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Soles of Silk 10 Year Anniversary - My 10 Favorite Sets: 2005

At the end of 2013 I decided to make a blog entry titled, My 10 Favorite Photo Shoots of 2013. It was the first time I ever took a look back to pick my favorite sets from a calendar year. I planned on doing it again here for 2014, but then I began to think about doing it for years past to further go along with this year being the site's 10th year online. I thought it might make for a fun little stroll down memory lane with some of the site's best sets with models who may or may not be posing anymore.

I'm sticking with the criteria I used for the 2013 favorites as a guide for this series. Only sets that were published during that year will be featured, regardless of when they were shot. I'm also leaving out Wu's Feet Links Feature Model galleries. Only the sets published to Soles of Silk will be eligible. With that said, let's take a look at my favorite shoots of 2005:

10. Easter Hose & Candy

Model(s): Cierra
Published Date: March 23, 2015

It didn't take long for me to realize Cierra's infinity for squishing food between her feet. For an Easter themed set in 2005 Cierra crushed several Peeps and a Cadbury Egg between her pink pantyhose clad feet. I had actually ran a contest too which resulted in the stockings being sent to one of the site's members. Needless to say, he was quite happy with them and the set itself.

9. Chalky Feet

Model(s): Chloe & Meagan
Published Date: August 31, 2005

When I approached Chloe about modeling she got her friend Meagan on board as well. The first day we went out to shoot, the only time I got to shoot Meagan, the girls did a set together. The original plan was to do a hop scotch theme, but when I saw the colorful court where we picked to shoot, we just decided to have the girls chalk up each other's feet instead. Talk about one fun, very cute set.

8. Hosed Down

Model(s): Shayna
Published Date: December 28, 2005

I met with Shayna one day before she was headed off to some summer classes to squeeze in a quick set, but had no real clue of what we'd do. Since it was warm we decided to do one out back on the deck of her pool and use the hose. As soon as I began snapping photos of her the water splashing all over her plump toes I knew I had an awesome set in the making.

7. School Girl Study Session

Model(s): Madison & Lauryn
Published Date: January 5 & March 16, 2005 (2 part post)

This set was technically the site's very first update. Since Lauryn came by to do sets with Madison in the months prior to the site's launch, I wanted to get them together. I pitched the idea to do a school girl set and the girls loved it. What I didn't realize, however, was just how fun loving these two girls would be when paired together. You could totally tell these girls are good friends as they played off one another so well, especially when pulling off each other's thigh highs.

6. Gummi Bears, Fishnets, & Heels

Model(s): Lexi
Published Date: July 20, 2005

This set featuring the infamous Lexi will always be memorable as it is the first one published to Soles of Silk. People went nuts over our collaboration together and this set was so damn fun to shoot. What you can't see in this preview is the fishnets and pink heels she had on prior. Those little gummi bears were trapped inside those fishnets and squished between her feet and shoes.

5. Neon Fishnets

Model(s): Molly
Published Date: November 9, 2005 & January 4, 2006 (2 part post)

Speaking of fishnets, Molly wore a fishnet outfit for one of my favorite shoots with her in 2005. The pantyhose were pink and the shirt was green. I divided the set into two parts, the first part showing off those feet trapped in the hose and the second, her ripping them off. Seeing her massive size 11 feet in that hose was an amazing sight.

4. Purple Thigh Highs & Dishes

Model(s): Kellie
Published Date: July 27, 2005

Man, 2005 sure did feature lots of stockings, huh? I found this purple pair and when Kellie and I decided to do a shoot at her place one afternoon I asked her if she had anything that might match them. She pulled out a purple top and white skirt and the rest was history. We did the set on the kitchen counter and washed some of the dishes left in the sink. There was so much I loved about this set and is one of my favorite Kellie sets of all time.

3. Fire Boats

Model(s): Carmen
Published Date: October 5, 2005

It was so hard to pick which Carmen set I loved the most in 2005 as she had quite a few. You can't go wrong, however, with Carmen in a bikini! This set was actually done at Baltimore's Fort McHenry, a popular tourist area. Over to the side where the water taxi departs are some fire boats. I thought it might make for an interesting background and it sure did. Funny thing is, I'm sure most people never looked past the foreground!

2. Dodgeball

Model(s): Kellie, Carmen, Kimmie, & Cheri
Published Date: June 8, 2005

This set marked the first time I ever shot four models at once. It was actually supposed to be five, but Cierra was unable to make it. We still made due, however, shooting a set themed to one of my favorite childhood games - dodgeball. Seeing all four pairs of tiny feet together was a sight to behold. Best part was the older couple playing tennis nearby and the wife being totally pissed off when the husband would look over to see what we were doing!

