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3K Club - Mindee's Footography

Mindee posing in front of the world's oldest roller coaster.

It was inevitable. Mindee was going to make the 3K Club. Had you have asked me last year if it would have happened in 2015, however, I would have said no. The journey of Mindee getting from 2,000 to 3,000 photos might not have taken long, but it was one with some question marks that made for one heck of a roller coaster ride - pun intended.

The first challenge Mindee faced in her climb to 3,000 was moving out of state. At the end of 2014 Mindee informed me that she'd be moving down south. I never got a chance to shoot some "going away" photos with her before she moved either. Even though I had a number of unpublished sets in my possession, I wanted a handful more just to hold me over. Since that didn't happen, I began to publish her sets just a little less frequently than normal.

A few months later, Mindee moved back home. Things didn't work out, but like she always does, she made the most out of the situation. I, of course, was glad to see my good friend back in town. Shortly after her return Mindee and I met up for lunch. We spent most the time catching up, but by the end, we were laying out plans to go on vacation together to Cedar Point. It would be a three day trip where we'd break up the long drive with numerous shoots. Since the plan was initially going to be me traveling down south that summer, I told her I still wanted to do something big. So Cedar Point was the reason for the "pun intended" comment up above after "roller coaster."

Before Mindee and I would go on that trip at the end of June, however, we'd get off to a slow start in 2015. The only set we had shot came two weeks prior to our trip - a spur of the moment two girl set with Cierra, following her return (see blog: "Sunday's Shoot: Part 2 - Cierra & Mindee"). I had hoped to get started sooner, but one of us was always busy with something. No harm, however. We had our trip coming up and plans to do 10 sets.

As our trip drew near it began to look like our quest for 10 sets might not actually happen. The forecast was calling for rain the entire week, but we kept our fingers crossed and waited to see how things played out. Luckily for us, we managed to get in seven of the 10 sets we had planned. Since the rain afforded us some more time for sight seeing and visiting a few other smaller amusement parks on the way, it was a trade off I didn't mind. 

In the months that followed, three of Mindee's vacation sets would find their way onto Soles of Silk. During that same time, however, something else was happening. Mindee posed for a few more sets. And then a few more...

By the end of October, Mindee had posed for 14 total photo sets. At that point, I thought I was done shooting for the year. I had a bunch of unpublished sets to use during the winter, and not just of Mindee either. Then something else threw us for a loop - again, pun intended.

On a Monday in late December it reached into the mid-60's. Mindee and I had already set the day aside to run some errands, but we also saw the opportunity. I asked her if she'd be down for squeezing in a quick Christmas themed set before we took care of our plans. She loved the idea, so we added it to our agenda. When one of our errands didn't take as long as we had planned for, we decided to go ahead in squeeze in a second set on the day. So now Mindee was at 16 sets shot on the year.

Here is a look at all the sets Mindee posed for this year via links to the different shoot blogs published here on the Soles of Silk Blog:

The last two sets of Mindee's to be added to the site here in December were from two of those more recent shoots. Obviously the Christmas one was shot during the December outing. The one in the blue flannel was done in October. Here is a look at all the sets that have been added to Mindee's gallery since breaking the 2,000 mark:

  • Slippers & Feather w/ Emerald
  • Pier Overlook
  • Soccer Socks & Soles w/ Marcy
  • Pond Sandals
  • Bubblegum Bleachers
  • Job Search
  • Bubble Pinwheel
  • Blue Balls Everywhere
  • Beach Coasters
  • Rival Stadium
  • Maryland Flag Wear
  • Blue Flannel
  • Christmas Lights Tangle

You might notice I didn't include every set in her gallery as I usually do in these footography blogs. To avoid the list taking up the whole screen, I decided to only display the sets that were published from the time she joined the 2K Club to when she entered the 3K Club. If you'd like to see previous set listing, please see the blog, "2K Club - Mindee's Footography," from January 2014. And due to the fact that Blogger froze this blog due to excessive linking on the 2K Club blog, I am not linking to each and every sample from the sets. If you'd like to see those, along with ones from every set she's posed for to date, be sure to check out the thread, "Mindee's Retrospective (3K Club)" on the Wu's Feet Links Forum. If you're a member of the forum, please be sure to leave us some feedback on your favorite sets.

You'll also notice I didn't include the unpublished sets found in the blog links above. This is also something I used to do in the past, but decided to change moving forward to keep things simple. I'd rather focus on what sets earned her the spot in the 3K Club. Any unpublished sets will have their day to shine when Mindee joins the 4K Club - which at this rate, is pretty much a sure thing.

It took Mindee 13 sets to get from 2,000 to 3,000. She already has 11 sets waiting to make it onto the site, so yeah, it's only a matter of time before I have to sit down to write a 4K Club - Mindee's Footography blog. But let's not get sidetracked with what's happening in the future. Let's talk about the present.

Last week Mindee's Christmas Lights set was accompanied by a 3K Club themed interview. In it, I asked her what reaching this milestone means to her.

"I'm so excited!," Mindee said. "I definitely love being number one at anything. So naturally, it's awesome!"

I can assure you, Mindee means that. For some time now she's been loving the fact that she became the site's most photographed model. She has no plans of slowing down any time soon either. That's good because I've said so many times that I could, and would, shoot photos of Mindee every day if I could. It's always a blast and we always come away with some great photos. This feeling is mutual.

"I love that this year was so awesome and we were able to accomplish so many cool sets," Mindee said. "I always love getting together with you, but getting such great pics [is] definitely a plus."

So there you have it. Mindee is the site's first, and currently, only member of the 3K Club. The next closest is the person who she claimed the title of "Site's Most Photographed Model" from in 2014, Cierra. Cierra currently sits at 2,140 photos and most likely will become the site's second inductee into the 3K Club. For a look at all the models on the site who has achieved at least a 1K Club status, check out the list below:
  1. Mindee - 3,066 images
  2. Cierra - 2,140 images 
  3. Layla - 1,942 images
  4. Madison - 1,832 images
  5. Kellie - 1,740 images
  6. Wendy - 1,610 images
  7. Jamie - 1,607 images
  8. Kayleigh - 1,371 images
  9. Charlee - 1,361 images
  10. Jordana - 1,266 images
  11. Abby - 1,259 images
  12. Kelsey - 1,258 images
  13. Kimmie - 1,220 images

In closing I'd like to thank Mindee, yet again, for all that she has done for me and for Soles of Silk. I couldn't ask for a better friend. She is always a good time and she sure has taken to this whole foot fetish model thing like I would have never imagined. I'm sure she could have never imagined it either back when she was still debating on whether to actually do it. I can only fathom where the site would be without all of her contributions and the inspiration she has given me these 11 years and counting.

Mindee pulling off a pair of pink, over the knee socks on a beautiful day.

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