I said to go with the heels for variety. I'm glad we did too! Alexa's black heels were super sparkly, along with her bright red shirt and sparkly toenails. All three managed to catch the sun quite nicely in many of the photos in this set.

Alexa's black sparkly heels worked quite well with her red sparkly shirt and toenail polish.

We went down by the water for Alexa's second shoot. The background was great and we thought we could make use of the wide railings of the walkway down before the pier. We ended up being right and shot most of the set up on them. I thought about having her get down onto the walkway itself a few times, but then the background would have been lost. I just loved how she looked posed in front of all that blue and green with her red and white outfit.

Things moved along at a steady pace in this set. Alexa was doing poses without me even having to ask. I told her it was super simple and she'd pick things up in no time when we began. And that, she did. The only snag we hit during this set was not of our own doing. It came from a gentleman walking by.

"Drop down a little bit lower for the angle," this man said to me coming up from behind.

"Thanks," I replied, a little puzzled.

He caught me off guard, but I figured he must be into photography and was just offering some friendly advice. He continued walking down to the pier, so we went back to shooting. A few minutes later, however, he came back up. From there, he asked us a few questions about the area as he was looking to move and was thinking about some nearby condos. Like an idiot, I gave him a bunch of details about the area and then he began talking about photography and how long he's been doing it.

After about 10 to 15 minutes, Alexa mentioned it being a little colder now that the clouds had overtaken the sun. The man apologized for tying us up and departed. The conversation wasn't bad at all, but I did a poor job of trying to hurry it along. Nevertheless, Alexa and I picked right back up to finish off the set and video clip.

Now it was time to eat! Alexa and I tossed around the idea earlier about maybe doing a set with some food in it for the third and final set of the day. She loved the idea and decided to go with Taco Bell. That worked out well since we didn't have a ton of time and Alice has already done a set with some fast food from McDonald's a few years ago (see blog: "Monday's Shoot - Alice"). So off to Taco Bell we were.

Alexa and I sat down to eat (although she made me get back up and go sit at the "big table"). Was it a short person thing? I dunno? But we ate our food and then went back to the counter to order a Mexican pizza. This wasn't to eat, although I'm sure many of you would have loved a bite after where this ended up. And if you guessed under her adorable feet, then you are correct!

With our spicy prop in hand, we hopped back into my car and were off to a nearby elementary school. We were looking for some bleachers where we could be off and away from everyone. What we found, however, was a set of bleachers right by the parking lot, the playground, a walking path, and a ball diamond. If we shot there, people would eventually walk by, but that's all we had. And just like we predicted, on several occasions, people sure did come walking by!

Alexa was all about getting her feet messy and loved how it felt.

"I don't care if people see me with my feet in a Mexican Pizza," Alexa told me. "Normally I would, but maybe you're getting me on a day where I'm not feeling too shy."

We laughed and made our way over to the bleachers. Looks like we were going to put her statement to the test. No one was around at the moment, so we agreed that we should try and shoot this one quickly. Plus, it was a little chilly and Alexa was wearing shorts in this one. I didn't want her to feel any less comfortable.

For the first few pictures I didn't let Alexa stick her feet into the pizza. I kept them close, but not quite there. I wanted a few barefoot shots, followed by a few teasing shots of her toes just about to dip in. If I've learned one thing from Jasey over the years, sometimes the tease is often better than the please. So tease we did!

Once I told Alexa to dip her toes in for the first time, you should have seen her facial expression. Her eyes opened wide and she started laughing instantly. "It feels so good," she said.

From this point I had her slowly move her second foot into the picture for a few shots. Then I asked her to place her heels in. Again, Alexa's expression was one of pure delight. She really liked how this felt on her feet. Now that her toes and heels were tinted orange from the sauce, it was then time to get her soles coated as well.

"Put those feet flat into the pizza," I instructed.

For the third time I watched Alexa's facial expressions change from intrigue to almost a bliss. She wasn't lying when she said how much she loved how this felt. It was at this point I just told her to go to town and squish it up however she wanted.

"Go to town," I said.

The final touches then came when she opened a few packs of the fire sauce and began pouring it over her toes, and then in between them - those same toes my fingers earlier found themselves in between earlier. This was great! I'm sure the man who walked by us around this time wondered what the hell we were doing. He kept looking back toward us once he hit the parking lot. A few other people had passed us earlier, but he's the one that seemed like he noticed what we were up to. We were also farthest along in how messy her feet were when he came walking by. Really wasn't any hiding it at that point.

"Oh well. I hope he has a foot fetish," I said.

When it came time to clean up, Alexa made a joke or two about me cleaning it up. "I don't like Mexican pizza," I explained.

"You do today," she replied.

I laughed, walked by, stuck my finger between her saucy toes and licked it off. She laughed so hard. Not sure if she expected that. It was a great way to cap off our shoot since we were having so much fun together.

Alexa went ahead and started cleaning herself up as I got our stuff packed up. It was then time to head back to the car and call it a day. We only had a short drive to get back to her house, but we managed to toss around some ideas for getting together again. Alexa said how much fun she had and how she can't wait to shoot again. We're both looking forward to getting Jasey and her together in a set. I can't either as I know the two of them are going to be a blast to shoot being good friends. I'm already planning on giving Alexa one hell of a foot rub that day just to show Jasey what it's like to be teased. Time to turn the tables!

In closing, I'd like to thank Alexa for shooting today, even though you barely got any sleep, you did great. You were so easy to get along with, which made things such a breeze. I'm glad you had a good time and we will certainly be shooting more in the near future. Until then, be nice to those pretty size 7.5 feet of yours!

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