1. Pillow Fight

Model(s): Madison & Lauryn
Published Date: July 6, 2005

I said it above, but I'll say it again. Madison and Lauryn together was a recipe for fun times! These two delivered in both sets they did together. In hindsight, I really wish I had gotten them together even more. This set was done in a hotel room I rented for the night and involved both girls in their pajamas, whacking each other with pillows, and a bunch of feathers. And that photo above has always been one of my all time favorites!

Honorable Mentions (6): Carmen: Clipper Ship, Sara Swirls: Chocolate Pudding, Precious: Ocean Pier, Layla: Draw Bridge, Kellie & Kimmie: Twins Self Photo Shoot, Chloe: Laundry

So what photo sets were your favorites from this year? I thank you for taking a look back with me at a little bit of this site's history. These 10 years online have flown by so quick!

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Soles of Silk Update - November 19, 2014

This week's update includes the following items:

Photos - Colleen pulls her bare feet out of her Ugg Boots on a chilly day down by the harbor (73 images)

Video - Jamie bares her wet, dirty feet while dodging the rain under an umbrella during a rain storm (128 MB - 1080p HD)

Interview - 1 new introductory interview with Felicia has been added to the Interviews section of the site

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Soles of Silk 10 Year Anniversary - My 8 Favorite Sets: 2004

At the end of 2013 I decided to make a blog entry titled, My 10 Favorite Photo Shoots of 2013. It was the first time I ever took a look back to pick my favorite sets from a calendar year. I planned on doing it again here for 2014, but then I began to think about doing it for years past to further go along with this year being the site's 10th year online. I thought it might make for a fun little stroll down memory lane with some of the site's best sets with models who may or may not be posing anymore.

I'm sticking with the criteria I used for the 2013 favorites as a guide for this series. Only sets that were published during that year will be featured, regardless of when they were shot. I'm also leaving out Wu's Feet Links Feature Model galleries. Only the sets published to Soles of Silk will be eligible. With that said, let's take a look at my favorite shoots of 2004:

*Note: Since Soles of Silk launched on the final week of 2004 only eight sets were present at the launch. The site's first update took place in 2005, so this list will be the only one that doesn't feature 10 sets.

8. Hotel Table

Model(s): Maria
Published Date: December 29, 2004

The sets I shot with Maria were some of my first ones done for the site. I think Madison may have been the only one to do photos before her, if my memory is correct. Anyhow, I didn't have the best lighting in these photos and since I was just getting started, I think this set was one of the weaker ones I did starting off. I was able to get some good angles, however, in the only sets I did with Maria.

7. River Jetty

Model(s): Cierra
Published Date: December 29, 2004

Cierra is the first model on the site to pose for more than 2,000 photos. This set out on a jetty in the middle of a river was where that journey began. It is also where I fell in love with her slender little feet, ones that would find their way in front of my camera over and over and over and over in the years to come.

6. Beach Walkway

Model(s): Amber
Published Date: December 29, 2004

When I launched Soles of Silk, Amber was only one of two models to have posed for me on The 10 Little Piggies. I always loved her size 9 feet and was happy she agreed to pose for me again. We hit up a small beach for this set, making use of a long boardwalk that ran through a marshy area. Those soles looked so good and the background just made it even better.

5. Strawberry Cake

Model(s): Madison
Published Date: December 29, 2004

Madison is the other model who posed for me prior to the Soles of Silk era. We did a handful of sets to get ready for the launch of the site and the Strawberry cake set was the one I decided to go with first. It was one of two food smashing sets on the debut, the other of which can be found below.

4. Dugout Socks

Model(s): Mindee
Published Date: December 29, 2004

I've told the story many times, but Mindee, the model with the most photos on Soles of Silk with 2,461 and counting, didn't want to pose originally. Luckily for me she decided to go ahead and do it and this was the very first set she posed for. Needless to say, I was, and still am, massively in love with her fun loving attitude and those super soft, size 8 feet.

3. City Stairwell

Model(s): Sue Lovely
Published Date: December 29, 2004

Many of you know I have a soft spot for Asian girls. I was so happy to have one modeling for me for the launch of Soles of Silk. This was my first shoot with Sue Lovely. We did a few more afterward, but sadly we never met again to shoot. This one was done on a stairwell out in Baltimore City and I just loved how urban the set looked compared to all the others I had at launch.

