Results: The Where's Wendy? Contest

The Where's Wendy? Contest banner.
Soles of Silk's second contest of 2014 is done and in the books. The first of it's kind, I made people find two different photos of site regular, Wendy, hidden in random places on the site. I called it, "The Where's Wendy? Contest." 

The premise was simple. Two images were hidden on the site. The first one I hid in the guest area and the second, in the members. The image in the guest area would be worth a 1-month membership to the first person to find and email the page URL. The image in the member section, only visible to someone already with member access, was worth a 3-month extension.

The image people had to find to win a 1-month membership prize.
It only took three hours to find the first image (above) hidden in the guest area. I placed it on Keira's free sample page. Since both girls have size 8 feet, I decided to put her there. The "8" idea would also come into play for the members area image, but more on that later.

The person who found the image was a non-member and was awarded with the prize immediately. A few other people would find the image as well, but the contest rules stated that only the first person to find the image would be awarded the prize. A couple people found the image just hours after the winner!

With the first winner in the books, I pulled the 1-month image off the site and changed the "Where's Wendy? Contest" rules page to show that the prize had been claimed. Then I had to wait to see how long it would take to find the 3-month prize.

The image people had to find to win a 3-month membership prize.

With many more pages to search through in the members area, it took eight days for someone to find the 3-month prize image. Keeping with the theme of "8," this image was hidden at the bottom of page 8 of the Video Archives. I find it neat how it took eight days to find it too!

The member who found the 3-month prize image has been an on and off member over the years and recently rejoined the site. His 1-month membership has now been extended by three months.

I want to say congratulations to the winners and thank you to those who took part. This contest was something a little different than the usual trivia fanfare I usually do. I still, however, wanted to make people work a little bit for it.

Please be sure to keep an eye out for future contests here on the Soles of Silk Blog or on the site itself. My intentions are to run a total of 10 contest this year as part of the 10th anniversary celebration. That's two in the books with eight more to go! There's that number eight again... Must be a sign of how much I love Wendy's size 8s! Or maybe it means I need to get some more photos of her on the site soon? Either way, both are true.