Monday's Shoot - Amelia

Just yesterday I posted a blog titled, Upcoming Soles of Silk Shoots, where I mentioned a number of models who would be shooting for me over the next couple of months. Well, one day later one of those shoots is in the books and man did I have a blast doing it!

Today I was lucky enough to spend some time shooting Amelia for only the second time. Since we met online late in 2012, we didn't really have too much time to get in sets last year. Over the winter we both kept in contact with potential ideas and/or locations for shoots. Funny thing is, I ended up finding a place I had never knew of for today's location. Google Earth works wonders again as I'm able to locate a neat little spot for some photos. I really do strive to put my models in some neat scenery. I know some are too busy drooling over the girls' feet to realize (and it's understandable), but I guess it's just the artist in me that wants to do something different. It's also fun to just go somewhere for the day that I've never been to.

Now, onto the shoot itself...

I met up with Amelia around noon and after a quick stop to stuff my fat face, we were off to our destination. The night before I found an aquatic botanical gardens not too far away. I showed Amelia some of the photos that turned up on a Google image search while I ate and she liked what she saw.

About an hour later we made our way into the park. After a short walk down a trail, everything opened up and there was beautiful scenes everywhere you looked. It was quite different than anything I've shot in before - which is hard to do after shooting outdoor sets since 2004 for Soles of Silk.

We didn't know the layout of the park, so we just decided to walk around. We quickly began seeing turtles, frogs, geese, beavers, and some of the strangest insects I've ever come across. I really think one was from another planet, but that's another story.

Eventually we made our way to some of the boardwalk spots that went out over the mud flats on the main river. With numerous benches, railings, and places for a girl to kick her feet up, we decided it was as good of a spot as any.

Amelia's first set since last October.
Amelia was already wearing some cute wedge sandals and we decided to just use them for the set. She had done a flip flop set in the past, but these shoes were quite unique, so I figured you sandal lovers out there would appreciate them.

She started the set off with the sandals on, but once she began kicking them off and dangling them, we saw the strap marks across her feet. Amelia had been wearing the sandals for over an hour already, plus walking the park in them. This is when the photographer was treated to an hour plus foot massage - me giving of course.

Amelia enjoyed my efforts and insisted it's been too long since her feet have had a good rub. Apparently the last time was three days before when she got a pedicure. Yeah, three days between good foot rubs is a lifetime for Amelia. My kind of girl!

We resumed shooting the set after the long, apparently much needed, foot massage. The strap marks were gone, and although Amelia said my foot rub was making her sleepy, she soldiered on and posed for some really fun shots.

Once this set was over I ended up rubbing her feet for a few more minutes before Amelia put on some more comfortable shoes for the walk back. Being a total gentleman, I held onto her sandals for her. Yeah, I'm such a sweetheart, huh?

On our way back we found the park restrooms and Amelia changed into another outfit so we could get in a second set. It was getting a little hotter at this point as the rain that was rumored, held off.

When Amelia came out of the bathroom she had on a cute little pink and black outfit. I love the combination of a single color with black in my art/design and even my attire, so I liked what she had on. When Amelia pulled out a pair of bright pink and black Vans to match, I was loving it even more. I originally didn't want to do two sets with shoes today, but I made a quick exception. Plus, with it being sunny outside, I knew her feet would get a little sweaty in them by time we got to the next location.

Amelia offering you a sniff of her sweaty Vans.

The second location we decided to use was a man made pond with some aquatic plant life in it. There were apparently a few frogs in there too as they kept croaking on a regular basis. I playfully told Amelia it was because they could smell her now sweaty feet. And yes, it didn't take long for them to get slightly damp in those Vans without socks on.

We decided to get really playful with this set and involve her shoes in most of the photos. I know there are a lot of you out there who love getting to a girl's feet after they've been in tennis shoes, present company included.

When I snapped the photo above, I was in love. I know the year is young with new photos, but it might be hard to top this one. It's just so cute! There are quite a few poses similar to this as well. Some of you have been asking for the models to show the inside of their shoes, so I tried to do that for everyone. Great suggestion, by the way.

By the time we finished this shoot it was approaching rush hour. We decided to get out on the road and try to beat the traffic. It didn't really work out that way, but it gave us some time to chat on the way home.

As I've said above, this is only my second time shooting with Amelia, but I had a great time. She loves shooting too and with a few sets now in the books, she knows what I loook for in my shots.

Amelia and I have already talked about trying to plan something again soon, and I honestly can't wait. I hope she does some regular shoots this summer and into the fall. I just wonder if she has any other cute tennis shoes I can smell... I mean have her wear in her future sets?