2. Waffles & Syrup

Model(s): Lauryn
Published Date: December 29, 2004

When I asked Lauryn to pose for Soles of Silk she asked me if I was sure if I wanted to. She said she had "dancer feet" and didn't know if guys liked long toes. I assured her there was a large market for long toes and she agreed. When she first posed, I couldn't get over how much of a ham she was for the camera. She is one of the most fun loving people I've ever shot, especially when she had sticky syrup running down her foot and in between her toes.

1. Cloud Toe Socks

Model(s): Lisa Tyler
Published Date: December 29, 2004

Meeting Lisa Tyler was one of the most nervous experiences of my early days shooting for this site. She had quite the resume and I prayed she wouldn't think I was some kind of a hack. I even shared this with her and she assured me she was having a great time shooting. This set, with the toe socks, was the first one we've done - oddly enough, it remains the only toe sock set on the site, now that I think about it. Anyhow, I had such a blast shooting Lisa and learned some things on top of it. I couldn't wait to share this set when the site launched and it was a favorite among many viewers.

So what photo sets were your favorites from this year? I thank you for taking a look back with me at a little bit of this site's history. These 10 years online have flown by so quick!

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Contest - Whose Shoes?

I set out earlier this year to do a total of 10 contests during the course of 2014 as a means of celebration for the site being online for 10 years. I ran a few larger contests such as the Annual Trivia Contest, a Wallpaper Design Contest, and then the scavenger hunt based Where's Wendy? Contest. In addition to those I have randomly conducted contests on Instagram (@SolesofSilk) and Twitter (@SolesofSilk) also. Well, I'm back with another larger contest, the first ever, Whose Shoes? Contest. Can you guess which models the shoes below belong to? If so, you will win yourself free membership time to Soles of Silk!

Contest Prizes

  • 3 month prize: Awarded to anyone who scores a perfect score, including the bonus question (found at the very bottom of this page)
  • 2 month prize: Awarded to the three (3) highest scores
  • 1 month prize: Awarded to the three (3) highest runner up scores
Both members and non-members are eligible to win prizes. Non-members will have new accounts created. Existing members will have free membership time added to the ending of their membership (non-renewing) or have complimentary months awarded (renewing).

Contest Rules

Below are 7 images, each with two pairs of shoes. Underneath each pair of shoes is a model number. It is your job to determine which pair of shoes belong to which model on the site. Every pair of shoes you see in those images were worn in a set on the site at one point or another.

After you figure out which shoes belong to which model, take a minute to guess which pair of the 14 shoes were the smelliest of the bunch. This question will be considered a bonus question and can be found at the bottom of this page.

Once you've got your answers ready, email at I am ONLY accepting entries via that email address. Please be sure to email me from an address where I can reach you to let you know if you've won.

When you email me your choices, please use the following format so there is no confusion:

  • Model 1: (your choice)
  • Model 2: (your choice)
  • Model 3: (your choice)
  • Model 4: (your choice)
  • Model 5: (your choice)
  • Model 6: (your choice)
  • Model 7: (your choice)
  • Model 8: (your choice)
  • Model 9: (your choice)
  • Model 10: (your choice)
  • Model 11(your choice)
  • Model 12: (your choice)
  • Model 13: (your choice)
  • Model 14: (your choice)
  • Bonus: (model #)

Contest Scoring

Each correct answer is worth 10 points. The bonus question is worth 15 points. The maximum number of points that can be scored is 155.

Contest Deadline

The deadline for entry for this contest is Sunday, December 7, 2014.

Contest Images

<  Model 1 / Model 2 > 
<  Model 3 / Model 4 > 

<  Model 5 / Model 6 > 

<  Model 7 / Model 8 >  
<  Model 9 / Model 10 > 

<  Model 11 / Model 12 > 

<  Model 13 / Model 14 > 

BONUS QUESTION: Of all the shoes shown above, which pair were the smelliest? (answer by giving the model # to the shoes you believe were the smelliest)

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Fantasy Shoots - Video Game Gals

It's time once again to take a trip to nerd land with yours truly. If you're unfamiliar with this Fantasy Shoot blog series, this is where I talk about how awesome it would be to shoot popular females from whatever topic I decide to choose. I've already done one about the women of Star Trek (see blog: "Fantasy Shoots - Trek Gals") and one featuring females from comics (see blog: "Fantasy Shoots - Comic Heroines"). Both of those were actually reposts of older columns I wrote in my site a few years ago, but this one is all new. And this one focuses on another one of my biggest nerdisms - video games.

