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Models I Miss - Madison

Madison was once the site's most photographed model and held that title for many years.

"I love having my feet rubbed! Always have, always will. I don't have any certain spot that I like being rubbed because to me, as long as you're rubbing them, I'm a happy girl."
- Madison: Modeling Interview

Welcome to an all new ongoing blog series here on the Soles of Silk Blog. This blog series is going to focus on some of my former models who have either stopped modeling, moved, or are just someone I've lost touch with. Many of these models have not posed for a new set in years, but still get quite a few emails asking about them. These are the models that I miss, and would welcome back with open arms in a heartbeat should they ever decide to pose again, or we are able to get in touch once more.

When I first began thinking about the models who could be featured in this blog series, a number of names came to mind. It only took me a few seconds, however, to decide who I wanted to kick this series off with. That model is Madison.

If you were checking out Soles of Silk when it debuted in 2004, you're probably very familiar with Madison. If not, she was what Cierra and Mindee have become over the years - someone who was always willing and most importantly, wanting to pose her feet. She really enjoyed it and even helped me come up with some of her own themes.

Although Madison's last update was in 2010, the last time she posed was in 2009. She was in the lead, by far, for most of that time when it came to photo count and the total number of sets on the site. Even though her last update was six years ago, she still ranks fourth in both number of photos (1,832) and total galleries (28) today. It's crazy to think what her numbers would look like today if she posed as frequently as she was this entire time. I'm thinking she'd be at the 4,000 photo mark or higher. 

I can honestly say, at one point, Madison was my go to female friend. I shared things with her that I didn't tell other people. I always trusted her and valued our friendship. It made things that much better when I had a friend, like her, ready at a moment's notice to do a new shoot for the site. It was even better that she'd ask me to shoot too. We had such fun doing each and every set we did - and boy did we have some memorable ones!

Right off the bat, when Madison came over to do her first photo sets for the site, we made such a mess out of my kitchen. It was following her Strawberry Shortcake set and her feet were a sweet, icing covered mess! I had the bright idea to fill the plastic lid from the cake's packaging with water so she could clean her feet off. Well, a few seconds into her feet being in the water, the plastic split and water went everywhere!

Then there was the time Madison and Lauryn met me in a hotel room and shot a few sets. One of the sets the girls did together had a pillow fighting theme, complete with feathers to do some tickling. Needless to say, Lauryn had some pouty looks when Madison put her size 8.5 feet all over her face (see left thumbnail). I'm also sure housekeeping found a ton of feathers the next morning.

Oh! And then there was the Oreo cookie and milk idea (see middle thumnail)! We piled an entire pack of Oreos on a plate and Madison posed her slender feet right on top of those yummy cookies. When it came time for her to pour the milk on them, it was cute for a few photos, but it quickly became a sloppy mess! That was kind of the plan all along, but I didn't realize the cookies would turn into mush that fast. It still tasted quite nice, however!

And speaking of a mess, here's another one that doesn't involve food. The last time Madison and I shot I had the bright idea to combine two popular requests into one set. Those requests being baby oil and lotion (see right thumbnail). Well, those two things sure don't mix and half way into the set her feet looked the entire stock of a certain kind of "bank" was spilled all over them. I'll just leave that to your imagination.

As you can see, Madison and I often found ourselves laughing our asses off during our shoots. Our times weren't always goofy, however. Many of the shoots Madison and I did were just super relaxed. We'd move at our own pace, often stopping for me to rub her feet, or even smell them. Yeah, Madison didn't have any problems wearing shoes without socks, or some well worn footwear all day at work before coming over to shoot. She also had zero issue with me putting my nose to her toes - even when they were super moist. She wasn't one of those girls afraid of how bad they might stink. She'd never switch shoes out her shoes or socks, or lotion her feet prior. Nope! Madison would leave them as is for me. Plus, if her feet were going to be lotioned, she was making me do it. I sure do miss that!

Madison was a feature model for Wu's Feet Links back in 2008.

In 2008 Madison was featured in the third Wu's Feet Links feature set from Soles of Silk - a set titled, "Piggy Bank Piggies." I was ever so happy to have Madison represent the site that year. Wu was a fan of hers and told us to come up with whatever idea we wanted. 

So here we are six years since her last update. I do have a way to contact Madison, but when she left, she didn't say bye, or even answer any messages I sent her for during those first few months. I was a little insulted, but got over the feeling. She moved on with life, I guess, and as sad as I was to lose someone I adored so much, I just wish her the best with whatever is going on. I would still welcome her back, should that ever become a possibility. I'm doubtful that it will happen, but never say never!

That wraps up the first installment of this blog series. Keep an eye out for future installments with some other highly missed models. I know I'm not the only one who misses these girls!

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