Friday, September 22, 2017

Summer 2017 - The Season of Alice

Alice loves them large and Summer 2017 sure was huge for her.

This year the summer season took place from June 21 - September 22, 2017. If you look at all the updates that took place during that time span, one model owned the season. That model is none other than Alice. With 411 photos to show for those four months, the next closest model to her was Mindee with 211. Alice was only 11 photos short of doubling Mindee's photo count, with 200 more photos published than her. And now that I'm writing this, isn't it odd... 411, 211, 11 photos shy of doubling? I swear the number 11 really is Alice's number. It comes up in quinky-dink ways with her all the time!

Now, back to the reason I'm writing this blog. Typically, with so many different models and themes, I don't always get the chance to post a model in back to back months. Mindee has long been an exception to that rule as I always have so much content of her shot and ready to go. Alice, however, has joined her in that regard. Alice shoots, and shoots a lot! The summer of 2017 put some of her best sets, in my opinion (and hers), out there for all to see.

This set was published just prior to the summer's start.

The month of June itself got Alice off to an amazing start. Her Eat Me shirt set on the beach was published on June 7 and contained 108 photos. Those 108 photos aren't even counted toward her total, however, as it went online a full two weeks before summer began. It certainly did heat things up, however. Call it foreplay, if you will. And according to Alice, she loves foreplay. How fitting is the foreplay comparison with the wording on her shirt above?

Later that same month, the set at the top of this blog was published, on June 28, to celebrate the upcoming Fourth of July holiday. Just like her Wu's Feet Links feature that was shot the same day as these two aforementioned sets, this Hot Dog Size Tease set was planned so far in advance and was held onto for 2017. A total of 87 photos made up this fun set with an obvious message of "bigger is better."

"I like the hot dog set because it was so much fun comparing the different sizes," Alice said. "I also like raw hot dogs. They used to be my favorite as a kid."

After some big wieners found their way between Alice's big feet (a match made in heaven), the set I had been teasing for a full year on this blog was finally published, "The SK8R Gal Who Wears Size 11 Skates." This set was the July 2017 Wu's Feet Links feature and easily moved into the top spot for my favorite Wu's feature that I've ever shot. Alice owned the set, looking so great in her rainbow striped thigh high socks, funky colored outfit, purple and blue hair, and her friend's skates. My favorite thing about this set was the super slow sock removal tease, something Alice is an expert at. When those skates were finally off, and those socks were peeled from two super sweaty feet, they were unbelievably moist. I couldn't help but rub them and smell them a few times, especially since we shot 138 photos during the course of this one. Naturally I gave her another foot rub back in the car afterward for a job well done.

"My Wu's Feet Links set is absolutely my favorite set ever. How could it not be yours too? Just kidding...," Alice joked. "I had been wanting to do a roller skate shoot for such a long time, and the colors in that set, with my hair, outfit, and props... it just came together so well!"


July wasn't over, however. With everyone talking about sharks with Shark Week about to hit television, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to post her final set from her day at the beach in 2016. The theme of this set was shark bites. A little bit of creativity went into this one. The idea for this set was one I had been thinking about for quite some time. I'm just so glad it was Alice who got to do it and that she was just as excited about it as I was. This set ended up adding another 93 images to the mix. I'm sure a few of you would love to chew on Alice's flip flops too.

With Alice's prominence during June and July, I didn't even post any of her sets in August. The beach theming on Soles of Silk wasn't done, however, as I rushed an amazing set of Melani onto the site that saw her squishing some watermelons under her much smaller feet. I loved that set, but it was because of Alice's constant beach theme that I decided to go ahead and get that set online too. It just felt right. Summer wasn't over yet though, and neither was Alice. One more set would find it's way onto Alice's model page, but not one done during our day at the beach.

The September 20 update saw Alice in downtown Baltimore taking some selfies, with a lot of focus on her amazing size 11 feet. She has sent me numerous photos of her feet via cellphone over the years, so this theme was perfect for her. I even had her send me the photos she took while we shot the set so I could post them to her page as well. So when you add the main set of 77 photos, the 16 photo mini-set of selfies, and the sets mentioned above, you end up with her remarkable 411 photo count for the summer of 2017.

"I think this stretch of photo sets has been my best so far," Alice said. "There's certainly more to come, or is it cum? Well, for everyone not named Patrick, that is. That's something he certainly isn't allowed to do... ever! Refer back to that hot dog set theme for the reason why that's the case. Wonder which hot dog he is? Hmm..."