10 - Elizabeth (BioShock Infinite)

I was late to the game (no pun intended) when it came to the BioShock series. It wasn't until 2014 that I played the first BioShock. I ended up loving it so much I bought both BioShock 2 and BioShock Infinite immediately afterward. In Infinite I ended up taking a liking to Elizabeth and even liked her hard edged attitude in the DLC. When it comes to shooting photos with Elizabeth, I think it would be neat to feature her in some pin up style sets as the game already showed her in that type of attire.

* A quick side note: For this year's Halloween set, the original plan was to have Kaycee made up to look like one of the Little Sisters from the BioShock series. Felicia was the one who came up with the idea, but I just didn't feel like I could do the set justice with a setting. We were running short on time, so the idea was put on the back burner. Never say never though!

9 - Faith (Mirror's Edge)

I can't say I know much about Faith from Mirror's Edge. I played the demo on my PS3 one day and shortly thereafter I saw the game for only a few bucks at a GameStop. I bought it and played through a few levels. It sure was different than anything I ever played before. But when it comes to foot fetish pictures, I'd love to meet this Asian beauty up on some of those city rooftops and do a few sets. Of course we'd have to include those signature red shoes. 

8 - Christie Monteiro (Tekken)

There are so many girls from the Tekken series I could have picked, but I went with Christie because I've already seen her barefoot. Yeah, I'm a goof, but it's true. Christie fights all of her matches barefoot, so I'm sure she'd make for a great candidate to do a martial arts and even a dirty sole themed set. 

7 - Liara T'Soni (Mass Effect)

I like to be diverse on Soles of Silk. I'm always hoping to land girls of all different races, so if I could land one of a different species... score! I'm sure it would inspire a "Mass Effect" with many of those viewing the set too.

6 - Juliet Starling (Lollipop Chainsaw)

I've always said one of the most annoying things in the world to me is a bunch of cheerleaders in a gym all cheering at the same time. That being said, I also enjoy getting to a cheerleader's warm, moist feet fresh from her socks and shoes. That enjoyment alone earned Juliet a spot on this Top 10 List 

5 - Jill Valentine (Resident Evil)

This list had to include one of the girls from one of my all time favorite series in Resident Evil - well, at least in its early years. I went with Jill Valentine over two others from the series (Ada Wong and Claire Redfield) just because some of her newer animations show off some of her "assets" quite nicely. Just wonder if what's in her boots are as well defined as her booty. 

4 - Kitana (Mortal Kombat)

One of my models went with Mileena as her model name due to her love for the Mortal Kombat series. I have also been fond of this series since it first landed in the arcades (remember those?) decades ago. While I liked Mileena, Kitana was my favorite with those fan blades. If I were able to shoot foot fetish photos with this lethal babe, I'd be sure to offer a friendship after she kicked my ass in the form of a foot rub.

3 - Samus Aran (Metroid)

I fully admit that growing up I was never a fan of Metroid. When I was young I didn't understand the game and elected to stick with the Zelda series on my NES. Today, however, I am quite fond of the early games of the series as I got to play them on my Wii and 3DS. And while I haven't gotten to play the Prime series or Other M installment, I must say, they made her look much more curvy than she was in those old 8-bit and 16-bit days. If I could shoot photos with her, I'd just have to ask her to curl up into that little ball for some of the most unique poses I'm sure I'd ever shoot.

2 - Chun-Li (Street Fighter)

I couldn't tell you how many quarters Street Fighter 2 cabinets got from me in arcades and store fronts. While I liked most of the characters in the second game, Chun Li was my go to girl for whopping some ass! Add in the fact that I also had a thing for women in stockings even before I had a foot fetish and those black stockinged legs surely caught my attention. I'd be sure to have her wear them in a shoot too. I just hope she'd refrain from doing that quick kick move as I'm sure my camera wouldn't be able to focus on her feet moving that fast. 

1 - Lara Croft (Tomb Raider)

One thing was certain when I made this list - Lara Croft would be number one! I've always loved Lara in her various installments, even though I found her earliest adventures on the PS1 to be clunky at best - and I'm not talking about her chest. Anyhow, I love a woman with an accent, so Lara has that going for her. She wears boots, which I'm sure make those feet sweaty. That's a good thing too. And then there is her money. I'm sure she'd pay for us to go to some of the most exotic locations for shoots, and probably some treasure hunting as well. 

