So Glad Cierra is Back!

Cierra's big return set on Soles of Silk was published this week.

I did something this week that I've done numerous times since I opened Soles of Silk. When I did it this time, however, it felt just a little bit different - a little more... special!

If you haven't been to the site since the Wednesday, June 24 update, or haven't been frequenting the site's Twitter (@SolesofSilk) or Instagram (@SolesofSilk), then you might not have heard the amazing news. Cierra is back!

Although it was a week and a half ago when I shot three amazing solo sets of Cierra and then an impromptu set of her with Mindee, actually adding her set the site this week made it feel real! For far too long one of my site's most dependable, fun loving, and in all honesty, cutest models, has been absent. During that entire span, you wouldn't believe how many emails, forum posts, tweets, or Instagram comments I had asking about her whereabouts. And although I won't go into all the reasons why she's missed all this time, let's just say, she had a lot on her plate!

With Cierra's return I wanted to mark the occasion and dedicate a blog to her and all that she's done for the site since 2004. Sometimes you just have to commend someone for a job well done. This just feels extra special because I consider her a friend and someone, like I said above, has gone though a lot recently. This one is for you Cierra. You deserve it and I'm so glad to have you back!

One of the original three sets I shot of Cierra before Soles of Silk was online.

Back Before there was a Soles of Silk

In 2004 I decided it was time to get back to doing something I loved a few years prior - running a foot fetish website. I used to have a free site named, The 10 Little Piggies, as many of you know. Well, when I set off to start this adventure that is still going 11 years later, Cierra was one of the first to agree to be a part of it. She was barely old enough to pose at the time and our first shoots were super simple.

Cierra and I went to a waterfront park and we did a set on a Jetty (Sample 01 / Sample 02), an old Wooden Bridge (Sample 01 / Sample 02), and then we finished up on a Picnic Table (Sample 01 / Sample 02). Cierra wore the same outfit in all three sets because I never even told her to bring a change of clothes - like I do now. Things were much simpler then, that's for sure.

Cierra had a very "teasing" feature set on Wu's Feet Links in 2009.

The Next Few Years

Cierra would go on to do a few more sets right after the site debuted, but once 2006 came around, she became a regular in front of my camera. Except for Madison, who was the site's most photographed model for the longest time, Cierra would was always one of my most dependable over those early years. Eventually Madison dropped off, but Cierra never did. Not yet...

As the years went by Cierra and I would go on to shoot so many amazing sets for the site. She had plenty memorable solo sets as well as team-ups with Mindee, Kimmie, and Jessie. Then in 2009 she did the Wu's Feet Links Feature set titled, "Foot & Size Tease." Although Cierra was already popular at the time, that feature set introduced her to many new fans and they never had to wait long to see more of her either.

From 2004-10 Cierra would pose for 33 sets and become the first model to join the 2K Club (2,000 photos). It took me until July 18 of 2012, however, to get them all online. Once I noticed that Cierra was becoming busy with life and not shooting as much, I began to publish the sets at a slower pace. I never had a problem putting her up on a regular basis before then because I always knew another shoot was right around the corner. After 2010, that wasn't the case.

Even with Cierra's absence, she'd remain the site's most photographed model until Mindee passed her in 2014. Cierra is still the site's second most photographed model and along with Mindee, make up the only two models in the 2K Club at this time.

Although Cierra's photo count slowly began to slow down after 2010, there is no denying everything she had ever done to that point was top notch. At the end of 2014, in celebration of the site's 10 year anniversary, I did a series of blogs, here on the Soles of Silk Blog, naming my favorite sets from each year the site has been online. Cierra was featured often throughout the series. Here is a break down:

Cierra was even able to pose with Mindee for her big return.

Cierra's Big Return

So here we are in June of 2015, a few weeks after my birthday and talk about a present! I was finally able to get Cierra back in front of the camera after her five year hiatus. She was just as eager to return, saying as much in the Return to Soles of Silk interview that was also published this week.

"Do you realize how happy I am to return?" she said. "I can't believe it's been five years! It's shocking to me, but I'm so happy to be back. I've been keeping you and all my fans waiting too long!"

Cierra also had this to say when it comes to wanting to take her title back as the site's most photographed model: "Psh! I'm in it to win it," she said. "[Mindee] has nothing on me. Ha! I'm determined to regain the top spot."

It's a good thing those two are friends, huh? In all seriousness, they really are. They just like trash talking each other like many friends do. That friendship is how they ended up posing together as part of Cierra's return. If you didn't get to check out the shoot blogs talking about how that amazing day went, be sure to check them out by clicking the links below:

One of the few selfies I've EVER taken! Can you blame me?

Now that Cierra is Back

Writing this blog, I still feel like I'm not expressing just how important Cierra has been to Soles of Silk over the years. I could go on and on about every single set she's done, but I've described each and every one of them on the site. If you want to see all the fun times we've had together for Soles of Silk, be sure to go through her galleries and read all the set descriptions. I can't do them all justice here.

All that being said, I want to close this out by addressing Cierra directly. Cierra, you've been nothing but amazing to me over the entire course of Soles of Silk's time online. I'm so glad you trusted me back in 2004 when you agreed to partake in what started out as a much smaller project, but has grown into what it is today. That success can be attributed to amazing models like yourself. 

I'm overjoyed that you're still posing for me and I've missed you dearly over the last five years. Thanks for finding the time in your busy life for these new sets and I hope we're able to find time on a regular basis to shoot many more!

Plus... Now that you reaquainted me with those super sweaty soles, and I'm talking "dripping wet" (your words), you know I'm going to be hooked! Don't keep you biggest fan waiting!

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