It goes without saying how much I love Alice and her massive size 11's. I've said it too many times to count on this blog, the site's Instagram (@SolesofSilk), Twitter (@SolesofSilk), and on the Wu's Feet Links Forum. Still, I want to say it again - even with her love of my ultimate denial. Hell, that makes me want to say it even more! Alice is awesome. She's a great friend, first and foremost, but when she models her big feet for me, she mesmerizes me like few have. She's hooked me on big feet, mostly hers though! In all honestly though, it's not just her feet - it's the woman behind them too. Combine Alice, the person, with those size 11 feet and you have someone I could take photos of every single day of my life. I'd never grow tired or bored - although I'd probably be bluer than her hair was for all of her sets posted this summer! 

This summer Alice owned Soles of Silk and will continue to have very regular updates moving forward. Thanks for all you do, Alice! I can't wait to shoot again... and again... and again!

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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Soles of Silk Update - September 19, 2017

This week's update includes the following items

Photos - Alice sits out in front of the harbor enjoying a day while taking some selfies and showing off her size 11 feet (77 images)

Photos - Alice took a handful of photos of her feet while shooting the set above and wants you to see them (16 images)

Videos Kelsey's soft soles are even softer when encased in nude pantyhose, care to see for yourself? (146 MB - 1080p HD)

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Tuesday's Shoot - Mindee

Those of you who keep up with this blog know that yesterday I shot a couple of sets with Mindee (see blog: "Monday's Shoot - Mindee"). At the end of that blog I mentioned that what made that evening even better was knowing that I was going to get to do the same thing again the following day. Well, today is that following day and I have two more great sets with Mindee to add to her ever growing photo bank.

I got off of work around 4 p.m. It was an annoying day, which was totally out of my control, so I was looking forward to meeting up with Mindee. I changed at work, jumped into my car, sent her a text, and was on my way downtown to scout out some possible locations. Mindee would meet me around 5 p.m., so I had some time to look around.

As is the case with this time of year, the sun was rather harsh at this hour. Even looking at buildings in the distance, there was a hazy look to them. I knew if I put Mindee out in the bright sun, she'd surely be squinty-eyed and my shadow would fall long, and most likely into the area I was trying to shoot. Knowing this, I looked into a few spots that were totally in the shade, but still bright enough for us to use. Luckily, I found a couple spots right away and just waited for Mindee to arrive.

Once Mindee parked and we fought with the parking meters (I totally lost $8 due to the printer jamming), we were off to our first spot - an old wharf building in the midst of several docks. There was a couple in the same area, but they were seated on the opposite side of the building. We claimed our spot and got underway.

Mindee and I met up downtown this evening to do a few more sets.

I kept today's first shoot simple. Mindee was just going to model her bare feet. No props or no real theme. Just Mindee and those size 8 soles facing the camera - well, after I rubbed lotion on them as a few people walked by. That's one of my job perks!

About half way through this set we had a guy come sit down in between us and the other couple. He wasn't right on us, but was certainly close enough to see what we were doing. As usual, Mindee didn't care and neither did I. It wasn't until we were wrapping things up did a group of people come and sit only several feet away from us. Thankfully we only needed to do another five or so shots to complete what I wanted. Once that was done, we were off to our second location.

This set was shot in front of an old boat that was undergoing restoration.

This location was a strange one. There is an learning center a few blocks away from the tourist spot we just left. In the middle of their buildings is an old boat named Mildred Belle. It sits on a contraption over a boat ramp and is currently being restored. Earlier on, while I was waiting for Mindee to arrive, someone was working on the boat, so I thought about shooting from the northern side of the ramp so he wouldn't be seen, or be mindful of us. The sun was not friendly to that direction at the time, but now, no one was working on the boat and we could shoot from the southern side instead. This was more ideal anyhow as there were several concrete blocks sticking out of the ground for Mindee to sit upon. It allowed for a good view of the boat in the background.

Shooting in this area, no one was sitting around us. There really wasn't anywhere to sit, except for where Mindee was modeling. There were, however, people constantly walking by us. I wouldn't say it was a ton of people, but every few minutes a few people would make their way past where we were shooting. Once again, Mindee kept those stunning size 8's of hers out my way and we just did our thing. There was no hiding that I was in awe of her feet and was shooting countless photos of them. Hopefully a few foot fetishists passed us by. I always wonder how many times that happens.