Honorable Mentions - Ada Wong (Resident Evil), Claire Redfield (Resident Evil), Cortana (Halo), Bayonetta (Bayonetta), Cammy (Street Fighter), Ling Xiaoyu (Tekken)

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Soles of Silk 10 Year Anniversary - 2012

Aspen modeled her feet only several days after turning 18.

2012: At a Glance

Debuting Models: (4) Alaynah, Amelia, Aspen, and Emerald

Wu's Feet Links Feature Gallery: Kayleigh - After School Feet

Kayleigh had become such a major part of Soles of Silk and I loved that she was going to be a Wu's Feature Model.

2012: The Year in Review

Much like 2011, 2012 saw only four new models join Soles of Silk's roster during the calendar year - none of which even debuted until August. While new models weren't high in number, the existing model roster sure stepped it up a notch when it came to making their marks. But first, let's look at who was new in 2012.

The first new model to debut was none other than Aspen, in August - and boy was she ever popular! She posed only several days after her 18th birthday and like other girls before her, she was friends with other girls at work who had already posed for me, such as Ryan. Aspen's first set (Sample 01 / Sample 02) also marked the first time I used my brand new camera, a Canon Rebel T3i. It also marked the move to 1080p HD video clips and 1920 x 1280 file sizes on the site.

A month later the site's second new model was doing her first sets for Soles of Silk. Amelia actually found me on social media and complimented me on my photography. Come to find out she was friends with a few of the girls on my site, so I decided to play stupid. I asked her if it was my regular photography she liked or what I did on my site. She actually didn't know about Soles of Silk, so I told her about it. Luckily for me, she thought it was pretty neat and said she'd totally be up for doing it.

When October came I added the site's third new model, Emerald. I had met Emerald a few times through Mindee, but until now she wasn't able to pose. Some things changed in Emerald's life in 2012 and was ever so eager to show off her adorable feet for the first time. Luckily it wasn't cold outside yet and we made the most of a great day shooting a few sets before winter arrived. 

The final new model to the site in 2012 didn't arrive until it's final week. Alaynah turned 18 a few days into December and told me she thought it would be fun to pose for the site. Instead of just debuting her at random I asked her if she'd be interested in debuting in the site's New Year's set (Sample 01 / Sample 02) - a new model to help bring in the New Year. So while she was only on the site for two days before 2013, she still made her debut in 2012.

With those four the only new models added to the site, you'd think a few models would have went all out in having a lot of sets to fill the void when it came to updates. That's not exactly the case though. There were 11 models who each posed for three or more sets in 2012. Carlin led the way with five sets. Wendy, Mindee, Kayleigh, Jamie, and Aspen each had four. And Ryan, Olivia, Mileena, Jordana, and Charlee had three sets apiece. For the most part, each one of these girls actually posed for more. I just couldn't get them all published before the end of the year.

So now that we saw who debuted and who helped carry the load when it came to updates in 2012, let's look at the year in a little more detail.

In February I really began to expand the site's Interviews section. I had already began to elaborate on it in 2011 with the Modeling Interviews, a follow up to the Introductory Interviews, but now I was beginning to explore things even more. I began adding some specialized interviews and even ones where the models even interviewed me.

It was the month of March that saw one of the biggest reasons for Carlin's large photo count for the year. We rented out a hotel room downtown and did an all day shoot. We shot five sets that day and had a blast.

At the end of June Wu, of Wu's Feet Links published Soles of Silk's seventh feature set, "After School Feet," which featured Kayleigh. It was only a month prior to this set that Kayleigh reached the 1,000 photo mark on the site, so it was a good two months for one of my most dependable models. Kayleigh really sky-rocketed up the charts when it came to photo count based on the fact that she only debuted two and half years before.

During the month of July, while on vacation, I decided to dedicate the entire week to shoots for the site. I called it the "Hot Feet Week," mostly due to how hot the feet were in front of my camera, but also due to the fact that it was regularly in the upper 90s when it came to temperature those days. It was well worth it, however, as I ended up shooting: Mindee (2 sets), Ryan (2 sets), Mileena (6 sets), Kellie (2 sets), Nikki (2 sets), and Olivia (2 sets).

In August I was overly elated to bring Aliza back to the site. Shortly after her 2010 debut she asked me if she could be removed from the site due to family reasons. She granted me permission to add her back in August, however. That also allowed me to publish all the content we had done, but never made it online, and she even agreed to meet up again for some new sets. This was great news and so many people were happy to see her return.

