Friday, September 4, 2015

Thursday's Shoot - Riley (New Model)

I've heard the story many times at this point. A friend of mine, who I'd really like to shoot for Soles of Silk, tells me she doesn't like her feet due to [insert whatever reason]. Sometimes no matter how many times I ask, or beg, the girl wont' budge. Then sometimes I get lucky and she does. It happened 11 years ago with Mindee, who has done over 3,000 photos - if you count the ones that are waiting to be published. And now it's also happened with my newest addition to the site, Riley.

Riley and I have worked together for a few years. She's known about my site for most of that time, but never posed for me. She had her reasons, but one of them was that she doesn't like her feet. She'd always insist that her toes were too chubby. Since I love chubby toes, I'd always tell her that would be a plus in my book so her main argument was invalid.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago and I decided to take Riley out for a little friendly dinner date after work. We both just needed get out and just relax. Plus, by this time she was starting to come around to the idea of possibly posing for me. I figured it would a good time for us to talk it over. Well, by the end of the night, she had decided that she was going to go ahead and do it. I was a very happy guy, especially since I had gotten some good looks at her toes that night and knew they weren't "too chubby," like she claimed. Let me explain...

As I waited for Riley to get ready before I left to pick her up, I started to look at the clock and wonder what was taking her so long. That's when the idea of her painting her toes popped into my head. Was she doing that so they'd look good for me? Was that just wishful thinking on my part? Well, when I picked her up I found out that I was actually right because she was wearing flip flops and knew I was going to be checking them out. I laughed and told her I figured that was what was taking her so long. So yeah, that night I got to see how plump her little piggies are, but in no way did I find them to be "too chubby" for my liking. That would probably be next to impossible actually, but I digress.

In the days that followed, Riley and I threw around some possible dates to shoot. We planned on a date in mid-September, but I could tell she was hoping we could do something sooner. Since the both of us work split shifts on certain days, we decided to try to squeeze in some sets in between our shifts. That is exactly what we were able to do yesterday.

We left work we made a quick stop at Riley's place for her to get dressed. I asked her to bring two outfits, even though I figured we might only get to do one set with our limited time. I ended up being right about that, but I'd rather have it and not need it than not have it and need it.

I decided to take Riley to a little spot I've used a few times in the past. It's a place I always find to be private, even though it's very scenic. I wanted her to be as comfortable as possible this first time and not having people everywhere, so I went with what works.

Riley showing off her size 6.5 feet in her first set.

In the set Riley wore a pair of over the knee socks. I rarely ever shoot them, but have had a desire to do so as of late. Knee highs I've done, but over the knee - not so much.

After some posing tips and instructions Riley was posing for her first foot fetish photos. I had her make use of those long socks too as she tugged them down her legs ever so slowly. Once they got to her little feet, she pulled them up even slower exposing her heel, sole, then toes. 

With one final tug, her foot was finally bare and I was impressed. Even though I had gotten to see her toes during our night out, this was the first time I was able to gaze upon her soles. And as you all know, that's my favorite part. 

Riley would repeat the procedure with her other leg to leave her size 6.5 feet 100 percent bare. From that point on, Riley posed those feet every which way I could think of. Well, when I wasn't reaching out to grab them for a playful little rub or two. She swore a few days before that I wasn't going to rub them too, but there she was admitting to it feeling "quite nice." I also got her playful smirks and a few head shakes at my goofiness too. Oh well, she knows I'm a dork.

When we completed the set and video clip we made our way back to my car to cool off. It was actually 92 degrees outside, so we relished the chance to take a break. We also used the time to decide upon what we were going to do next.

As much as I would have liked to have those feet in front of me for a second set, Riley had to be back to work a little earlier than I did. We decided to stop for lunch and save some photos for future dates. We still have our plans for the mid-September shoot, but I think we just might have to add another day or two to the mix. Riley had a great time shooting and I honestly, adore her feet. Sounds like a winning mix to me!

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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Soles of Silk Update - September 2, 2015

This week's update includes the following items:

Photos - Ryan shows off her wet feet, straight out of her shoes, on a wooden footbridge minutes before an approaching storm lets loose (46 images)

Photos - Kaycee is down in the mud during a thunderstorm in a set that didn't exactly go as planned, but still captured some photos worth sharing (50 images)

Downloads (Avatars) - 1 new avatar of Jordana has been added to the 1K Club Avatars area of the Downloads section

Interviews (Wu's Feet Links) - 1 new interview with Red-X has been added to the Wu's Feet Links Interviews Blog |Read Interview| *explicit

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Soles of Silk Update - August 26, 2015

This week's update includes the following items:

Photos - New model Camille shows her slender little feet fresh from her sweaty black and white sneakers (58 images)

Videos - Kelsey kicks off her pink and orange sneakers to reveal her moist, sweaty toes and soles (139 MB - 1080p)

Interviews - 1 new 10 Little Piggies interview with Krystie has been added to the Interviews section

Downloads (Avatars) - 1 new avatar of Kimmie has been added to the 1K Club Avatars area of the Downloads section

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Monday's Shoot - Kaycee & Reagan

Monday morning - there I am with my eyes shut, head on my pillows, probably dreaming about Kaycee's & Reagan's soft bare feet. Sounds good, right? Well, what I should have been doing was getting my ass ready to pick them up for their shoot!