When we wrapped up this set, the second of the day, and fourth during the last two, it was time to get some dinner. We could smell food the entire time we shot and it was making us hungry. Once we finally figured out a restaurant, we relaxed and did what two friends do - shoot the shit and enjoy each other's company. Sadly, I can't shoot Mindee three days in a row with my work schedule, so until next time, enjoy these newest set previews! I doubt you'll have to wait long for her to do more though.

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Monday, September 18, 2017

Monday's Shoot - Mindee

About a week ago Mindee asked me if I was free on the following Tuesday to squeeze in a couple of sets after work. I told her I could be for her and we booked ourselves a shoot. A few days later she asked if I had any plans that Monday evening for dinner. I told her again, I could be for her. See, we are headed to Kings Island Amusement Park in early October and she wanted to look over our trip and plan things out. It was at that point that I asked her if we are shooting both days, or just on Tuesday. She said either, or both was fine. Obviously, I picked both.

Mindee got home today around 5 p.m. and I showed up half an hour later. We set up my studio lights (Mindee loves to help) and talked about life. We mentioned a few things about our amusement park trip and got underway soon thereafter. 

Mindee got her size 8 soles saturated in syrup tonight.

Today's first set was one of the stickiest sets I've done in a while. It involved some miniature cinnamon waffles and lots of maple syrup. Yes, this is another theme I've done in years past, if any of you have noticed. As I've explained in a previous blog, there is a reason for this, but I am not mentioning it just yet.

Mindee began the set by toasting some waffles and throwing them on the plate before her. I wanted to get some shots of her barefoot without any syrup oozed all over them first. I know the food themes aren't everyone's "thing," so I try to at least get in some plain foot shots to begin.

Once I was satisfied with the number of non-syrupy feet photo count, Mindee broke out the bottle of maple syrup and proceeded to make quite the mess! Her feet were sticking to the plate and those waffles quickly turned into mush when her feet moved about. Luckily I was able to grab one to enjoy before they were too saturated to pick up off the plate.

After we wrapped up the photo portion of the set, it was time to add a few new waffles to the mix and make her mound of mush even bigger in a video clip. At this point, Mindee's feet were completely covered and some syrup even managed to oozed down onto the floor below. Oops!

For the next few minutes Mindee waddled her way over to the sink with socks made of paper towels. She cleaned herself up while I cleaned up the counter top and floor. After that, she went upstairs to throw on something comfy. We were going to shoot a second quick set in the living room being we had the lights up.

Mindee just wanted to relax, but that didn't mean we couldn't still take photos.

Mindee decided to bring down a light blue blanket to break up the color of the couch. While I moved my lights around she commented how tired she was and was loving the chance to lay back and relax. At that point I explained to her that there are people out there who enjoy the whole "sleepy feet" theme in sets. She was surprised and we decided to play off that a little bit.

Mindee began the set wrapped up in the blanket. Her feet barely hung out, only showing off a little peek or two at first. Leave it to Mindee to give us just a tease. She knows what she's doing! Eventually, however, Mindee would let those perfect size 8's out to play, although she kept that blanket around her firmly. She was a little chilly too, so she wasn't going to give that up.

When it came time to do the clip, Mindee was laying back and relaxing again. I said to go ahead and just shut her eyes and leave her feet out for the camera to follow. She did just that and I shot a rare "sleepy feet" themed clip. Obviously she wasn't full on asleep, but I am sure she could have gotten there had we shot a long clip.

Tonight was a very relaxed and simple night of photos with one of my best friends and my most dependable model. You know what makes this all sweeter though? I get to do it again tomorrow! Be on the lookout for another blog when I get back home after shooting another set or two with the site's most photographed model, Mindee.

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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Soles of Silk Update - September 12, 2017

This week's update includes the following items

Photos - Alexa shows off her soft soles, fresh from a pair of very well worn black flats and I bet you all just want a sniff (71 images)

Videos - Alexa kicks off her well worn black flats while enjoying the breeze on a nice warm day (174 MB - 1080p HD)

Downloads (Avatars) 3 new avatars of Kat Noir, Lady Steph, and Layla have been added to the Stocking Avatars of the Downloads section

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