In September Aspen and I finally got a chance to do an all-day shoot, something we had planned on doing all summer, but kept getting screwed out of doing due to bad weather. On Labor Day we finally made it happen, hitting up Seaside Heights, NJ. The weather was still poor, but we made it work, getting in four sets. Aspen wasn't done in September though. 

In October Aspen and I did another day trip, this time to an amusement park. From my prior experiences I knew the park wouldn't be too crowded on Sundays during the day when they ran their Halloween events. I took my camera and we grabbed a bunch of pictures in front of all their roller coasters. And then there was December. 

In December Aspen teamed up with Ryan, something I had teased since her debut. The two girls have always been great friends and I knew fans would love seeing them together, and in all honesty, I wanted to see it too. I picked up little Santa outfits, some fence net stockings, and had the girls each present each other with presents - which oddly enough, turned out to be footwear. This Christmas set (Sample 01 / Sample 02) was one of the site's biggest hits.

As you can see, between Aspen's and Ryan's Christmas set and the New Year's set mentioned above featuring Alaynah, Soles of Silk really finished off the year with a bang. I had a ton of great new content that had yet to be published and with 2013 right around the corner, I knew I people would be loving what they saw moving forward. Be sure to check back here when I take a look at the year that was 2013 in the next installment of this blog series.

Emerald finally posed for Soles of Silk in 2012, someone I knew through Mindee for a few years prior.

2012: Tidbits & Facts

- Aspen actually posed for eight total sets within the first five months she was on the site.

- Wendy posed for seven sets in 2012 after not having been in front of my camera since 2010.

- The Fantasy Football themed set (Sample 01 / Sample 02) Olivia was featured in for 2012 saw her in our mutual friend's movie room - a room I painted the Ravens logo in after he had his house renovated.

- Mindee was scared beyond belief posing on the Paper Mill Bridge (Sample 01 / Sample 02). The bridge itself is like that of a draw bridge where you can see everything below. At 100 feet off the ground, she was quite nervous, but loved the setting so much she did it anyway.

- The original final destination for Mileena's all day shoot during the Hot Feet Week was Blackwater Falls in West Virginia. After shooting four sets along the four hour drive to the falls, the set we did at Blackwater (Sample 01 / Sample 02) didn't turn out as I had planned with limited views of the falls from where she was able to pose. We lucked out, however, after learning of the Elakala Falls only minutes away. The set at Elakala Falls (Sample 01 / Sample 02) was one of the most scenic I've ever used.

- After shooting at Blackwater and Elakala Falls, Mileena and I headed home. During our drive we were stopped in Western Maryland by a police officer because a cow had wandered out onto the highway. By this time it was pitch black dark as Western Maryland is covered in mountains and trees. I'm not sure if my car or the cow would have won had we met at the speeds I was traveling.

- During Carlin's all day shoot we made quite the mess. Between the floor being sticky and the dirty towels from cleaning up after the Brownie Mix set (Sample 01 / Sample 02), the red stains from the Rose Petals set (Sample 01 / Sample 02), and all the Nerds we lost down in the couch in the Nerds set (Sample 01 / Sample 02), I felt bad for the cleaning staff.

- The hotel room Carlin and I used during her all day set was the same exact room number at the same exact hotel Mindee and I used when we did her Vanilla Wafers & Banana Creampie Pudding set (Sample 01 / Sample 02) and Nude Pantyhose set (Sample 01 / Sample 02) the year before. It was not planned.

- The Seaside Heights, NJ location Aspen and I used as a backdrop for her beach sets on Labor Day is also the location used primarily for the MTV show, The Jersey Shore. We actually drove by the beach house and went into the shirt store they worked in.

- It took quite a while to blow up all the balloons in Alaynah's New Year's set.

Amelia actually asked me to model after finding me on social media.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Soles of Silk Update - November 12, 2014

This week's update includes the following items:

Photos - Jamie shows off her feet after being trapped in rubber yellow rain boots before they get rained on and then all muddy (69 images)

Video - Kelsey's feet are dripping with baby oil and she wants to show you just how slippery her pillowy soft soles can get (128 MB - 1080p HD)

Interview - 1 new 10 for 10 interview with Mandy has been added to the Interviews section of the site

Downloads (Avatars) - 1 new avatar of Felicia has been added to the Celebrating 10 Years Avatars page of the Downloads area

Columns (Wu's Feet Links) - 1 new column, "One for the Ages: Teen to Twenties," has been added to the Wu's Feet Links Columns Blog