See, when I woke up Monday morning at 8:28 a.m. it was to a text message from Kaycee asking if I was leaving soon. I had told the girls I was going to pick them up from her house at 8:30 a.m. Well, I looked at my phone, still all groggy, and put it back down. I was thinking she woke me up two minutes before I had my alarm set at 7:30 a.m. Problem was, I accidentally set it for 7:30 p.m. and not 7:30 a.m. and it was now 8:28 a.m. When it finally clicked in my head I woke up ass up and texted her back. I promised to hurry up and that's exactly what I did.

When I arrived at Kaycee's house, her and Reagan came out promptly. I apologized, but neither one of them minded. Both girls set their stuff in the back of my car and we were on our way to Philadelphia and New Jersey for the day.

A few months ago I did a little day trip with Kaycee to Philly. We only managed to get in one set - that set being the Dockside Damsel feature set for Wu's Feet Links. We did some other touristy things the rest of the day, but I told her I wanted to go back another day to do some of the other neat spots I had found on Google Earth. Having her and Reagan both scheduled to shoot for the day seemed like a perfect chance to do just that. We also decided to do a stop at the Adventure Aquarium in New Jersey while we were at it too. It's always good to add a little sightseeing to the mix, in my opinion.

After parking the car on the Philly side of the Delaware River the three of us decided to take a walk around Penn's Landing. We looked at some of the locations I was thinking about using before Reagan found a spot she wanted to use for her first shoot. Initially Kaycee was going to go first, but the water fountain I had found on Google Earth was no longer running. It actually looked like the fountains were being converted into gardens. Kaycee was bummed, but Reagan liked the floral setting.

Reagan's first set of 2015... finally!

Reagan kept her flip flops on for the start of the set. Having only done two sets when she posed back in 2014, neither of which involved flip flops, I decided to have her use them. I'm always getting requests for flip flops, so I told her to just keep them on.

The shoot ended up going off without a hitch. Reagan didn't miss a beat and had a blast doing her first photos of 2015. She enjoyed doing it last year too and I could tell this was something she had been looking forward to doing.

During the shoot we moved all around the small area making use of several spots. She got in numerous poses, but my favorites were the ones where I was all up in her little soles. It had been too long since I saw them last, so I was kind enough to give them a little friendly rub here and there too.

Once Reagan's set was finished we walked over to Kaycee, who had found a bench to rest on while she waited. She actually liked the bench and the setting so much that she asked if she could shoot there. I told her we'd give it a try, but only after I gave her feet a nice little rub.

Sadly, after a few test shots the light and shadow spattering on her body wasn't looking favorable. Since the sun wasn't going to be dipping behind the clouds for a while, we had to find another spot. Luckily for us, not too far from the area we had just used, was some waterfront benches. I was cautious about shooting Kaycee there, however. The background would feature the Benjamin Franklin Bridge - something that was prominent in her feature set. To get around that issue, we moved down a few hundred feet so she'd have a boat be behind her instead. It worked perfectly.

Kaycee's feet fresh from her mom's cute shoes.

For this set Kaycee had brought a colorful pair of shoes with her. I had actually playfully smelled them back at the car when she pulled them out of her bag. She laughed at me and told me the shoes were her mom's and she was going to tell her mom I sniffed them. Kaycee's mother actually knows about her posing for me and likes the photos we do. Oh well, I'm sure she'll get a laugh out of Kaycee telling her that.

This set also moved along at a quick pace. Kaycee has shot so many sets this year in addition to ones we shot in the second half of 2014. She's got things down pretty well by this point. 

Kaycee started things off in her in her mom's shoes and ended with her barefoot. Well, it actually ended with me smelling her mom's shoes again. I told her to take a picture of me smelling them and to send it to her mom. Now that I think about it, I never did hear her mom's response from Kaycee. I'm going to have to ask her at work.

Now that this set was done we looked at the clock and decided we should take a break for lunch and then head over to the Jersey side of the river. Our aquarium tickets were for entry after 3 p.m., with it closing at 5 p.m. That would give us two hours at the aquarium and some time to get in some other sets. That's exactly what we did too.

The three of us had a blast checking out all the fish, sharks, turtles, hippos, and all the other things we were able to see at the aquarium. I'd certainly suggest hitting it up if you're in the area. It's quite affordable too.

As 5 o'clock drew near, we left the aquarium and returned to my car. The girls made a quick change and we drove to a new parking spot for the set the entire day was about - the one with both Kaycee and Reagan together! It's something the girls have wanted to do for months on end and we were finally getting to do it.

The three of us made our way to a marina not too far from the aquarium and the girls cleaned off their feet for a few minutes when we arrived. Flip flops in the city always makes for dirty feet. Since I wasn't really looking for a dirty feet set, the girls made use of the soap and towels I always bring along.

This shoot was just a crazy, fun time with two girls with adorable feet.

Finally, after the girls were finished cleaning up, I was able to see all four of the their feet and all 20 of their toes together. It was adorable. So much so I got in on a couple of photos - the first of which Kaycee claims I was acting all "caveman" like and making noises. I assure you, I didn't, but I sure was loving my spot in life when they took the photo. You can see it on the Soles of Silk Instagram page (@SolesofSilk).

While shooting this set we had some people sitting not too far off in the distance and had some others walk by. I know we got some looks, especially from the women on the bench behind the girls. I can easily see why though. These two were sticking their feet in each other's faces, ticking each other, and just doing what two girlfriends do. Hell, even I was scratching my head at times!

Eventually we'd finish this set and Reagan would go get dressed for the last set of the evening. She brought some nude pantyhose and wanted to wear them over by the battleship on the Jersey side of the river. We made our way over, but we had to hurry! The sun was going down and there was quite a few clouds in the sky that made it even darker.

Reagan spreading her little toes inside pantyhose.

Reagan sat up on one of the benches to begin the set. As we progressed, however, she'd go down on the ground and back onto the bench again. I was able to get in some really good shots of her stocking clad feet in this one, even though we were somewhat limited by the lighting. And if you're wondering, Reagan kept the stockings on the entire time, although I did let her rip them off in her video clip.

With the pantyhose set now finished the three of us were done for the day. We began our long walk back to my car chatting along the way. I was really happy that we were able to get in all the sets we had planned to do. I also loved going through the aquarium. All in all, this was a great day. 

I'm glad I finally got Reagan back in front of the camera again. It had been too long. I was also happy to have Kaycee pose yet again. She's been my most regular model shooting several times this year already. Getting these two together, however, was made it just that much more sweet! I'm sure you'll all agree too!

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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sunday's Shoot - Rose

Today I had plans to meet up again with Rose to do a couple more sets before she went back to school in a few weeks. If you remember, Rose only recently made her debut, posing for her first sets on July 6, 2015 (see blog: "Monday's Shoot - Rose").

I waited for Rose to get off work around 2 p.m. before I made my way to her house to pick her up. We made a quick stop for a pedicure beforehand and Rose decided upon a nice bright blue. I mentioned how many people request blues and that's exactly what she went for. 

Once the pedicure was done we were off to our first location. I had asked Rose to bring some kind of sneakers or tennis shoes for one of her sets. She hadn't worn any in her first sets, so I thought it would be nice to get them in here.

Rose's foot fresh out of it's shoe.

Rose began the set sitting on the boardwalk in her shoes. I had her pose in them for a bit, which is custom for me. I like to have those shoes on for a little while in hopes it makes the model's feet smell and/or sweat just a little bit.

Eventually Rose would begin to kick off her shoes. I laid on the boardwalk before her capturing every motion of her untying her shoes and pulling them from her feet. It was a great place to be, that's for sure.

After Rose's shoes were off I just kept snapping photo after photo in pose after pose. Before I knew it, I had enough photos to call it a set. We packed up our stuff and made our way back to my car to figure out where to do our next set.

We drove a few miles to an area I thought might give us a private spot to shoot. I ended up being right. So after a change of outfit, Rose and I made our way down between the ponds to one of the benches.

Rose's soft soles right up to my camera lens.

Rose began this set sitting on the bench and we went totally barefoot for this one. Sometimes it's fun to have the feet out and about right from the start and Rose's were.

I had Rose pose her feet in a number of angles on the bench, but some of my favorite poses included when she hung them over the back of the bench. It let me get oh so close to those soft foot bottoms. 

By time the end of the set was upon us we had a couple of people who had come by the park. I'm sure the guy around the other side of the pond was curious to what we were doing, but being so far into the set, I wasn't going to stop. I probably wouldn't have at the beginning either, but especially not at this point.

Since I had some plans this evening we called it a day after two sets. This will give me a few sets of Rose to use during the months while she's in school. Whenever she comes back, we will have to figure out time to do more.

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